January 22, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Common Denominator

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains how and why everything that’s happening in the world today has the common denominator of being against Jesus Christ.

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Really enjoyed the prophesy update today. The Holy Spirit confirmed what He’s been telling me about all this dna, mrna stuff with this sermon. They are trying to write out God from our dna. All signs are pointing to going home soon. Rapture ready let’s get everyone possible on board.
Maranatha :airplane: :trumpet: :heart: :houses:


Dear bros and sisters in Christ,

Please read the latest changes in JD Forum today. I am not allowed to post any more links that can inform/edify/expose from today onwards.

Therefore you have to source and research any important links on your own.

It’s been a blessing and a small ministry to the body of Christ here.


Thank you @dlcv for every single thing you have posted its been a great encouragement , informed in things i never would of known , i will so miss your posts , thank you your a blessing , its quite emotional and now going to feel a little bit more lonely without … see you soon very soon Maranatha God Bless you all my gorgeous family in Christ x


Thank you @dlcv Dennis. You did all the hard work I couldn’t, and I am so very thankful! :blush:


I haven’t finished the BPU yet but…
Amen @Loretta66
Truly, this is the hour!


Amen Sky!
Thank you @dlcv Dennis for all your hard work.


@dlcv , Dennis, please accept my thankfulness for all of your work and dedication toward your brothers and sisters. Your posts have been a major source of information that I otherwise would not have known. Perhaps, God is closing this door because He is turning the knob to open the next.

Thank you again,



Thank you for your hard work over these past years and still!


I want to talk about JD’s plan to follow-up on the recent Davos 2023.

The WEF website video meetings posts like Public Forums, Conversations, Special Addresses etc are for public consumption ONLY.

We can only get a overview or general sense of what they are saying.

The real deal or the devil in the details are private hosted discussions (not online or in media) are the main conspiracy “theories” these people holds. That’s why that meeting is for elites to plan next moves for the world. That’s the main attraction for them to get there.
This is Psalms 2 in the making so to speak.

Therefore Pastor JD will not get the nitty gritty details from this public videos.

Only our God knows their back door plans.

I am attaching this image with the circled one which enables full access to all Davos sessions. They have color coded access passes just like vaccine passports.



I need to write before I forget the content of this update as my TBI doesn’t allow me to make new memories BUT for the things God wants me to remember, for which i am eternally grateful. I was so excited to hear Pastor JD referencing Psalm 2. I believe with all my heart this Psalm is for our exact moment in time. After the 2020 election, I prayed asking God to reveal His Truth and expose all lies. I advised others to do the same on youtube and in rumble chats, anywhere people were discussing the issues the world was facing. Ask and you shall receive is very true. It seemed every time i opened my Ipad, i would find an informative link. Early in the process, i saw Psalm 2. I wrote to a beleagered pastor in Edmonton to ask him if he saw relevance in it to our times. I didn’t know much about the WEF, at that time but we were seeing Canadian pastors imprisoned, something Canada had never seen before or any other country in the western world, for that matter. This pastor is a soft spoken man, with I believe a very strong faith and commitment to preaching the Word. After he was released from prison, he preached a sermon on Psalm 2. It wasn’t until I heard the advisor to Klaus Scwab and the WEF juval noah harari state their intention to “get rid of the God above the clouds” and be gods themselves that I saw Psalm 2’s prophetic significance. I felt the blood rush from my face.

I see the days of noah connection just as JD described it. They are doing everything they can to modify the human genome to create “human 2.0” , man and machine hybrid and man and animal chimera. It looks very much like there is electrical cicuitry in at least some of the vials of CV jab. Harari was recorded saying that surveillance was going under the skin and that free will is a thing of the past. They refer to this as the 4th Industrial Revolution. I heard from alternate media sources that Klaus Schwab was bemoaning a delay in their agenda during their time in Davos. Could it be because the Restrainer is still present?


Thank you so much @dlcv Dennis, it truly has been a ministry to some of us and I will miss it. With family obligations I am not able to put the time in to search for current events like you have. It has been wonderful to skim through your links and read more on what I could.

Looking forward to seeing the BPU when I am able later tonight.


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Thank you Dennis, we appreciate your hard work and wisdom.


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Dane Wigington’s closing remarks in his weekly Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News have taken on a new tone recently, and Pastor JD has just explained why! Danehas been referencing The Creator!

As it happens, it also appears that he is coming under greater attack. When I tried to check his website just now, this is what came back: “Access Denied - GoDaddy Website Firewall”. [Edit – this appears to be related to blacklisting of some IPs belonging to my VPN provider, rather than of the website itself – see replies.] Based on the details on that page, this could be the result of opponents (e.g. agents of our government) reporting him as a spammer (he is not), as a convenient, covert means of censoring him. It could also be direct censorship at the behest of our corrupt government.

As of this moment, his YouTube channel appears to still be up.

But yes, pray for Dane.


I just accessed his site. I have a VPN but turned it off. That may be the issue.


OK, I switched my VPN to a random location (Florida) instead of the fastest (Texas), and it worked. So there is something more subtle going on.

This could be the result of spammers using this particular VPN for cover, or it could involve censorship of VPN users. I don’t know. It seems a little strange to me to block the client-side peer rather than server-side, but life has become so surreal in the past few years that nothing surprises me.


This site has a lot of info on the subject