Jan 31 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

The Bibliography of links and sources is extremely useful for any desiring a fuller (earthly) context of some of the issues being discussed. Thanks for adding this to the Prophecy Update videos.

Good title on this one too - ‘Something isn’t right’ - which by logical inversion means ‘Something is wrong’.


Yeah they are quickly moving from the mRNA vaccines- which were bad enough, as you pointed out on this video. To now Johnson & Johnson came out with their new DNA vaccine- How the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine Works - The New York Times

Even Moderna themselves admitted that “Once inside the nucleus, DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA” - you will have to google this to find it on their website. I would provide the link but I have already had to edit this because apparently you are considered spam if you try to include references (links) I thought you could include 2 links- but was still flagged for it (even though it supports what JD stated in his videos):woman_shrugging:t2:But it’s true and I can provide their website and their detailed info on nucleotide vaccines if anyone’s interested.

The US already planned to order 100-200million doses of these Johnson and Johnson ones- which are very similar to the Gamaleya vaccines Russia is using, also a DNA vaccine, and used for their mass vaccine campaign!

Incredibly eye-opening!!! I pray people wake up! Our DNA/ genetic code is precious and written by God- not man!


Thanks for the links. It’s a trap and time bomb for every person who is vaccinated. Their lives will be cut short for sure once they released new COVID variants. Bill Gates of hell hinted already.


I recently read a novel by Robin Cook called “Pandemic” where this CRISPR and genetic modification creating cytokine storm (sp?) is part of the plot. Sometimes I wonder if the authors who create these plots knew something we should have known.


What a blessing to have Pastor JD whose wisdom is given by GOD. Praise the truth for HE IS THE TRUTH.


I’m scared. Hope God will give me (all of us) the wisdom and grace to live without anything…because I’m not gonna take this vaccine…not because it could cut my life short, but because it could be the mark. I can tell that the Holy Spirit has been sending red flags to me about this “virus” ever since it started. We are in the very last of days. I’ve been watching for 30+ years. I know this is what the Bible spoke of.


Thank you so much for this update. It heightens the urgency to share the Gospel while there is still time to do it! For months I’ve been trying to share the truth about this “plannedemic” as well as the imminent Rapture to my sisters and brothers in Christ and others but they are blind to the truth and don’t want to hear it. Churches are encouraging their members to get vaccinated and my heart is grieved that many people I know have already received the shot. My husband and I refuse to be vaccinated. I pray that the Lord would cause the scales to fall from the eyes of His children and give all us the boldness to share the Gospel.


Jesus Is All The World To Me

Jesus Is All The World To Me

Jesus is all the world to me,

My life, my joy, my all;

He is my strength from day to day,

Without Him I would fall.

When I am sad to Him I go,

No other one can cheer me so;

When I am sad He make me glad,

He’s my Friend.

Jesus is all the world to me,

And true to Him I’ll be;

O how could I this Friend deny,

When He’s so true me?

Following Him I know I’m right,

He watches o’er me Day and night;

Following Him by day and night,

He’s my Friend.

Jesus is all the world to me,

I want no better friend;

I trust Him now, I’ll trust when

Life’s fleeting days shall end.

Beautiful life with such a Friend;

Beautiful life that has no end;

Eternal life, eternal joy,

He’s my Friend.


Oh I knew I shouldn’t have watched this before going to bed (it’s half past eleven at night here in England). I said I was not going to take the vaccine for months until I told everybody within my circle close family and friends and they all shunned me or mocked me for listening to too many conspiracy theories. Because I am elderly and live alone I need these few people to help me with transport cleaning gardening and decorating. I got my invitation to be vaccinated on Friday and I am to make the appointment tomorrow. I am not scared of dying because I always knew I would never take the mark of the beast - I have trusted The Lord Jesus Christ for many years as my saviour for I am a sinner. But I wonder if I have trusted Him enough because I will be taking the vaccine. God knows my heart and I think that because I will be taking the vaccine I will no longer qualify to be raptured. I will have to go through the tribulation (if the vaccine does not kill me first). I am prepared for the horrors that await me in the tribulation including having my head removed but I ask you please to pray with me and for me and everybody who has believed not the truth that we will endure to the end and be a tribulation saint. Thank you so much for reading this. Are there any others who are in a position such as me? May God keep you all safe through these last days of the Church Age and continue to love our Lord and Saviour with all your hearts minds and spirits. Peace be unto you all. :dove:


Please do not be afraid, fear is a liar. Meditate on these scriptures Psalm 56: 3-4, Psalm 91, Isaiah 41:10 :dove: :dove: :pray:t5:


Thank you! This was very good! But what happens if they make this mandatory for everyone? Do we eventually just die a slow death? At least we’ll have Jesus :purple_heart: this isn’t our home anyway our citizenship is in heaven. God bless :latin_cross::innocent:


Pastor JD, you said the VAERS information is directed attributed to and caused by the so called vaccine. This is incorrect. VAERS is raw data. It is NOT proven causative by the vaccine yet. The suspected event is reported and investigated later. Having said that, more often than not these reactions are hardly ever “proven” caused by the vaccine even though we know they likely are! This link tells you what this data is and is not.


Also from the link you posted above medalerts.org, you need to read the government disclaimer-Anyone can post a reaction thought to be associated with a vaccine.


Noted with thanks.

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That is where the real test begins. Jesus promised to keep us from the hour of trial, so look up!


I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Please remember that your health decision is your health decision. People that will withdraw help and love from you due to your own sincere (and rational) concerns about this shot cannot be trusted to stand with you later on. Please reconsider a physically permanent risk to appease others. Praying for you, that God would supply your needs. I am so sorry again, to hear your situation.


Viv, you are NOT, I repeat, NOT going to be going through the tribulation because you take the vaccine. Pastor JD made that VERY clear in his last prophecy update. It was labelled “Decision Time Part 2”. Please have a listen, there is no need to fear. Secondly, this vaccine, though there are reports of adverse reactions and even deaths, are small in relation to the sheer millions who have received it. IF all the reports of death, 369 or so of them, were actually proven to be associated with the vaccine (and they have only been reported and NOT proven yet) then it is still a small number in comparison to the 2 million or so who have received it. Now, do I like that people are allowed to have adverse events and death from a vaccine-NO, it should have been well studied first!

Viv, you are SEALED in the Spirit, you CANNOT be taken out of our Savior’s Hand, AND you are NOT APPOINTED TO WRATH-or Jesus Himself did not take your and my wrath on the cross, and He certainly did!

Lastly viv, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us will be forced to take this vaccine or be forced to stay at home and isolated so we can’t spread the Gospel! So trust in the Lord my dear sister!


Those who survived the vaccine, will be ID’ed (ID2020) and tracked using transhumanism method (IoB) here:

Also refer to Microsoft WO060606 patent last year.


A quote by Dr. Simone Gold, “Don’t call it a vaccine, it’s an ‘Experimental Biological Agent’!”


Since Israel is end-times clock, here is the stats:


Please read revelation on the mark of the beast. You don’t just take it and become a tribulation saint. That’s not biblical and not accurate. I’m praying for you that God will open your eyes to the truth. Read revelation 14:9-10
This is the start- we have had an abundance of warning and wake up calls now. When the actual mark begins to be rolled out, when they say you must have this to buy or sell, it won’t be easy for those who refuse. It was never written that this would be easy. There will indeed be mockers and scoffers. If you don’t want to take the mark of the beast, you might as well start saying no now.

You state you love Jesus and know something is wrong with these vaccines, why even continue forward with it then? Your helpers won’t help you without it? I pray for all those in your position, those who will lose jobs, and those who are so blinded. But to say you know if you take it you might not be raptured and be here for tribulation??? First off thats not exactly scriptural and secondly why would you risk that if that was true? They already are introducing DNA vaccines from Johnson and Johnson very very soon, which Moderna themselves stated would risk permanently changing our DNA! Our DNA/genetic code is written by God, not man. I would think long and hard if you really want man manipulating it! The mark of the beast will be brought in by the world system. So of course people blinded by the world and satan will mock.

You will be in my prayers and I pray the Lord gives us all who are truly seeking, wisdom and courage and a peace that surpasses all understanding…as none of us know how hard things could get (even before the rapture). May the Lord raise up warriors for Christ with courage, faith, and love like His disciples had :heart: God bless you :pray:t2: