January 29, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

Oh dear. I can see were breathing at all can raise ones risk of a deadly heart attack. These folks are ridiculous.
as to the oral vaccines, one company he sited as being in Canada, the province of Quebec, Medicago is owned by Mitsubishi and they are closing it as per the news from Feb 3, 2023 CBC. and others also reporting the same so that is an update to what was discussed in the vid. However, there are other companies who are working on the same thing and the option is there for Medicago to be sold to a pharmaceutical company so that the intellectual property rights as well as the people currently working there, will be retained within the province and country.
As to the tax, the fact that the Republicans have brought this up is chilling. Not because its the Republican party, but the idea of everything being purchased, taxed at such a high rate would be horrific for low income individuals and families. Refunds at the end of a year does not feed hungry stomaches throughout the year…
I am going to check and see if Canada is thinking along those lines. If I can find anything on it I will share it.
Thankyou for the posting of these.


My first thought without reading the whole article was, now they can cut out YHWH form our dna and put in the one they want, the motb.
Thankfully our God is coming to take His own (us) out of here.
Come quickly Lord Jesus
We are ready to go home


Ezekiel 38?


4 Feb 2023

Dr Jane’s Coffee talk gives logic and discerning clues on C19 deception:

Of course asking our heavenly Father for discernment is top most priority!

and on CBDCs soon by James R.



Amen to that! I know He has kept me from so much over my life. I have always prayed before every meal, snack and munchie…lol. Our time is in His hands and nothing the world will do can change that. So happy and thankful we have a powerful, mighty and just God!!


:notes:Jesus Jesus Jesus…
there’s just something about that name :yellow_heart:

Thank you Lord for always protecting me❣️


Amen to that. I’ve been thanking Him for my coffee in the mornings too. What a blessing that is.


“Consume Jesus daily. Consume His word. Jesus will sustain You. Jesus is Life.”

~ Alan Brayshaw


“We were born for such a time as this. More will be required of this last Generation”

~ Alan Brayshaw


“Many Prophets would Have Loved to See what this last Generation will Soon see”



Our Loving God does care,
So prophecy is there,
It’s purpose not to scare,
Or be more than we can bare,
But to make us aware,
So that we can prepare,
And avoid every snare,
To meet Jesus in the air,
And not go down there !

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Soaring temperatures and drought conditions are exposing features that have been buried beneath water and mud for years—including a trackway of 70 previously unknown dinosaur footprints in the riverbed of the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Secular Scientists Are LYING About This New Discovery

Alien Encounters: Ancient Visitors

by Chuck Missler • September 1, 2023

The Bible: An Extraterrestrial Message

by Chuck Missler • August 1, 2023

Most Christians Don’t Know THIS About UFOs!

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Thanks for the reminder and link @Caleb . :blush: I started watching the UFO video a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get a chance to finish and forgot to bookmark it.

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