July 11, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

My rapture clock… no one knows the day or the hour but the seconds keep ticking away


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Reptilian theory?

Yes. David Icke and Alex Jones believing that the evil people are not human, but reptilians. This “conspiracy theory” was constructed by the controlled opposition to discredit the real conspiracies. Its like, when you try to tell the truth, some people answer “oh so you believe in the reptilians too?” to make fun of you.



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Spot on true Kris. The moment we hear some truth blended later with tales of "aliens, reptiles, ufo’s, bigfoot, flat earth, New Age, maga, etc. let the red flags of discernment go up. Alex has been connected with cia for a long time. Much of what we see now is just a show being constructed on both sides for distraction to their common end goal. They need to foment civilwar to justify bringing in the un “peacekeepers” which are nothing of the kind. Mike Adams of Health Ranger just joined Jones as well, so caution on every front is strongly advised. Do you see all the Hegelian dialectics being devised now too for their “consensus” building and blending of truth with error, right with wrong, etc. ?. Problem, reaction, solution. End result: grey muddle with no absolutes.


Wow, this one surprised me. If you have any links or articles, I’d be really interested to see who his handlers are.

Thanks, Wren. Could you share how you drew the conclusion? Or maybe have some articles you could share?

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I think this video mentions it


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I cannot give you proof. For me, he is acting strange, because everything he says is: We will win! And yet in the interviews its revealed, that the UN, WHO, Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild and others are behind this Agenda and still he says “we got this, we will implement a new system and we win!”.

So either he is naive (what i dont think) or he is controlled opposition. He is in a brand new party that use the same colors Microsoft uses. Oh and you can give Füllmich money, many money. Some people said, that he earned over a Million. For what?

Everyone who is earning money, is suspicious for me.

And Füllmich constantly says that we will beat the system with … the international law. But all the courts are corrupt. And he should know that. Füllmich was installed to keep the people calm. To inform them bit by bit. Till its over.




I completely agree. I had a similar experience the other day. I went with my 4 young nephews, their moms, and my mom to a science museum last Friday. this museum is full of propaganda, including an entire exhibit dedicated to covid, vaccines, how viruses spread, etc… full of lies and it broke my heart but my family is brainwashed so this is where they like to go. anyway, this museum has also been insane about masks. during the mandates, they were known to even remind individual kids to cover their noses with the masks they were wearing. in those days my family just didn’t invite me on these outings since I refused to wear one at all. so that’s the background story. the similarity here is, my 9 year old nephew Jackson started telling me there how he does NOT want to wear a mask. he used to be serious about wearing them, even when he didn’t have to, so it was interesting that he was now going on and on about not wearing one- like he has decided to try to impress me all of a sudden, knowing I don’t wear them. as our convo went on, he added that he hasn’t been “vaccinated.” he mentioned this because the museum’s updated policy is that vaxd don’t need masks, but unvaxd still must. some unmasked parents there were making their kids wear masks, but the majority of children were not, even though none of them are vaxd. so my mom chimed in with, “yeah, you can’t get the vaccine yet, but most of the other kids here arent wearing a mask either.”

she was saying this as to imply that it’s okay that he’s maskless, since most other kids in this building aren’t either.

I quietly held my peace, wanting to keep this visit a pleasant one despite the disgusting propaganda around me, and wanting to avoid angering the other adults with me, but I thought to myself, “oh, so it’s not about the alleged science or keeping us safe, or even the museum rules themselves- it’s about following the herd, mom?!” she had raised me and my siblings to be literal “free spirits” but here she is, making it super obvious that it’s also important to her to just blend in and not stick out. it was okay to break the rules since most others were.

it’s been eye opening to see the truth about everyone close to me and it hurt to not be able to say much. perhaps I could have. but it caught me off guard to finally hear my nephew tell me that he doesn’t want to wear masks. I was careful because his parents have made it clear that if I talk anti-covid around their kids, they will leave the premises. so I have been careful not to rock the boat. I want to maintain getting to spend time with my nephews. there’s no huge conclusion to this message I just wanted to share my similar story, kinda the opposite, where my mom indeed found it actually more important to blend in than do what she actually thinks is right… when I think of it, maybe behind all the parroting she does, perhaps she doesn’t actually know what to think, or is afraid to acknowledge what’s in her heart that would make her stand out in social disgrace like I do.


Been disabled. What a shock. Anything to do with religion they find a way to take it down. Thanks for trying to share.


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Looks like they disabled viewing off youtube (so it doesn’t automatically play here), but you can actually still watch it if you click through. It’s mostly the covid mentions that has been booting videos off youtube and I know they were VERY careful not to mention it by name here. “Viper” instead. haha…



It all depends on the type of blood test. This all sounds like normal procedure.

True they don’t get blood from an IV.

True for a diabetic, your step-sister would have understood.

Yeppers. :blush: @SonshineLady Once, when I was having blood drawn, I noticed a waxy-looking substance at the bottom of the vials. When I asked what the waxy stuff was (because I’m a nerd :nerd_face:), the tech told me that it was a fixative (anti-coagulant). The tech mixes the non-reactive fixative with the blood and “fixes” the blood in its natural state by tilting the vials back and forth. The lab is happy–they have a viable or vial-able :laughing: sample–and so is the patient (they don’t need to undergo a second blood draw :grin:).

Not every blood test requires the use of fixative; wondering if perhaps that’s why you’ve never seen a tech do the tilt before.

:+1:t2: My mom was diabetic. The blood test would determine the levels of potassium and sodium as well as your sister-in-law’s blood sugar levels. @SonshineLady Those levels would determine how much fluid was to be given and how quickly it was pushed through the IV.

I apologize if that was tmi. My mom was a nurse, and my dad was a science teacher. :woman_shrugging:t2: :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing this Ken. Do you remember the details? I don’t remember ever hearing of an apology. Thanks :slight_smile: