January 30, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about what we can do when we’re at the end of our rope with all the evil taking place in the world today.

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Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
My flesh and my heart fail;

But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73 v 25-26 - A psalm of Asaph



Sermon starts from minute 20:00 onwards:





Thank you Pastor JD for yet again sharing this news with us. Not something anyone likes to hear, but we have to hear it so we can take heed.

My husband got very ill in the night of New Year (31 December-1 January) too. We live in the Netherlands. It was al very sudden. He never gets ill and never got any type of jab. He was bed ridden for a solid two weeks. High fevers, body hurting, coughing, migraine, not being able to sleep, he was just a pile of misery. Soon later I also started to feel weak and have been ill for 1,5 weeks. It felt like a very weird flu. Strange aches including. My husband is unsaved but definitely believes it’s all a big setup. We both felt something strange was in the air. Ever since the beginning of the month, many of my colleagues, family members, inoculated or not, have fallen ill. Some have been ill ever since. For me personally, I am still very tired and feel a bit lethargic from time to time.

This is something across all Europe, and, I believe the rest of the world. Are they experimenting with waves, micro–waves, that is?? A very strange death of EU Commissioner’s president was announced shortly after an Italian doctor wanted to publish his study on so called micro-waves, milimewerwaves. That would explain a lot–sudden illness, no explanation whatsoever. And you can get ill over and over again. I have a resource, but it’s in my native tongue, which I can share if interested. I made a photo of the hardcopy, because it’s scrubbed from the internet.

Hospitals are killing people. I’m not saying all doctors are “in”, but GPs here in my region are unwilling to treat you properly and wave it all off with: “get yourself tested if you want to get help”. Please, brethren, if you’re still unsaved, choose and follow Jesus! I pray for my unsaved husband and family members every day. Prayer is absolutely powerful, as the testimonies reveal! Please! Eternity = eternity and we ought to reside in one of the sides of eternity.

Soon, very soon. The Lord is coming. I can’t wait. Maranatha!!


Are you living where there are 5G towers? Dr Robert Young’s presentation i posted last year has warned us this danger. I also posted on 5G effects as well.

Mainly cities areas will be equipped with 5G due to higher population densities and demands.

Else it will be contact with vaxxed people daily or close proximity for long periods.


Yes, I am aware of that presentation and I do live closely some of them. They’re building a lot here and I noticed that pretty much every municipality and town have construction works to add those internet cables in the ground (it’s called glasvezel here). It makes internet and waves go and process faster. And still people call it a conspiracy.

It sounds an awful lot like radio poisoning. Sending out shockwaves with the push of a button. Why would those EU leaders say: “omi-poke-mon” is expected AS OF the 24st of December? You can’t hide from it either.


Prayers to all those affected in EU and you and family. Please send the hard copy…I can read and maybe translate?



Please Jam, I would love to receive the Dutch article.

Hartelijke groeten,



:heavy_check_mark:God’s prophetic timepiece Israel : Jerusalem a cup of trembling! (Isaiah 66:8, Zechariah 12:2-3)!
:heavy_check_mark:Global war imminent! (Matthew 24:6-7)!
:heavy_check_mark:Global New lethal Covid Varient next (google up Omega Varient) (Matthew 24:6,7 Revelation 17:12-13)!
:heavy_check_mark:Global suppy chain stopped! (Matthew 24:7)
:heavy_check_mark:Global earthquakes! (Matthew 24:7)
:heavy_check_mark:Global Hyperinflation! Global markets plunge! (Matthew 24:7)
:heavy_check_mark:Global delusion and perilous times (2 Thessalonians 2:11, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Romans 1)
:heavy_check_mark:Global deception! (2 Thessalonians 2:11)
:heavy_check_mark:Global lawlessness! (2 Thessalonians 2:7)
:heavy_check_mark:Global prophectic convergence! (Luke 21:28)

All set up for the Lawless One known as The Antichrist to come onto the world stage to bring “Order Out Of Chaos”!!!

With the threat of war around the globe about ready to explode on multiple fronts, pestilence being spread throughout the earth in concert with Pharmakeia, supply chain issues and inflation impacting food availability and cost, and the MOB technology unfolding right before our eyes, it sure sounds like loudly rumbling hoofbeats of the approaching four horsemen of the apocalypse, as described in Revelation 6.

I believe that we are living on the very threshold of eternity. You can almost hear the hoof beats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!

The Rapture is next on God’s prophectic calender!


We are on the cusp of the Rapture!

God bless you
Watchman in the wilderness


I believe that the Winter Olympics games in China is going to be the ‘game’ changer wherein they will release the lethal varient and just as it happened with the Military games back in 2019, the infected athlete’s will take the varient back home to their countries and spread it!!

Putin will wait for the Olympics to get over on the 20th as he is great pals with Xiping and then…ITS GAME OVER!!!

Russia moves in on Ukraine as China attacks Taiwan and the US is involved in both the wars only for Russia and China to combine and attack the US! This is when Iran activates their proxies as they know that Israel is all alone!

I see all of this happening in between the last week of Feb to March just in time for spring and as all of this unfolds, as the bombs come down we go up!!!


Jasonacts177 - thank you for that very apt illustration! Just heard today’s Update as in Scotland. Tangible distress in Pastor JD again - still he encourages! I could hardly bear to continue listening as he related the suffering and hospital protocols in this rapidly darkening world. Yes, How much longer can we hang on…. I know personally unspeakable pain of hospital decision to take the life of a loved one. He begged me to help him but my hands were tied. I felt totally alone at the end of my rope. BUT GOD! It was His strength alone that kept me holding on - hanging in mid air it seemed! I once witnessed a drowning person clutching at a straw - a last desperate, almost involuntary bid to stay above the engulfing waters BUT just as her brave solitary fight seemed lost - a strong swimmer jumped off a lifeboat and lifted her to safety. Nothing in this world can offer even a straw of hope … BUT GOD! Pastor JD shared “enduring patiently “ - yes we can agree, perhaps, we are struggling to ‘endure’… but, patiently?! My husband always told me that if God gives an instruction that seems impossible to our human weakness HE WILL BE THERE TO PROVIDE ABOVE AND BEYOND OUR ABILITIES WITH HIS CAPABILITIES! So here we are holding on desperately , maybe, struggling with fears of how to keep our heads above water … BUT GOD… HE IS OUR SAFETY NET - underneath each of us are HIS EVERLASTING arms- HIS IMMINENT PLAN IS RESCUE! Maranatha!


I scanned through the posts above but was hoping to see some kind of verification of the human organ harvesting mentioned. That’s the kind of thing that turns the stomach but I also know that JD isn’t the kind to say something like that without having some kind of research to back it up.

Could it happen? It wouldn’t be the first time. Are people evil enough to do it? Yes they are. Is it currently happening in the US? If it is, God, please come soon and put an end to this.



As we know that God is in control and is masterfully orchestrating what is necessary for His return it won’t be long before we…His faithful are rescued.

As I read your words, I believe that we are living on the very threshold of eternity. You can almost hear the hoof beats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse! I got chills in agreement. And your synopsis of the coming events in rapid succession is a brilliant observation.

Praise God, our struggles are soon to end!


Its happening in China on a regular basis and we can be sure its happening in other countries as well.

This is even from a mainstream source


I’m sure it is as well.

Part of me was trying to process how that plays into the covid narrative. The way they typically treat a patient as they escalate through the system in the hospitals, it would seem like they’d be destroying, or at least seriously damaging, many of the organs a person might have. The lungs seem like they’d be pretty well trashed. The kidneys would have likely shut down even days before death. I’m not sure what condition the heart might be in, or the liver at that point. So I had to wonder what would be for sale?

I know those are not pleasant thoughts to consider but what my mind’s eye is seeing happening with covid doesn’t mesh with the idea of organ harvesting from dying covid patients in such a condition.

Does that make any sense?

Again, not trying to “call bs”, only trying to verify how it’s possible if it’s happening in this narrative.


I really appreciate the pastor’s tenacity to get otherwise unreported information out to us.

I also appreciate the encouragement. Would love to know what scripture he was trying to refer to in Isaiah about The Lord feeling our pain. I don’t think it’s 62:9.


I dont know - they are killing many people and I think most of the time they wont take the organs. But we can only speculate because how do you want this to get verify? I can only rely on the holy spirit who is telling me what is truth and what is not. But of course sometimes I need to think about some things more than others.

The whole organ transplantation is based on the fact, that brain dead is not dead! So they are killing people who are alive. And there are many cases in which a “brain dead person” is waking up before transplantation. This system is evil.


The first email that he read talked about uninjected people in Germany coming down with strange illness that doesn’t seem symptomatically to be Covid. She said it’s happening en masse and said something about being sprayed. Is this happening to only those who do not get injections? I’m unfamiliar with this spraying. How does it affect just the uninjected? What am I missing here?


Tony, I took it to mean the chemtrails that people are reporting to be on the increase. Makes me think that Germany is seeing even far more of this, lately, that we are seeing here in the US??