July 11, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains why this is no time to be playing while the world is burning.


Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.
Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines.

Censored by Youtube.


Interesting title there :hugs:
Easier yet these three steps to save the world.
ABC to salvation.


Any Dr Jeremiah fans?
I follow when I can.

Profound, prophetic truth. IMO.

Snipped last week.

Is COVID-19 a sign of the Rapture? No, the Rapture will happen without warning. Could the pandemic be a precursor to the seven years of Tribulation and the Lord’s Second Coming? I cannot say with any sense of certainty that it is, but neither can I say it is not. It could be an early indication of the coming pestilence Jesus referenced in Matthew 24:7.

The pandemic has raised a lot of uncertainties, but we can cling to the promises of Scripture. You can have confidence knowing, “The Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Edited to add video.


Very awesome update. Still praying for you JD! God is awesome. Keep up the good work, JD and your staff who do a lot of hard work behind the scenes. May God bless all of you guys.


I love Dr. Jeremiah and did see this sermon. He is excellent in his teachings. Thank you for sharing.


He was on with Jan Markell last month. I wasn’t expecting him as a guest because I don’t believe he had been on before, at least not in the past 7 years that I’ve listened to her programs. I’ve heard some of his sermons on other radio shows. He definitely has a flow of logic and biblical truth in most of his messages but never impressed me much as someone who has studied eschatology. End times teaching has for years been treated almost taboo in churches which is why believers who are watchers are attentive to JD and others who have appeared on OTM as well as a new, younger batch of watchmen (and women) on YouTube. Exciting times. Precarious for certain. But still a pivotal time in human history. Highly spiritually significant.


I went to his church once and he was preaching a message. What I remember was at the time I was going through quite a huge lot of stuff. He told a story of him and his son putting together a jigsaw puzzle one day. And he described how life seems much like that. Upon nearing completion, David noticed they had completed all but one piece. They looked all around for the missing piece. He mentioned how sometimes life is like that. After a fruitless search, David’s son said, “Dad, wait, hold on. Lift up your foot.” And there it was. Sometimes we are standing right on the missing peace. And at that point i lost it. For I knew and know this has been so true for me…in spades. Literally.

Does David still believe Mystery Babylon is coming out of Iraq? I know he had for years. Blessings. :slight_smile:


Interesting, I will try to check it out, time permitting. I haven’t followed her videos.

Have you listen to his prophecy videos or read his books?

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What a nice sermon. And, so true. I am happy you were blessed by it

I am not sure what he believes on that.
But I sure believe mystery Babylon is Iraq.

I found him recently after I went looking for other pastors that were speaking on other prophetic events other than covid and vaccines. No disrespect to anyone or JD.


:blush:Yes, the title is alarming but the message is a word from The Lord. Have you watched it yet?

and ABC’s of salvation are there per usual :pray:t4:

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Yes I’m very familiar with him. Excellent, eloquent speaker. He’s been at Brooklyn Tab at least a few times as well and I’ve been following “The Tab” for years :blush:

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Thanks for the message today!

“If God says He will do something, He WILL do it! “

So good to know…:blush:


My understanding is that he is a 5 point Calvinist, so I have not watched him. Am I wrong in that understanding? Thanks.


I’ve never gotten that sense from him. It has been said though that he does believe in the doctrines of grace which would make him a Calvinist. Some thing 4 point not 5. But I don’t think anyone knows.


WHEN THEY KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR – give them the gospel :slight_smile: Amen. That’s what i’m talking about.


I don’t know, but I use Luke 9:50 as a guide in these questions Violet… :rose: Doc


Amazing how the matter of graphene has all sorts of search responses used for the detection of viruses and the cause of thrombi in humans. I have been lookin for a test lab and assays that will detect graphene levels in humans. If anyone knows of a lab or assay, please post in here.

I am also looking for an analysis lab where I can obtain a sample of each vax and then have them independently tested. The outcomes will always be challenged by the powers as false if there is a positive hit for these contaminants.

There have already been some that are developing means to rid the body of these toxins.

If graphene is a reality with the intent exposed as true, then the culling of the herd we have seen, buckle up - you aint seen nothing yet.

labs and assays appreciated, i will post up my findings here


This is a sharing, Psalms 91 has 5 Names of God:

Let’s take a look at the four names the Psalmist uses for God …

Most High Psalm 91:1 Hebrew - Elyon

Strongest of the Strong - Superlative God - surpassing all others – Supreme. Above all other powers and authority.

Would you repeat this after me … “I live under the protection of the Most High God.”

Almighty Psalm 91:1 Hebrew – Shaddai or Shadday

The name shadday means “All Powerful” Omnipotent

The promise inherent in the name Shadday is that the Almighty can do everything He has promised. No man or other power can thwart His ways. He is an awesome God. (HToKBW)

Would you repeat this after me … “I dwell in the shadow of Almighty God”

LORD Psalm 91:2 Hebrew – Yahweh or Jehovah

His name means, “I am who I am” or “I will be who I will be.” The significance of these translations show that God is the One who is there for His people.

In New Testament the Lord Himself appeared among His people as Emmanuel, “God with us.” Jesus was bold enough to apply the Greek equivalent to the Hebrew term, YHWH, Lord, to Himself. (Source - Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words: 200 Greek and 200 Hebrew Words Defined and Explained.)

Would you repeat this after me … “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress.”

God Psalm 91:2 Hebrew – Elohim

ʾElohim is “God,” the Maker of the universe and the Supreme Creator of all life. It emphasizes God’s power and strength which is evident in creating, from nothing, the heavens, the earth and all that is in them.

Would you repeat this after me … “I trust in the God who created all things.”

It’s so important for you to learn about the names of God, and the character of God.

The final one is in verse

Psa 91:16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

Salvation is yeshû‛âh. The name of Jesus is hidden in Psalms 91.

Do you know that Jesus’ name in Hebrew, Yeshua , actually means “ Yahweh saves”? It is not “ Yahweh judges.” The name Jesus means “ Yahweh SAVES.” If you are broke, Yahweh saves. If you are sick, Yahweh saves. If you have enemies that are coming against you, Yahweh saves. Whatever saving you need, Jesus is the answer, for His name means “ Yahweh saves.” Hallelujah!