July 18, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I would like to believe that this can be sorted out while still observing the Code of Conduct. And I would LOVE to give the benefit of doubt to all until I simply cannot. Please keep this in mind while you are chatting here… please.


I learn from the best :wink:

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I will speak to God.


I see the statement as general and strongly agree that there are “lambs” on this forum who are affected more than some may realize because they often don’t post. I remember when I was first new to the forum…

That said, I am sorry you felt hurt.


You may want to consider cause and effect. Naturally occurring viruses versus lab designed. You might find some of this interesting:

I have hemochromatosis (HH), iron overload. In the US 1:200 have HH. You can be heterozygous or homozygous, which essentially equates to iron saturation load rates. There have been more mutations identified, but the historically the HFE gene on chromosome branch 2, has the H63D and C282Y expressing. Interesting that those handling corpses in the black plague lived because it was a bacteria and this mutation caused a heavy iron environment in the body the bacteria could not thrive in.

Keep in mind, we are in a fallen state. Our DNA was crippled upon the eating from the tree of knowledge. Ever since we have to chase knowledge just to survive.

noah, all though one of Gods, was still experiencing the fall out from the fall. we all are. adam set off a big stack of dominos, yet we are just as guilty as he. Thank God for the redemption Calvary brings. imagine the feeling of void without the cross, brutal.

want to talk about temptation, i have to willfully deny CRISPR, which from a science vantage would make my genetic mutation and the related pain go away. The pain is brutal, iron oxide, the inflammation, in all joints, destroying the glandular,

i look at it like this: to know joy is to know pain. my glorified body, man oh man, ewwww we! i cant wait to shed this meat wrapper. it is an overwhelming thought.

we really dont know how much pain we carry. Get a massage all of a sudden everything hurts it just needed a focus area to realize how much! lol

we need to heed our times and get on with showing the world our love for one another. big gap there that needs attention. it will take alot of persecution I am afraid for the faithful to huddle up.

i have learned so much here: theological debates only bring division, calling out bad behavior by pastors and whoever is really Gods job not mine and in the end it is just a deep breath and we are out of here

look how fast time slides by…so you got the vax, that is between you and God. in the meantime, look up and know that you have loving brothers and sisters in here to get to know,

i have met some really solid brothers and sisters her.

WE ARE FAMILY…im not going to turn up the funk but that song is now playing in my head!


We all can agree to disagree. Thank God we are still in a world where we can have a free open discourse about religion!
“Everyone needs to calm down and eat some fruit!”- (movie signs) Lol
I would only add that over the past 2 years like or not JD has been pretty spot on with the prophecy updates. And I’m certain he is personally responsible for bringing many many people to Christ.


no glory here, no books no autographs lol

you know whats happening right? everywhere you turn you have to question the source. it was not like that back in the day when they read the news from behind a podium. now we have super models smiling and moving their eyebrows all over the place as they report on death and war…go figure.


Replying to JJ1701D, sorry can not figure out how to reply to a reply. I think that PTB stabds for The Powers That Be. The evil leaders that are calling theshots>. Pun instended.


Thank you.
God bless you too.


i am the founder of a treatment center that i volunteer at while i conduct research. the staff is supa duper.

you are a florida gator arent you. figures, if you want to know if God has a sense of humor… ok sister lay it on me or private message me if you think you have a lab that is willing…also i am not sure we can get it, but the government rhetoric makes me think they want us to do their dirty work.

i just started looking into it.

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i have no idea what is required to test for it. i have to go into the weeds to find out. my bet is at least a mass spec or tandem mass spec and i know of people with access but i myself do not own $200K in equipment. lol

i have an ultrasonic disrupter i play with, 450w for liposomal formulas i work on

I’m sorry. This question isn’t going to be popular. I say this with all seriousness and calmness, no agenda, no anger.

IF agreeing that EACH person DECIDES for THEMSELVES whether to be vaccinated or not, why the vitriol of naysayers?

Pastor JD has stated, unequivocally that HE and HIS family, will not take the jab. It’s HIS right to do as he feels led by God.
So, if YOU decide to GET vaccinated 20 times, that’s YOUR right to do.

However, you cannot in good conscience, come on a KNOWN Anti-Vaccine Pastors own website and begin to tell others WHY JDFarag is wrong and not expect to start a hoopla.

Furthermore, to say we need to “agree to disagree” is just placing it all in a little box to be dragged out again when someone else says something. (Guilty :raising_hand_woman:t3: But trying to curtail that urge)

Here’s an answer…WE don’t have to AGREE on whether you get a shot or you don’t. That’s on you and your walk with God.
In the same vein…YOU don’t get to tell US (un vaxxed) that we are wrong. That’s on US and our walk with God. I don’t care how many “articles” anyone puts on here. My stance is what I feel God wants me to do.:blush:

I do have one question, and I’ve seen it several times in the last few weeks.
Why do the ones going to get their first jab or second jab need prayer?
Aren’t you confident that this is what God told you to do? :woman_shrugging:t3:
(Seriously asking, not stirring, just curious)


Haiz flag here and there just like the old days

My view is every believer needs to seek God for himself/herself regarding vaccine. I am not God telling you what to do etc.

That’s why Decision Time is aptly named. My part is research, think and pray on this matter and decide finally.

I must give an account to Jesus Christ on Judgement Bema seat one day. My decisions will affect what rewards I will get on that day. No one wil be there supporting me etc. One to one with the LORD.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!


All I am waiting for is Saudi Arabia to rattify their agreement with Israel.

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Ok that makes since. I am just very leery about most numbers out there. I also find it weird that my county in our state has the highest percentage of positives out if the whole state. We are a county of 8000 people and they stated today we are the highest in all the state by almost double (I think next highest was 17%). Biggest town in county is 4,000). No tourist trip or nothing, yet we have the highest.

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