January 25, 2024: Ezekiel 38 – Bible Prophecy That’s Now Happening

This is a beautiful Jewish prayer song, urging the remnant Jews to believe in Jesus (Yeshua). The Bible verses are carefully chosen at the end:

Ezekiel 20:44

Ezekiel 39:25-29

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Exodus 34:6-7

Leviticus 17:11


Of course he should have but yet he went to the UN and the World to tell the world to stir them all up!!!

Peace and Safety In our time did he not, then sudden destruction came upon them all.

Now just what does this sound like, yes it does,

Not only that but this.

Peace for our time
“Peace for our time” was a declaration made by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his 30 September 1938 remarks in London concerning the Munich Agreement and the subsequent Anglo-German Declaration.

Nothing new to see here in reality is there?


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Yes, it does I agree. So when you are sure who is what then we will know if over building the fortifications was worth it.

I trust no one but Jesus just as he said. Hegelian came from the demonic realm for times like theses. I may be using a general term but why worry about semantics they are evil and corrupt and are working together knowingly or not so maybe in the spiritual realm.

Anyway I believe this a Merry Go Round at this point so getting off this one.


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Wow, quite moving thanks for sharing.

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Believe it or not Dan… I thought of you when I posted this… :slight_smile:
Getting to know you a bit, eh?

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You must be for a good while I attended a Congregation Beth Messina in Houston. Brings back many good memories, that was an exciting season in my walk with the Lord. I believe it was getting me ready for today. That’s why I will always stand with Israel as she makes her way back to Elohim.


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Israel’s blindness will be this. I see why you would see this. There is a potential you might be overly importanting this into your perspective though, correct? I mean I understand if you see the issue with Gaza today as an increasing sinking into Psalm 83 war and lead into eventually Ez 38 war. And therefore Bibi at the UN must be the peace and safety claim. I hear that brother.

But to me, sudden disruption is sudden destruction. By logic to so localize destruction would be like for me to say, “America does not tank because we already had destruction on 911.” Would you accept that? I don’t think so. Nor should you. I mean I see how you are keeping an eye out to see if your suspicions are true. If it is. It is. But that front loads quite a bit into Bibi’s thinking around the time of Oct. 7.

What we do know is next to Ez 38, Oct 7th is not sudden destruction. This may seem like a stretch, but given Ez 38 on some horizon, of the two Oct 7 / Ez 38…which looks more like sudden destruction?

The sense I get from “nothing new under the sun” is Solomon’s notice of monotony of life without God. Kind of like a futileist perspective.

I understand we use it to point to not being surprised at human behavior. When we bring God into the picture though, we are kind of talking outside this view. For example:

  • Israel is told by God to surrender their nationality to Babylon (that was new)
  • Israel is told to help the economy of Babylon while they lived there (that was new)
  • Israel’s temple is destroyed (that was new)
  • Israel was told to rebuild their temple after being in captivity (that was new)
  • Israel got their messiah (that was new)
  • Isreal rejected there Messiah (not new, but yes because of His personal presence)
  • The Messiah rose from the dead (that was new)
  • Israel’s temple was destroyed (and they lost their country for 2k years–that was new)
  • Animal sacrifices stopped because Christ was the final sacrifice (that was new after 1500 years)

What I don’t think is the best mixture though brother is to mix “nothing new here” with prophecy "which is God injecting His supernatural bringing about that transcends the endless futility cycle we can all expect. I don’t believe brother it is the best to incorporate “nothing new” while at the same time we are talking about how God transcends that and in what ways. Because I don’t believe the two are meant to co-exist. If that makes sense. What sudden destruction won’t mean is “nothing new here,” prophetically is my point upon that view though.

I think what can tend to happen if we look too intently at how not to be deceived is a somewhat forced sense of clarity we have to come up with so we are presumed not. And in this example we might do that in good stride and of best intent, but on that highway, it seems we have also merged the surface street lanes with the freeway lanes. Proving unique prophecy of God to come by what we can prove in the commons. To me, brother, this is symptomatic that clarity not to be deceived might be a tad bigger than pure wise insight in how the Sporit is moving as Christ living is the spirit of prophecy today.

BUT–if you going to do that, I would like to purchase a ticket and ride that bus. Because in that sense, my view is extremely solid then. Since America has always protected Israel, then when we come to a fork in the road, it would more likely mean (since imbedded in nothing new here) that America will on steroids likely protect Israel in a most profound “peace and safety” echo finale. And I would think this to be much more solid too because its not just how people are thinking or historical statements, but actually tangible measurable historic activity against the odds.

Where our minds and hearts merge though on this sort of thing is this: I love that you look to Providence to understand prophecy. For I believe this is the churche’s role. Blessings.


I was just showing the contextual similarities’, not that this was EZ 38 igniting by any means. This is just another sign along the way is what I meant. :smile:


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Ok. Amen. And thanks for being such a good sport. I don’t believe Hagel is in the Bible though. In the early years of my presence on JDF I was thought to be too political / philosophical and we don’t do that here. Now Hagel (a political philosopher) is biblical and an end time hermeneutic. Funny how after all the back and forth about the importance Providence plays in political science I was alluding to ended up as perhaps the biggest hermenuetics of all. The Grand End Time View. And for my next trick, I will have the church now believe that Trump is just a Hologram. I’m gonna need a lot more donations though than pulling off the ol’ “Hagel in my back pocket switcheroo” trick. lol. My concern in general though brother is, with so much promise we have here with :butgod_dark: that we don’t keep Him in a Hagel box. :frowning: Blessings.


Maybe putting labels on everything we see is not the way to go. The Hagels are enough but keep on moving. I have noticed though that Satan uses scripture to develop his false narrative thus Hagel is apart of what we are seeing.

Sorry had to respond as that looked odd to see as clear.



Remember that the eagle has two wings, they are both the same, but each wing says they are dferent so the people will choose one side and and then be divided.
Satan’s plan has succeeded.
Don’t be deceived into thinking there is any hope for this nation and even the world, It is corrupt through and through


My hope is not in the hope of the nation. I can appreciate the understanding of the two winged bird view. My difficulty with that view though is it can tend (not on purpose, but inadvertently) to import free masonic prophecy and logic and overlay the word of God with the institutes of free masonry. I believe there are aspect of free mason logic in play today. And I understand that according to it the world is conquered either by the current NWO, or a false light version of it. In that false light view America does not tank but prospers for a short time. Even so, it would be of Albert Pike ideology that a plan like this would succeed. The false light view as well was brought to us by E511, which is also Good Fight Ministries who are Charismatic, believe one can lose their salvation, and completely in no uncertain terms demonize the pretrib rapture view.

I’m not saying that aside from all of that there might not be an NWO world takeover, or even false light take over. Only God knows. What I would be for though is the church in general having more dialogue on those sorts of things because of at least in part the sources of freemasonry and Good Fight Ministries as entities that would concur with viewing things as we might. I believe the tribulation is within a short set of years timeframe. I also believe America is the most likely candidate to provide Israel with Paace and Safety at unprecedented levels via the Abraham Accords. Although this view sees America prospering, I would not see it for deception. I would see it for Israel. And then Ez 38 shortly there after. And tribulation game on. So i’m not deceived. I could be wrong about Ameirca prospering. It could tank as a sort of daughter of Babylon. I believe that is possible. But with Trump in the wings, it would look to me more like America first, Saudi normalization with Israel, Abraham Accords strengthening and then sudden destruction. So I would just see Ameirca as a proven tool over the decades protecting Israel on going. I would see this as a mercy for Israel. Like a last call. That may not be accurate. But it seems the most likely, at least to me. Either way, how masons, or evil men, or the enemy uses politics, to me, pales in consideration of how God might permit His will with them. Of course you don’t have to agree. I just hope that makes sense. Blessings dear sister.


Thaks Uturn. In your view might this mean that Saudi Arabia oversee Gaza rule? I don’t think so. But it would seem they would have an interest in part, perhaps, no?


Lol Teren, I didn’t think you as being deceived. My post is just a cautionary one for anyone.


Or as I from time to time say, the Laodicean age church.

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Precisely. One in the same. I am of the opinion that all seven of the church models mentioned in Rev 1 are in existence today. Only two of the seven church make the grade and are found in God’s favor. Shortly it will not go so good for the other five church models. In one way or another those five churches fall under the Laodicean church age.
But it is just my opinion.

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Nothing happens unless it is by God’s Will.

More so than most people think. They have their own agenda that is for the most part hidden or cloaked by being doers of light (good) Just a harmless fraternal organization like the Shriners another offshoot.

Yes so please allow me to shuffle papers all over the floor now and all over your nice and tidey desk. :grin: I can appreciate your view Ken. I am grateful you are meeting me there half way (let it be known yo…Ken’s meeting me half way) :partying_face: yeehaw.

I don’t look at it so much as all church types for today. Although i agree yes…of course. I would look at the Laodicea thing though as the overarching rubric caption church “type” signifying our age. Some years vary on standard acceptance of this type of model. I did not come up with this…lol. There are some very detailed reports but if you do a search for church age maps, timeline, charts etc you will find this kind of line up with small year assocation differences.

In this one it shows Laodicea age as that one Christ is right at the door on. If i were to give it a tagline it would not be lukewarm (although that is huge in celbrity churches and prosperity churches today). My caption would be more in the realm of “opinion driven age,” like. Because we see a lot of that sort of thing in general whether they are luke warm, or seeker friendly (close to the same thing) or orthodox and peroductive and sincere. In general the rubric of our age is the Laodicean era of “opinion” i believe we are in.

There is no mandate to use these ages as God breathed insight. They have traditionally been accepted for those who woud see the 7 Rev churches as “also” church ages. Some detailed observations of this get pretty amazing in how accurate they can tend to match their assocIating age. Not all church ages diagrams use the same church age proportionate timelines (some timelines can differ signifcantly)… But this type of diacgram here is pretty typical and standard in general.

The reason i tend to go with a generic “opinion driven” motif is because of Christian historian Trueman’s phrase (said about our age to some degree), “Orthodoxy as performing art.” Not that all churches are merely performing art, but the theater of our age is replete with this motif. I believe a sense of opinion has baked itself in to a degree within the church psyche as nearly no church has “0” percent of it. Europe woud not fair well as there is a deadness there. And although America could be the poster child of church theatrics, at least we are not like Europe (kinda dead).
Kissing Christianity Goodbye | Carl R. Trueman | First Things

When people hear Laodicea, negative things come to mind. But in general this is the church promised by grace to rule with Him if we overcome. And Christ was very interested to be more involved with (knocking at the door). I don’t use this term “Laodicea” to imply a non-saved or apostate church (which some church age models represent as–like some charts would have Laodicea as the apostate church during the tribulation). I believe Laodicea was a believing church but saturated with its culture. 75 years after John’s Rev letter to Laodicea (165 AD), Laodicea had the first true archaic council. Its theme was: “The Easter Controversy.” The first church council was held in Laodicea. Sagaris was a leader in Laodicea during this period and was martyred for his faith (during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius).

Rev 3:21 “He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”

So we got some good stuff and some concerns. There by the grace of God go any age. Blessings.


One of my ALL TIME favorite verses and quotes!!

“God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm!”
(William Cowper)


“But tidings out of the east (China) and out of the north (Russia) shall trouble him (the antichrist): therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.”
(DANIEL 11:44)

First, understand that the “Kings of the East” is China, as spoken of in Revelation 16:12.
Then, we know that the “King of the North” is indeed Russia as it is spoken of as “Rosh” in Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Moscow is due North of Jerusalem.

My friends, this article and development is TRULY ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUNDLY PROPHETIC occurrences of our time!!!
Just as the Prophet Daniel foretold!

George Soros, who I believe works directly for the antichrist system, made this statement yesterday:

"A third world war will “destroy our civilization” unless Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are “removed from power” warns billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros.

“After receiving a green light from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war in Ukraine in an effort to reclaim the old Russian empire,” Soros wrote in an op-ed published by Project Syndicate on Friday.

See, in order to establish a one world governmental system, which the beast system will need to do, then the sovereignty of nations and especially the “Superpower” nations must be brought into subjection.

My point being my friends, if we are THIS CLOSE to the antichrist stepping on the scene, as I believe we are,

MW Breeden