JD Live Streaming Alert

Hi, continuous issues with freezing and/or volume/auditory on the livestream. Thanks!


Trying to get to the prophecy update and unable to find it

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I had that at first too, but I think it went away when I closed the window and opened it again. Or maybe when I clicked to another page on the same site, then came back? Anyway, I did some of these things and the echo/double audio went away.

Can not find or get to todays update

I cannot get sound and am getting frustrated.

jdfarag.org ! :blush:

Tried again and did not work frustrated here

Have you tried a different browser? I’m using Brave and mine works without issues, except initially when I had the double audio that some others also had. I haven’t tried other browsers. The video should play on the main front page, that’s how it shows up for me.

@andlmoub thank you for the comments

@Dholland if you are watching on the website, there will be an audio button that you’ll need to check to hear the audio.

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Kudos to you all for leaving YouTube beyond the intro. I feel your pain on the audio/browser issues live streaming. I do tech for my church and deal with it too. Hopefully the people expressing their frustration will not be a discouragement to you. People have no idea how complicated it is to live stream without the censorious big tech platforms.


Go to jdfarag.org

I did and no success

God Bless you Pastor JD

I’ve missed some as I had to answer a call but couldnt rewind at all

I was getting overlapping voices on Edge so I tried Chrome but couldn’t get video at all there, just a moment of audio and then it started buffering and wouldn’t stop. I tried several times. (Only one window open at a time.) Praying hard that this glitch can get worked out. :slight_smile:

I would also appreciate the ability to rewind if that feature can be added please.

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I’m so sorry to hear that. But it will be available to watch after the live stream I’m sure.
It seems like a bumpy start; it’s the first time that it’s not on YT or FB so it probably gets more steady and stable by time. I’m praying that you can make it work by the time of the main service, or next week. God bless you!

I used Safari in iPad and works. Now I dunno how about for translators becos they need extra tools to record all and translate to diff languages

I see many are having problems with listening/watching here on JD’s site. I am no geek for sure, I only have a very inexpensive chromebook and I am not having any problems with viewing and or audio. Good that you all are putting your challenges on here as I am sure JD’s people will be reading and looking for things that can be improved. Be patient, the biggest problem really is that no one could have accurately said WHEN all the problems would start with big tech ie: FB, U Tube, etc. So, even though such as JD knew at some point this would happen, I really do not think that ANYONE realized just how quickly it would. When the pre election censorship began happening where things such as Biden’s son Hunter’s problems were wiped from all big tech and most media, and a host of other suppressions of info were happening daily, JD knew for SURE then that ALL who are preaching the TRUTH whether the word or in the form of Prophecy teachings and updates needed to have their own private platforms…unfortunately, it is not as easy as some would think. First off, it takes finances to get the professional IT expert help to get going, it takes SERVERS that can handle the type of traffic that popular teachers get such as JD , Jack Hibbs, Amir, and so on and I would imagine that with MOST of the big companies owning the majority of high tech SERVERS, there is a problem with finding a server host now more than ever! Look at what happened to Parler when Amazon pulled them from their servers, when GOOGLE pulled them from app store and ditto with Apple pulling them from their app store. If any of us can, we should be sending whatever donation of money we can to those like JD who do not have huge wealthy congregations to supplement their budgets to get more done with their sites. In the meantime be patient, the Lord will not allow his anointed teachers to be silenced for long.