Jan 24 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hi dear Pastor Farag ! I am listening to your updates since YEARS and saved most of them but now you are getting me confused… How can you say so emphatically that it is NOT the MoTB and that ppl don’t become unredeemable by taking this mRNA Genetically manipulating poisonous SHOT that we know IS corrupting the human DNA… (you even say that this technology has not yet been used…^^^) !!! ???
Looking forward to your answer
Note : “side” Effects include GRIEVIOUS SORES (Rev 16, 12) !!!

Also want to add that not only does this “vax” contain fetal cells from aborted babies but from an ALIVE 14 weeks caucasian male baby in this case !!! (video from Steven Ben DeNoon)


I think Pastor JD was not talking about a specific currently available vaccine. Because there’s like 6 candidates in consideration right? 2 have been approved for Emergency use Pfizer and Moderna, 3 more are in Phase 3, and 1 got kinda sent back to the drawing boards for awhile because they had some problems (and it was one of the non RNA based ones too)
What Pastor JD is warning about is that someday there’s gonna be a Covid Vaccine that WILL use these technologies but he’s saying it’s not gonna come out until the antichrist is rising (and before that, your belief is that you get raptured before the Antichrist comes anyway)

Like, look at how people are getting sick from these vaccines and there’s people who get the vaccine and still get Covid etc… right… these current vaccines “leave something to be desired” so maybe that’s it. Maybe when the beast comes they’ll come out with a “perfected” vaccine that has less side effects (at least at first), and 100% effective, something like that.

All these current vaccines are conditioning and pushing people towards the mark, without being the mark themselves. It’s like Credit cards conditioning us to a cashless society.

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So the sneaky part of this vaccine is that it’s the beginning of the genome therapy. It’s a series of inoculations that cumulatively add more and more code to “splice” or add a plug to your DNA sequence so that a type of interface is readily available for future DNA tampering. Basically it is the software set up in preparation for you new hardware operating system. Or in scriptures terms, “The Mark of The Beast.”


You don’t belong on this forum…
The Lord rebuke you…May The Lord deal with you according to your craft…

yeah, this message cleared up some of the panic that message from a few weeks might have caused. I’d been hoping for something like that in his message.
I thought it was great that he went into Romans 8 like that. That back part of Romans 8 is like… I dunno, it just feels like pure victory doesn’t it? So powerful.

Well, it’s really hard to pinpoint considering not all the vaccines work the same way. There’s 2 that are mRNA, 2 that are using a viral vector, and 2 that use a protein attached to an adjuvant (more traditional tried and true methods, only ones I’d consider). The other 4, the mRNA and viral vectors are like “Hi do you want to play human guinea pig?” which is “hard no”.

So when he’s saying “this vaccine” I think it just means “Covid Vaccines” (like it might be Covid 21, or Covid 23 or something like that by then). But not isolating a specific one since the one that’s gonna be the MoB isn’t out yet.

… still wouldn’t take the experimental vaccines though
and I’m a person at higher risk of dying from Covid with my immunosuppressant drugs, chronic inflammation from autoimmune disease and pneumonia scarred lungs.
Like if anyone should be wanting a vaccine it’s me and I’m still saying nope!

dude you’re jumping at shadows, I’ve been transparent about my education, and I ran tests in a hospital on patient samples, I have no craft.

With people like you that seem to have it out for me, I don’t want to give you information you can use to cause me harm. No offense but it’s rather scary.

I’m a disciple of Christ, I love Jesus, and I just have a few different doctrines and a different educational background than you.

No Jay your an unverified and unauthorized refuter of what ever JD puts forth on the Sunday updates.
You have not and cannot prove your credentials nor has Admin approved you to speak as an expert on behalf of the forum. You have consistency worn the “I love Jesus cloak” while you twist, redirect and refute the sound doctrines and professionals that JD and others have put forth to those who need information on this forum.

You’re a wolf…

JD outright said what I was saying all along today.
That the current vaccines are not the mark of the beast
and the current vaccines are not yet using the technology he’s talking about.
It’s like you didn’t watch today’s update all the way through.

You have some personal petty vendetta and I’m asking you to please stop.

No one here ever said that the single dose was the mark. It’s like you return to the vomit of your old argument from weeks past. Your not an expert on what is in the vaccine nor do you know what it will do. That has been presented by more qualified and truthful experts than you.

When you cease your campaign to buffet JD’s forum then I will stop. Or when you are finally banned.

Thank you so much for all your encouragement! God bless you!

Pastor JD outright said, the vaccines right now, don’t use the technology he’s talking about, and won’t use them until the beast is revealed.
and I agree.

That is litterally the list of issues of a person who is already vaccine injured.
You actually are not someone who should want to take it and in fact it’s sad that you don’t look further into why you are so terribly ill. Forget the viral aspect, you can’t handle more kneedle toxins.

You’re comments are not educated when it comes to vaccines and medical knowledge.

Adjuvants alone are neurotoxins which cause severe damage.

Please stop sitting on the fence about vaccines. Acting like you are proud to understand the 'science" by using a couple terms anyone can Google, but then saying you won’t take it. They are lethal. They are damaging. I know of hundreds who’ve died from them. I am permanently damaged and nearly list my daughter. These experimental vaccines have killed a couple dozen people that I’ve personally become aware of. You know zilch about epigenetics and neurotoxins.

Your comments are offensive to some because there are some of us here dealing with family members that are SEVERELY damaged by vaccines and to watch you dance around this topic with little concern, trying to sound smart for your own glory while attempting to tear JD down is just pathetic. You’re actually exposing your lack of knowledge.


That’s not accurate. He said the mRNA is crisper Tech and splices DNA and again It’s Genome therapy that is apart of a series not only one inoculation. You omit facts in all your arguments a tell tail sign of deception. I’m not going to argue with you any more just lobby to have you banned.

the trigger for the autoimmune disease was actually a bite from a copperhead that I stepped on while it was basking in the sun in a volleyball pit.
massive inflammation and… have had immune system problems since

@CATMART , before you ask Ps Farag, I would advise you listen twice or thrice his sermon message first to get a clear idea.

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What’s the highest level of biology class you’ve taken?
Do you know central dogma of molecular biology?
do you understand how fragile RNA is?
do you understand that RNA cannot get into the nucleus (it has to be reverse transcribed to DNA first)?
do you understand that an enzyme is needed to slice and splice DNA?

Pastor JD said the CRISPR tech isn’t being used yet. Neither are the microneedle patches.
That’s all stuff coming after the beast.

If the current vaccine was going to do what you say it’s gonna do? It’s too late for the people who took it already. But those who’ve already taken it? Their DNA has not been changed, they have not lost their salvation, Pastor JD was very clear on this.
That’s why it’s something coming AFTER the beast.

Greetings to all in Christ.

We are being conditioned to accept the mark of the beast. The mask first, the vaccine, other ‘biometric’ ID’s, etc. , the herd mentality, and finally the mark. In each case it is a slippery slope, in each case a conditioning that you won’t be able to buy or sell or get some desired result unless you comply with the indicated action. In each case there will be intensifying rationalization and justifying of the action in question. The mask, I disagree with it on various terms and because I know the intent which I stated above. But it won’t hurt me or anyone else (too much) to still do this in order to continue to function. But the vaccine is another story, and once people cave and get it, they will be conditioned to cave with the next request because they already made the previous sacrifice of their conscience in order to proceed to checkout. In my circle there is one lady who esteems herself as a devout Christian. She is already asking other Christians if they are going to ‘take the vaccine.’ She was considering it because she heard of a lot of folks coming down with the virus. She does not need to work, she is retired, and she is very old and may not live much longer anyway. She began asking questions because she heard that it had aborted baby parts, yet was still contemplating taking it. She had gone so far as to make an appointment with her doctor to get it. Then I overheard her talking to a friend on the phone and was obviously wrestling with her conscience about the aborted baby parts. I don’t know what her final decision was. And here I was, like the guy that was mentioned who works in healthcare and knew it would be asked of him to take it to continue working and he must provide for his family, etc. I feel it in my gut too that it will be mandated for everyone. And I will not take it. I stand to lose much more than the old lady I mentioned, and most stand to lose even more than me. But that’s how it works. It starts prying away at one’s conscience and they begin to ask if they would be willing to take it in order to proceed with life undeterred. But folks, that time is over. I felt it right away with all of this stuff. It’s the end. Ready or not. And I knew it was coming. Oh, I got all the same ‘yeah, but they’ve been saying that forever…’ replies too. Sure, but it had to happen sometime! And that time is now. No, I don’t know the day, no one does. But Jesus said to watch and pray. He said we’d know the times and seasons, and that day would not come upon us as a thief. Well I was watching, and I was praying, and I was studying the Bible. I don’t know if you believe in the gifts and such, but I do and I know because I experience this. Certain things were revealed to me (yes, revealed, revelations are a gift, most deal with some form of it). Well so far, ALL of them have come to pass. I have been warning about all these things for almost ten years now. And they have all come to pass. Sorry, I know all of this is a shock to most who have not been on discernment sites before like Truthkeepers Blog, but it ain’t pre trib. It’s close to the end at that trumpet. And there’s no OSAS, even a casual reading will reveal that, such as in Rev. 3; 4-5. There are so many twistings of things and misteachings that have lead the flock astray for so long that no one knows these things anymore. For one thing, it says it can’t happen until after he is revealed. Not that that is any consolation in one way, since he already has been revealed and is fulfilling all that he will perform as the counterfeit up until this point. Then, most are still confused chronologically regarding eschatology in yet another way; they think anyone who resembles the man of sin must somehow be the false prophet. Again, bzzzt! Even a passing reading of Rev. 13 clearly shows that beast 1 is the antichrist and he rises first, beast 2 is the false prophet and he rises second (meaning… not first), and he promotes beast 1, sort of a reflection of the Holy Trinity, only it is the unholy trinity. But… too many folks have been lulled to sleep by the likes of the false teacher Tim lahaye’s left behind series and deceived even to the point of justifying taking the mark, which yes, we will be here for. There has been a cleverly laid and subtle, crafty trap set by the enemies of the church.

Now again, I don’t want to scare anyone, but you need to know this stuff. The apostasy of the church is the falling away and that is done. What comes next is the persecution of the church worldwide. We are the trib saints. But whether you believe me on that or not is one thing. The real question is; are you ready to suffer persecution as a disciple of Christ? No one is exempt. The church as a whole all throughout the church age and all over the world, has suffered persecution and martyrdom for Jesus as the norm. Not the exception, but the norm. In this country, we have been the exception. But all of that is about to change. The time of testing is here. “But me? Be persecuted? How could that be???” most will ask. “Aren’t I more special than all these others who have given their lives for bearing His name? Are not I more privileged as an American, His own exception, left to languish in luxury and satin cushions, taught the name it and claim it prosperity gospel? How could God let this happen to me and my family?” This attitude is exactly why He will, and is allowing it.

You know those concentration camps during the Holocaust? Do you think that no fine plotting went into that whole operation? It wasn’t fine tuned like a machine of death, a trap that was well oiled long in advance with the devil behind the stage? It’s a long time in the making, it doesn’t all just pop up overnight. This stuff gets deep. I’d be here a week just to get into all of that. So I try to keep the most important thing obvious. As long as you, and yes I mean you, are ready to suffer for your faith as a Christian and even die, you’re not ready for the rapture either. But if you are ready, I’m not worried about your soul. Otherwise I am. And that’s what’s at stake, it’s your soul. Nothing else matters. Nothing.
Don’t ever deny Jesus, or He will deny you.
And those are His words, not mine. Matthew 10; 32-33.
It’s not an empty warning. Don’t take it as one.
Christian persecution has in fact gone up all over the world, more Christians are dying for their faith now than ever before. It keeps increasing. And as it says in Rev.; soon their brethren will join them.
Love and God bless!


Then think about how it feels to have that from a needle of toxins some ignorant doctor said was good for you, who were clueless.

You’re lucky you as least KNEW it was a copperhead.

People need to know the risk. The venomous snake of vaccination. What I deal with every day is awful and you sit there trying to look smart from knowing nothing about the deviating risk. It’s glib. When you aren’t glib, you’re sowing doubt on truth, putting people in danger.

Speaking of which, “know the risk” the woman who created that website was murdered by Merrick. There’s an extremely wicked agenda and you do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. People need warned. If you can’t understand that, at least move aside. 4 billion paid out to just less than 1% of reported cases.

When you see people standing up for truth, you are commonly trying to bring DOUBT to people, errouding foundational truths. You have a spirit of doubt that you throw out wherever you go. Do you realize that?
If your words can’t edify, it’s better to be silent.

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Your at best a lab tech. Not an Epidemiologists, Virologists or and MD, PHD or any other practicing and experienced professional. And again you use excuses to not provide credentials. The true experts have been referenced under JD’s Prophecy update and those far out way your very suspect opinions.

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