July 10, 2022 - James 4:11-17 – Three Crucial Questions for Christians

:bible2: Three Crucial Questions for Christians – James 4:11-17

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD poses three crucial questions as it relates to the seriousness of how we treat brothers and sisters in Christ, and in so doing explains why the church is so feckless in this, the last hour.

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A great message…very timely and well overdue.

I found these memes in my file that go along with today’s message I thought I’d share…

It’s always good to check ourselves. We should be mindful that we are walking, talking witnesses 24/7. Our character, conduct and conversation should edify Christ and bring Him glory. We can’t be perfect but, through Him we can strive to be Christ-like and shine so that others can see Him in us.

…as they song sung in today’s sermon goes, “Let others see Jesus in you.”

Love, Blessings & Maranatha :sparkles:


Done and done (and long overdue)


Thank you @staceylovesJesus . This was very timely.


“We’ve assumed things.
And this, by the way, is the fuel in the tank of slander” …

We’ve already made assessments about them, and we
delivered our verdict: They’re guilty as charged. " (at about 31 mins)

I’ve heard believers say “Nothing wrong with what I said about that brother or sister in Christ. It’s not slander or gossip because it’s the truth.” And I’ve kind of slipped into thinking that way myself when listening to or reflecting upon their assessment. (nicer word than judgment) of the person.

Well, Pastor JD just reminded us how only God sees the true intent of the heart of a person…So we’re never going to be 100% accurate in our ‘assessments’. our verdicts.

OK, so even by the legal definition of slander we might be guilty to some extent at least of harming someone’s reputation by voicing our assessments of him or her. I think the Lord and His law will also hold us to account even for agreeing in our minds with another’s unkind pronouncements about someone’s character or actions.


Oh, boy does that ring true for me. Its a daily battle to keep my mind stayed on Him and not what others are or are not doing.

Help me, Lord to show mercy and grace to others as you do to me.

What I do not know, teach me.
What I do not have, give me.
What I am not, make me.



LOVE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: THAT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your words had me reading upon God’s commandments.

[paraphrasing] “Loving God above all things and loving our neighbor above ourselves are what the remaining 8 commandments hinge upon. It’s the foundation of everything as a Believer. When our hearts are in sync with this, we will give up our comforts for the good of others, as Jesus.”

It sounds so simple :wink: , yet it’s much easier said than done in our day-to-day life :weary:.

You are right, “Lord…HELP :grin:!”


So blessed that you see Gods will for our lives. No, it is not easy. I struggle each and every day, but listen to the Holy Spirit and get into the Word more and more.


Some days I am too tired to struggle.


Oh, my dear friend, you sound exhausted. I am trying to read between the lines and of course we are all feelin’ it. This is what I would like someone to say to me, “It is not by my might or power, but my Thy Spirit, oh Lord.” Do you know that song? If you do just sing it with me, for when I sing unto the Lord it ignites a fire within me. Yes, it seems to fade quicker and quicker each day, but I must keep singing as my heart doesn’t always know what to express or say to the Lord. I find that singing an old hymn in worship quickens the Holy Spirit in me and I am renewed for a while. It must be the flesh in me that restricts the moving of the Holy Spirit for longer than a few days. That is my weakness and I confess it frequently. I only know that the more I am in the word and the word gets in me, the more healing and impowering from the Spirit I receive that gets me through each day. Hope you find encouragement in my feeble attempt to express my heart and concern for you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yes… I have never felt so worn down as I do these days. Some days it is all I can do to pray and read the Bible. And I am ashamed to confess that a few days, I just can’t find the motivation. I know that this is spiritual warfare, but my armor has so many dents in it.
I am so thankful that God understands, and forgives when my spiritual discipline slips.


I hear you. And for me, the journey to draw closer to the Lord puts more obstacles in the way to trip over. It seems that three steps forward causes two steps backwards.


Oh, @BobinNC ,@Nstallard, it wont be long ‘till we’ll be leavin’ here as the song goes. Please sing it with me friends. It will put joy in your heart and give clarity to your thoughts throughout thd day. Praying for your joy to be full.