July 18, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Thank you.
God bless you too.


i am the founder of a treatment center that i volunteer at while i conduct research. the staff is supa duper.

you are a florida gator arent you. figures, if you want to know if God has a sense of humor… ok sister lay it on me or private message me if you think you have a lab that is willing…also i am not sure we can get it, but the government rhetoric makes me think they want us to do their dirty work.

i just started looking into it.

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i have no idea what is required to test for it. i have to go into the weeds to find out. my bet is at least a mass spec or tandem mass spec and i know of people with access but i myself do not own $200K in equipment. lol

i have an ultrasonic disrupter i play with, 450w for liposomal formulas i work on

I’m sorry. This question isn’t going to be popular. I say this with all seriousness and calmness, no agenda, no anger.

IF agreeing that EACH person DECIDES for THEMSELVES whether to be vaccinated or not, why the vitriol of naysayers?

Pastor JD has stated, unequivocally that HE and HIS family, will not take the jab. It’s HIS right to do as he feels led by God.
So, if YOU decide to GET vaccinated 20 times, that’s YOUR right to do.

However, you cannot in good conscience, come on a KNOWN Anti-Vaccine Pastors own website and begin to tell others WHY JDFarag is wrong and not expect to start a hoopla.

Furthermore, to say we need to “agree to disagree” is just placing it all in a little box to be dragged out again when someone else says something. (Guilty :raising_hand_woman:t3: But trying to curtail that urge)

Here’s an answer…WE don’t have to AGREE on whether you get a shot or you don’t. That’s on you and your walk with God.
In the same vein…YOU don’t get to tell US (un vaxxed) that we are wrong. That’s on US and our walk with God. I don’t care how many “articles” anyone puts on here. My stance is what I feel God wants me to do.:blush:

I do have one question, and I’ve seen it several times in the last few weeks.
Why do the ones going to get their first jab or second jab need prayer?
Aren’t you confident that this is what God told you to do? :woman_shrugging:t3:
(Seriously asking, not stirring, just curious)


Haiz flag here and there just like the old days

My view is every believer needs to seek God for himself/herself regarding vaccine. I am not God telling you what to do etc.

That’s why Decision Time is aptly named. My part is research, think and pray on this matter and decide finally.

I must give an account to Jesus Christ on Judgement Bema seat one day. My decisions will affect what rewards I will get on that day. No one wil be there supporting me etc. One to one with the LORD.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!


All I am waiting for is Saudi Arabia to rattify their agreement with Israel.

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Ok that makes since. I am just very leery about most numbers out there. I also find it weird that my county in our state has the highest percentage of positives out if the whole state. We are a county of 8000 people and they stated today we are the highest in all the state by almost double (I think next highest was 17%). Biggest town in county is 4,000). No tourist trip or nothing, yet we have the highest.

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I wish I could find the article, but I think someone did share it here somewhere, about how they are targeting rural areas like you mention @Naenae

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Just a Few More weary days and then
We’ll fly away
To a land where JOY shall never end
We’ll fly away!


I see I have been blocked, but I will answer that it was a general statement, I was not calling anyone a wolf here specifically.



Good hearts are better than autographs. And if God might make a way…it would good to hear more from voices like yours. :slight_smile:





Noted Jack. Thanks for the clarification I respect you a lot brother. But I was just concerned if inadvertently there be a forming sense of in general forming. I consider you a rather straight shooter Jack. But there can be tendencies that lean certain direction too in general in our forum. I understand encouragements to be mindful of boundaries. And I think that is a great thing. My bad though if it overstates a consensus. I was addressing the seemingly potential forum forming perspective in part. Looking out for the little guy. Apparently, from what I read, he was thinking to leave at one point…and others encouraged him to stay. So I guess erring on the side of caution?

Not sure what happened since I posted earlier. But seems like some kerfuffle.

Well ok there is this one other thing…lol. Please don’t hate me here…i really love, respect, and adore you Jack. I don’t know perhaps a bit too comfortable…forgive me if inappropriate brother. I am one small voice. So when I say this, I am just sharing a perspective where we would possibly differ. You be you. Disagreeing can be an awesome and necessary thing God may also be glorified in. I’ve had a discussion like this with @YosemiteMountainMan Ken, whom I super love dearly as well. Where we would also see this differently…and not really trying to start up a conversation about this. You can have the final word brother if you like.

But my alien from another planet take is almost like: “Bring us our enemies, your tired, your hungry, your blind, you needy…etc.” Ok well Statue of Liberty plaque in Martian :crazy_face: I love we have a very cordial and loving environment here and if something jeopardizes that…yeah…it certainly should be looked at. And thank you for your heart in that brother. But just for the record, my bias I guess was speaking. Nothing personal. I half don’t respect myself for having it. I guess with the forums I came from in disengaging form Calvinism…those being shark infested waters…those tensions seemed normal to me after a while. So yeah…I think it is just well I know I see differently. And sorry brother if i put on you. It was meant as room freshener. Which things seemed to have stuck @jdcpe17.

But my wonderful brother in Christ, you are beautiful in taking issue with “sideways.” As should be. But to the extent our forum loves dearly upon those opposed (where God might so will of course) is kind of thing i think we have been here about too to a degree. Like I remember Bruce who had a YT channel dissing JD. I am into controversy…but that was a bit too much for me to stomach (and I posted adversely on his channel…sometimes differing denominations and ideologies associated have a lot of believers thinking sideways about one another too).

However, the love this forum showed him while Bruce was here in our midst I gotta say did show a supernatural love of Christ. The best kind. He just stopped posting after a while. Coming over wanting to shame. And he found the love of Christ in our hearts. Might not have changed him. Buy I’m sure it blessed the Lord. And how awesome it was to see from us.


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We all knew that as we have come to know you. :heart: