July 25, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about what it is that we can expect to happen prior to the rapture of the church.


Bill Gates of hell Nazi’s “The Final Solution” interview here: As cited by Ps JD

This is news report from my country. This state has most Delta variant cases:

KUCHING: About 98% of the 93 Delta variant Covid-19 cases in Sarawak to date are in Categories One and Two (asymptomatic or with mild symptoms), says state health director Dr Mohamed Sapian Mohamed.

He said the mild cases were stable and did not require oxygen assistance. “Only one case requires treatment at the Intensive Care Unit and is currently stable. No death has been reported involving the Delta variant,” he said in a statement here, today.

In other words, only 2% of covid patients are in serious or critical condition.

To those who spread fear and disinformation on delta, they need to prove that this delta variant is so deadly like Spanish flu killing majority of those infected!


this update is beautifully said and it had an impact on my thinking. I agree urgency is rising, I’ve been worried less lately about the consequences of going against the evil grains.

at the grocery store the other day with my husband, we heard the usual creepy recording over the loudspeakers: reminders to social-distance, etc, “we’re all in this together.” at the end of the recorded schpeel, I didn’t hesitate to exclaim to my husband: “keep 6 feet aWAY from me, Tyler!!!” I was not afraid of someone thinking less of me. we were able to laugh at the absurdity and remark that it was so creepy hearing that, as if it’s Big Brother. it was nice to be unafraid and even hope that someone else around us could agree its all so ridiculous. but we were the only ones in the aisle at the moment. I guess I’ll just keep being bold. keeps me from being afraid.


UK’s Pingdemic has affected supplies disruption because workers need to isolate for supposedly covid infections.


Can confirm - even where I am in UK (South East UK) shelves are more barren than Sarah before God’s wonderful miracle.

Hence I’m not worried because… God’s miracles.

Plus I was always more a ‘Pong’ player than ping-pong.


Here in Australia, with the shut down of New South Wales, truck drivers have protested because the pressure is on them to now test every second day instead of twice a week- all for driving their trucks across zones- they don’t even leave their vehicles but this makes no difference to the rules. last week drivers threw their keys into Sydney harbour in protest. Without trucks Australia stops.



Royston Potter, discharged by a suburban Salt Lake City police force because he is a polygamist, says he took three wives as a matter of religious conviction.

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2 Tim 2:23 Amp. :mega:

But have nothing to do with foolish and ignorant speculations [useless disputes over unedifying, stupid controversies], since you know that they produce strife and give birth to quarrels.

For those who liked the [don’t take the bait], cartoon, SORRY, it was offense to someone who flagged it. I had to take it down :cry:


Well I just appreciate the variety of shirts pastor JD wears every week lol they just make me smile!!

Great message today, he really nailed it when he said we come to him to hear the hard things, not the smooth things.


Thanks for the reminder @NamDoc and @JFelts8031

I enjoyed today’s message… and yes, nice shirt! Makes me miss the years I lived in HI. Do the ladies still wear muumuus a lot?


This is the best prophecy update Pastor JD has ever done! (Not to take anything away from his other updates.) It was clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. I know it is what I needed to hear at this time. I think it is what we all needed to hear. Praise God, the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit!


Yes! The creepy recordings at the store. Whenever I shop at Walmart and hear their recordings, I just get an ill feeling about brainwashing and pushing propaganda at people. I always wonder what things will be said over the intercoms during the reign of the AC. Whenever the recording comes on at Walmart, I always mumble out loud about the propaganda being pushed. I had an employee look at me weirdly, but I don’t care.


Another item is how that ‘problem, solution’ is being used for everything in this end times scenario! Some examples below:

  1. The economy crashed
  2. Governments collapsed
  3. Civil unrest and strife between races, classes, political parties, and the gender issue wars (another side effect of the immoral gender agenda is to pit the two true genders against each other).
  4. Religious strife via jihad and so on.
  5. Natural disasters
  6. The virus! (Gasp!)

And the solutions come rushing in; a one world government with no borders to solve immigration and other issues, one world economy with marxism and the mark, world peace, unity, harmony, tolerance, love, inclusion via the ‘brotherhood of man’ and the antichrist’s campaign of “Oneness”; let’s all just hold hands and unite and join his one world religion, etc. and the pantheism divinity push to appease mother nature and stop all the natural disasters, and then why not, let’s just worship him for solving all these problems as a ‘god’, that’s all that’s left folks! That is the solution and the problem is making everyone hungry for the solution of the one world religion, economy, and government all rolled into one under the antichrist. It will look like a global ‘revival’. “You too can be as god,” etc. It will look like the kingdom of heaven arrived to the lost, the beast’s false utopia counterfeit.

Yup, it’s right around the corner!
And you know what else? The olympics opening ceremony had that ‘imagine’ song, which is like the anthem for all of that antichrist system stuff above. And that thing will have an opening ceremony too. There are so many typologies in the Bible, I would be here all day, but one of them is that one with the idol in Daniel 3.

Exciting times indeed!


Oh, and then the final solution for all those refuseniks…not to forget that. The population will be begging for it.