Jesus is coming back very soon!

How long? Not long… :+1:

While I have been saying this for almost 40 years, this time I really mean it!!! :grinning: Before I just had a feeling and hope. Now all the signs are there and anyone who follows the signs would agree with me. :+1: Are you ready for his return? Sure you are saved, but will Jesus find you doing his will?


Now is good…


Love this song! :point_up:t3::raised_hands:t3::point_up:t3::revolving_hearts::dove:
Come Lord Jesus
Maranatha :heart::crown::heart:


Thank you @goodboy … I needed that.

My oldest daughter is taking one of my granddaughters in for a new allergy test next week (she has allergies to several things) and is going to ask the doctor then if it will be detrimental to give her the jab. His opinion matters, but unfortunately, nothing her own mother and sister believe does.

I know it is a long shot since he is a doctor, but I’m praying that he tells her not to give the jab to my granddaughter. She is only six years old. :cry:

But having the Lord come and whisk us all away before then… !! Yes! Maranatha.


Thanks for sharing Stacy.

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Well, the allergist gave the go ahead to give her the jab. I am not supposed to know as she did not tell me, but she told her sister (my youngest) who told me.

I have no idea when she plans to do it, but as of right now she didn’t mention an appointment.


Heartbreaking Violet, may Jesus protect your grandchild


Thanks goodboy!..this song has helped me so much this week…while waiting to start a new job. I’ve been playing along on my keyboard all week. Maybe I will try to post a video and we can all add some instruments?..have our own online band blasting out Al’s awesome song!!..not sure how we do that, but I’ve seen others sing a song, then another dubs over that one, then another, etc,and pretty soon, there is a beautiful choir!



That’s a great idea! Even if no one else joins in, I would love to see and hear what you post! :heart:

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My granddaughter got the jab
it is heartbreaking and i get
it . praying for you .

Dear Lord ,
I ask you protect violet grandchild
from the vac , we ask you give violet
peace and rest . We ask this in
Your name Jesus Christ amen


Thank you @becky and @Margaret