Job switch anxiety

Hello I just switched jobs I thought hours would be better to see kids and I make more, it’s within same company but now I feel I made wrong choice and it’s just my first day…please pray

I guess I can stay and give my best until another one of my old ones open up guess that’s all I can do but it’s more stress…

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For a lot of us, the first day at the job is always the worst. I guess that means it only gets better from here. But what ever you do, don’t be discouraged. One day at the job typically isn’t enough time to make any kind of judgment. Pray about it, and ask the Lord to direct you in all things. For me, that prayer helps restore my perception and attitude in starting the new day.

Your in my prayers…


It’s a lot harder than other job and harder than I expected

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It’s so frustrating I’m sad and want to cry. I’m unsure if I can get my old job back or not…I need to talk to human resources if there is anything else open…I feel bad like I made a bad decision…do I leave this job and not have one or just wait until I get an interview from other ones I applied…I told my bosses but I only worked there one day and don’t want to be a quitter but I can tell jobs not for me…I keep trying to pray more but my emotions are a mess


Praying for you and your situation @M777.

Reflect on the times in your life when God has preserved you and enabled you to overcome other stressful situations or dramatic changes. Or even when He has provided a way out from such.

Pause and focus on them.

When Joshua, son of Nun, was thrust into the new role of leading the nation of Israel (and surely no job description ever posted could be more daunting) the Lord provided both the command and assurance:

Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Keep us posted if you would.

In Christ


But you will gain confidence as you learn. They had the confidence in you to even put you there, and they should give you time to gain skills in this new position. Don’t give up. Praying for your patience.


Thanks everyone for help. I’m still praying and know God will have another job for me if need be…this one has a lot more work than I realized before taking it I feel better today about it but appreciate the continued prayers. I’m gonna keep trying it out


Unless another opens but for now I can’t just quit especially after one day


I just started a new job as well. I feel awkward and out of place. I’m hoping that after time it gets better. It’s terrible trying to start a new position and feel this way. You go to bed dreading the morning. Hang in there.


Yes thank you. I am currently praying for my old job back I put in for a few similar or maybe same.

But I’m still going in tomorrow because I’m not going to quit especially after just one day…but by end of week or next week I guess they want me doing it by myself so we will see how Friday feels and if jobs are open.
.my old boss told me to ask hr if they hired this new person…I emailed…we should see…I may call her tomorrow as well…it’s so much more work with no break I’ve seen either…so to be paid more to me I’m unsure if it’s worth it but…I need a job so I’m staying until I have answers and checking openings like a mad women…I feel so selfish but Im unsure if it’s right fit but time will tell more


How did you make out today? Did today go any better? On my end it went a bit better. People seemed more friendly. Yikes it’s stressful though. New people, new job, new rules.


Your right. Companies spend a lot of time in the hiring process. I’m sure they weed out the chaff. Your also absolutely right that the nervousness being crippling. I’ve been very honest with my employer that I’m actually quite nervous. They’ve been quite accommodating.


I only worked Saturday. So here’s to tomorrow. I really do appreciate you checking up on me. God bless


Yes they told me go home relax talk to my husband. Sleep on it. But I still am nervous but I’m not sure if I have another job else where either.
So I just keep praying. I’m gonna try again tomorrow. I’ll tell them I’m still nervous of being slow and hope I improve soon.

but I currently still want old job too but God will guide me


I didn’t sleep at all last night. I’m unsure if it’s anxiety or God telling me to be honest and quit…since jobs hard do I’m not egging them on.

I’m still not sure but I hope to speak to human resources tomorrow because she will be back…but I was told I can apply but there’s still a chance I may not have a job if I quit…
I don’t know what to and no sleep… doesn’t help…pray for wisdom and discernment for me


I never slept well last night either. I wake up and think about everything. Today I wasn’t on my game and it showed. You definitely need sleep. I’m working a seven on seven off shift and I made it to the finish. Now I’m on days off. Hopefully I can regroup and get some rest. I can never know what
God wants either. I can’t tell if it’s me overthinking everything or God whispering in my ears. If you feel like your over your head you might not be. Sometimes it sure feels like it but it might not be the case. In this culture employers are more patient than you think. Finding someone who actually cares about what they do is tough. I am praying. Life is majorly stressful as it is with what’s going on the world let alone a job that’s weighing heavy on your mind. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ya. Definitely a good idea to put aside the electronics for the evening. Definitely something I need to work on. I am actually heading out in the bush in a bit to get my trail cam SD card. It’s been over two weeks since I checked it. There should be some good pics on it.


It was still stressful but I remembered a few things on day 2. Ppl seem hard to work with cracking about me asking do we have breaks…yikes :grimacing: the other place did…I thought that’s the law and even told them.thst crazy new girl :laughing:


Also this position is supervisor but I thought it’s like my old place type supervisor…it’s not it does even more…that’s what I get for clicking all reg/ part time jobs in application and not reading every bit in interview I figured I did just s few more things where head manager does more,nope :laughing: that’s what I get for thinking :thinking:


Good idea I need to try I have trouble relax…I’m very thankful no required v and have exemption if it does happen but I may need to just let go and let god by telling bosses especially at a week or two how I feel this overwhelmed…mean better tell them sooner but just lakingn sure I fully tty…wish god could be like to yo go do this ,I’m serious though…my body is my temple and I keep psyching myself out so maybe my inner self knows me best but time can tell…I don’t want to quit but maybe my gut instinct is correct and I made a poor decision but hey I thought it was good when I did…and what if I quit one and don’t get another…job so I’m really a mess :laughing: but don’t want to mess up again. I’m indecisive and can be slow hence I’m frozen in next step