July 18, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting response Nessie.
I will place my family in God’s loving hands and be thankful they are saved. I know I can trust my Saviour in everything.
Yes, praise God! It is a very happy ending indeed!


While I do agree with was written, ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US. We cannot save ourselves. Blessings and Maranatha

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I agree too…it was written by someone who probably isn’t a Christian. I did think the article important enough to post due to the content. Thanks so much.

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I can see what you are saying and there are times when we are grasping at any and all plausible explanations for this global experience and soon-to-be mandated injection. Since the first mention of coronavirus (which has been the common cold virus in times past), we have been fed, nonstop, fear of death. Believers typically are not afraid of death and so we have to wonder: Why is a virus, for which there were effective treatments (which were banned) and in itself, for most people, has a 99.8% recovery rate, which requires testing, having a “vaccine” produced in unprecedented “warp-speed” and without any normal trial period, being forced on the world? It all smacks of something fishy and many people are asking "what is this really about? "

Yes, there have been other events affecting the world, but nothing like this, wherein everyone is expected to take this shot without question. Why? Why are alternative opinions being censored? Why are the adverse effects and deaths being put up to ridicule? Why were effective treatments banned? When in history has medicine turned a blind eye to science and given over to government their area of expertise? Masks are the first flag of something’s amiss. Then social distancing, flagged. Then the injection. Why in the world would anyone take something experimental into their body? Why are we now being threatened by government to take the shot or else? Why have voices been silenced?

As proof of injections will lead to the ability to freely move, and eventually buy or sell, one can see where it is all heading. To look for explanations as to “Why?” is only natural. If we are not closely investigating and evaluating all sources of information, that might be a concern, but these days, everything on the internet has been scrubbed or is “fact-checked” with bias. Questioning minds are looking to understand what seems illogical on its face. And to see where many people do not question at all, is confounding.

So, thankfully we have voices with explanations–some are verifiable, all are “fact-checked false” it seems, and censored in time. We are now facing labeling as “domestic extremists” for just questioning. The social media sites and mainstream media share none of these questions and answers, and those who have believed the government actually cares, are in for a rude awakening, like the frog in the pot. What we are seeing is 1930s Germany on a global scale.

Anyone who is concerned should be allowed to choose for themselves, based on whatever they determine is best for their life situation, endeavoring to find the truth and taking an informed decision. To not do so is folly.


Call me crazy…(many have) but WHY is it always those who have been vaccinated are the ones to come on JDs website to “defend” their taking the vaccine?

If you’ve gotten the vaccine, that’s all on you. Trying to make Pastor JD or any of those who haven’t gotten it, nor ever plan to get it the “bad guys” is ludicrous or else you’ve been convicted, conflicted or concerned since you’ve been reading all the after effects.

Obviously, TRUTH is subjective to people. Pastor JD has never claimed to have medical knowledge and he, like the rest of us must rely on “experts” to explain what’s going on. Then we must sift through all the gobbledygook to find that one nugget of truth. God reveals Truth…always. People reveal opinions without going to God first.

Being vaccinated or unvaccinated should have no bearing on ones salvation.


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Hope no one is saving important documents in a google drive- they are now deleting anything they dont agree with in your Google Drive. Vaccine Info- Election Info, No privacy rights exist in their Cloud.


Microsoft said much the same in their updated Terms of Service which just went into effect. Coincidence? Hah

Ive now seen this same article on a couple of different websites today- wonder if people are starting to wake up - as a retired management Analyst for the US Govt- I can guarantee that “massaging” the data to make it tell the story you want happens frequently. Lawsuit Filed Today Accusing Government of Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab – Def-Con News


I’m not speaking for Pastor JD, so these are my thoughts only.

What’s the #1 subject on the worlds mind?~~~ COVID-19
What’s the #2 subject on the worlds mind?~~ Vaccines
( or vice versa)

When people are afraid, they want to turn to someone to whom they feel confident in. That that person has their best interest at heart. That can biblically reiterate what God’s Word says about, Faith, Trust and Fear.

Maybe he, like me, aren’t worried about what’s going on in Israel?. God, Himself, has given us the privilege to know what happens to Israel before and after we are Raptured.

I feel like JD is doing exactly what he’s been led to do…which is to “shepherd” his flock…ie inform and pray and present the Gospel, which he does. Yes, he has his own opinion, just as we do on all the things going on.

I can’t fault him for not speaking about other things going on. :blush:


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To me, it comes down to what you feel in your spirit and heart about the jab.
I personally do not feel good about it regardless of this or that facts. I can’t hardly understand all of the facts anyway.
Pray about it and what God says to you is what he will say.
Satan loves the fear and the chaos. Anything that causes this much of it makes me run away like my little dog with his tail between his legs, peeing on himself.
Ok, I am potty trained but you get the point.
To each their own. You want the jab? It’s on you, if you don’t, it’s still on you.
Either way, when you pray, God is still there, listening, enjoying your company.


This article reminded me of an old quip – “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”


Hello all. Normally I am just a silent reader here as I learn so much from the posts, but reading through these posts today, I am stirred up to speak. I am an introvert that loves peace and harmony and intensely dislikes confrontation, so this is a stretch here, please bear with me.

Regarding injections, I don’t think it is necessary to know what exactly is in any of them to make an informed choice: all I personally need do is examine carefully the companies that produce them. Are they owned and operated according to standards that please and honor our LORD? No, they are not. They are driven by lust for profits, power and a complete contempt and disregard for God, as seen through the type of research they do on murdered children, and the use of those baby’s bodies in the products they sell. What more does a Christian need to know than that? I was once ignorant of all of this, but knowing what I know now, accepting pharmaceutical products makes me complicit to murder, therefore I cannot do it. For me, I see no grey in this, only a black and white choice. Good versus evil, life versus death.

As a young mother, I listened to doctors and medical “professionals” and dutifully took my children for the shots that were required, but always something within me felt unsettled when my babies were injected. I believe that was the precious Holy Spirit, gently leading me to seek out truth, which I attempted to do. I ordered the Pink Book from the CDC based on the urging of a fellow mom whose husband is an MD and she herself was a PA. I read much of it, deciding to forego many of the recommended shots, and also to delay until my babies were at least 3-4 years old before allowing them. But even that was no good.

My 3rd son, Titus, always had the most robust health and immune system. When everyone else in our household would get sick, he never would. Fast forward to when he was starting middle school and needed a physical, as well as several shots to be up to date, so we took him to have those things done. What a dramatic change! Overnight, like someone flipped a switch, my son became weak and sickly, caught every illness that came around the bend, clearly altered from what he had been previously. How I have grieved and regretted my choice! He is now 22, married with a son, and with another little one on the way. He has to take care of his health even now, and often falls ill very easily, despite using many natural supplements to support immunity.

I apologize if this is scattered and rambling, but I just want to speak up for all the precious little ones that are murdered, every second, every minute, every day. On and on and on, year after year, decade after decade… There are not enough tears in my body to express my grief over such evil. Would that I could carry and birth all the multitudes of children that are continually put to death, but I know our good Father holds them in His arms where they will never know sorrow. How gracious and merciful He is.

All pharmaceutical companies use the same R&D methods, and fetal tissue is standard. Please don’t say that A company is better than B, or X shot is better than Y. Look at the spirit behind them ALL. So, here is my question: How can any professing Christian take something into their bodies that is produced through child sacrifice, which is what abortion actually is? How?

I pray the Holy Spirit continues to teach and convict me, leading me closer to to who He wants me to be in Christ, as I have such a long, long, loooong way to go. Please pray for me as I pray for all here, that we will strive to honor Christ in all we say and do. Maranatha! :pray:


Such a beautiful and heartfelt response. I can feel your “Mama” heart as I read what you’ve written. You put it so sweetly what you see and feel. Thank you.