JD Live Streaming Alert

LIVE STREAMING ALERT: Beginning this Sunday, Pastor JD’s COMPLETE Bible Prophecy Update Videos will only be available at [JDFarag.org.] We will continue live-streaming the introduction to the Prophecy Update on Youtube, however once the introduction is done, the YouTube live- stream will end, and Pastor JD will continue the live-stream in its entirety at [JDFarag.org.] Therefore, the best way to watch the complete updates will be at [JDFarag.org.] Please set your reminders, bookmark our website page, or Like us on Facebook to get notifications when we are about to go live. See you Sunday at 9am HST. PS- The video will be posted to the website later in the day on Sunday for on-demand viewing.



Is there a Roku feed for these?

I watch through a Roku device via Youtube usually.

I do have a JD Farag channel added but I don’t know if that is you folks or someone else echoing your videos for you.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


We are working on that, thank you for inquiring!


If I’m unable to watch the livestream will a recording be available to watch afterwards?

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Yes. It will be hosted here on the website in the #bible-prophecy-video-updates section.


Looking forward to hearing today’s message. Every Sunday I attend my church and come home and wait for the prophecy update. It is truly a blessing for me. I live thousands of miles away in West Virginia but I feel like I belong there, which is a blessing. Thank you all so much for your hard work.


Us too!

Anyone having problems watching the update on the jdfarag.org site? On my cell, I get no audio. On my laptop, I get 2 audios (echo). Please help!


@harpazonow Are you on Edge or Firefox? We are aware of some audio issues on those two browsers that those companies have yet to resolve. Best viewed on Chrome or Safari. -JD Social Team


This was a tad too abrupt. Should’ve had an intro to the intro yesterday.
It won’t play at all on Chrome and either audio only or video plus two out of sync audio streams on Firefox. Not enough warning to try anything else.

We watch YouTube on a cheap Chinese android TV box. Please consider that everyone’s viewing device might not be as compatible with the website.

Overall a great idea, just need to clean up the particulars a bit.

JD Farag is on fire right now - Praise God for His kindling!

@JDForumTeam - watching in UK, Opera browser, Win 10, computer needs a good hoover, no issues with the stream.


@andlmoub Did you by chance have the site and youtube open at the same time? -JD Social Team

I am using edge. WIll try the others Thanks!

No. I specifically closed everything else just to be sure.

Just thought the tech guys would want to know.

Also, I never hit play when going to the /prophecy page. The audio started automatically. When I hit play, the video and a second audio started. Had to close the program and go back to the page, so we have good audio, but no video. Again, this is an android TV box with Firefox. Might try other browsers tomorrow.


Works great on Firefox, Thanks!

do not know how to get today’s livestream as it went off you tube

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Here on this website! It’s live here on the front page, jdfarag.org ! :slight_smile:

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There are 2 audios going at the same time!