Jesus wants Little Souls

As a older single woman I felt like I couldn’t do much to win souls. So I’ve been praying for God to use me to further his kingdom. Unexpectedly, I received a call asking me to adopt 2 boys who had been born addicted to drugs that nobody wanted. God has found a way to use an old retired widow. I can save these little souls and give them a loving Christians home.
But God…:pray::heart:


Dear Lord ,
we praise you for giving theses two little
kids a woman who will love and teach them about you . Psalms 91 , I pray a blessing unto
our sister and you give her the energy and all
the provisions to take care of her new family .
we praise you Jesus . In Jesus Christ
name Amen


Hi ,

Congrats on your new family , this is so special and I am so happy for all of you .
blessing ,


Wow, what an amazing example you are :pray: All honor, power & glory our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ :pray:


Hi ,
Give us an update if you can !!! You must
be very busy !!!

Dear Lord ,
We pray in agreement that you bless your
servant in Christ , we ask you help her navigate the pressures of raising a new
family . We ask you give her confidence
to care for her new children . We ask you give her the energy and patience .We ask you give all if them good health . Lord we praise
you for loving us and finding a home for your
two little children . We praise you for giving
your servant a family . You answer her prayers and you show us proof of who You are and that you got the whole world in your hands . We praise You , the Great "I AM "
we pray in Jesus Christ name amen


Now THATS what I call a blessing ! :heart::heart:


Oh my goodness, wow & yay God! Were you already in the process to foster or adopt or is this completely out of the blue? Babies or older? Do you have a good support system–church, family, friends?

Please excuse the questions & don’t feel like you have to share with a complete stranger, but we have adopted three and a distant relative adopted a sibling group, one of which had fetal alcohol syndrome, so I can speculate the challenges that may lie ahead of you. Praying for you in this huge life change. :heart:

Of all the books/resources I found early on, the book The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family was by far the best. Also any youtube videos, articles, etc on Karyn Purvis’ Trust Based Relational Interventions TBRI® (an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children).

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