July 4, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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Targeted community by community door to door outreach

  • Door to Door vaccines

Gestapo will soon be at your door… and before long black bag night raids…

How they can push an unconstitutional thing with such ease publically…

We’ll see when they get to the doors in my area…


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero


Just a quick warning on ivermectin dosing by weight - do not follow label directions if it’s meant use in animals. I use the 1% ivermectin solution (not the paste) as heartworm prevention for my dogs. (It’s about $50 for 50cc bottle.) Dosing by weight, for dogs, is 0.1ml/10lbs. I would highly recommend getting the recommended dosage for humans before taking ivermectin for use in animals. One of my mastiffs nearly died when I dosed by weight, as the label instructed for use in cattle. It’s also given by mouth not by injection, so that’s another thing to be aware of.


Ugh, yeah, sad, but I’m afraid you are correct dear friend! :frowning:


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Marking the unvaxxes with David Star:


Maybe tell him your testimony.
How you came to Jesus (a quick summary).

Maybe explain him that catholics are not real Christians.

If he is cartesian, tell him life is not there by chance. Explain what the first cause is (God). Before that cause there was nothing.

By experience if people are not ready to “jump”, they will never do it.

Even knowing A, B, C, D… if the guy is not able to join the dots and the coin doesn’t fall in his mind that going to God is the only solution for him (even knowing what hell is, that God exists…), he will never do it because he will always think that God is good, that hell is not for him or contrary he will think that he will go to hell that it’s a safe place like Earth… or that after death there is nothing.

Just plant and another will give water. (But maybe you are the guy who gives water). Find strong sentences that will work in him day and night like “Jesus loves you”, "Jesus died for you Tom… (give his name). I said to a friend: “who will talk to you about God, when I will leave my job?!”. I also gave him a Bible. Unfortunately he’s not saved yet, but maybe one day…

By experience don’t waste too much time with one guy. The garden is big!

1Corinthians 3.6: I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

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As a pastor said in his video (Marcelo Tunasi): if they send you to prison, don’t be afraid, take the opportunity to build a church in prison. They also need to hear the gospel :blush:


Just put up a really big ‘ABC’ sign on your door and pretend you’re not home. Lol.


RE: HHS Becerra story, how the government has the right to know who has not been vaccinated

Wow – “We want to give people the sense they have the freedom to choose.”

Wow. I think that’s the statement that ought to grab our attention and the one he needed to clarify.

When the government fears the people, there is freedom. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Any question as to where we are currently?


I am with you all the way
I started thinking not every one was getting the vaccine weeks and weeks ago across the world there are to many people dieing or getting ill for it not to be true I think it’s so bad that if they had given everyone the vaccine even the most stupid would have seen I think this is a chance to tell people before the next round starts it’s like Russian roulette if you survive you get another chance to kill your self
Wake up wake up if you have had or know anyone who as that as NO side effects
Explain they may have been given a second chance

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There are plenty of people that aren’t real Christians evangelicals, baptists and even protestants.

Being an ex Roman Catholic this isn’t going to get the best response.

Just my opinion.

DON’T FEAR THE STORM OR GIVE GLORY TO IT. JESUS IS ASLEEP IN THE BOAT BECAUSE HE CONTROLS IT ALL!!! Satan continues to roar at us to scare us. I see it as a meow instead, because GOD will calm the storm and protect those of us who shelter in HIM!!! Help is on the way!!!


Today will be my final posting here in the forum. I am very sad and very grieved about it. I have spoken with many great Bible believers on this forum and found great fellowship. However, yesterday something happened that I can’t overlook that has really changed my opinion on whether this is a forum that is edifying and good for me to be involved with. See when I learned the gospel it changed my life,.It set me free from a lifetime of struggling to be good enough, to meet a standard I never could. Now many in this forum promote false gospels of WORKS. These are not the truth and these beliefs will send people to hell. Because the truth is if we believe that our works save us or keep us saved then we have not trusted that Jesus saved us by his death, burial, and resurrection. And believing he did this is the only thing that can save us. It breaks my heart that many will perish because they don’t understand this. And when I hear someone preaching against osas because they believe they must do good works to maintain their salvation, I tell them the TRUTH in hopes they will change their mind and believe the true gospel. I will not withhold that truth because I’m afraid of “offending” someone. What good is it that one is not offended when their soul is in jeopardy? Did Jesus care about our feelings when he told us to believe or perish in hell?? That our works are like filthy rags? Well I told someone they were on the wrong road, going the wrong way, and if they did not believe the true gospel then they were not a true Christian. I told them this because I care about their fate. I want to see them realize their folly in works salvation and be saved. Unbelievably I was flagged for this! For trying to help someone understand the true gospel! It was explained that we need to “cherish others beliefs on this forum” and that me telling someone they had the wrong gospel was against the code of conduct. Now let’s think about this… a supposedly true Christian forum is telling me I’m wrong to not just let someone continue in believing a lie that could send them to hell? I’m wrong to try and share the truth with them? That it would be better to be silent and let them walk right into the fire? This honestly shocked me and made me realize some of the moderators on this forum are more concerned with someone’s feelings then their eternal damnation. I just can’t continue here any longer… peace to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I know we will see our savior soon. I will continue to watch Pastor JD but this forum has gone off the rails. I pray before I delete my account those that need to hear the below message do so, we are running out of time. This is not the time to be “politically correct” and “respect all people’s beliefs”. Or to say well they “identify” as a Christian so we must let them believe they are, even if they aren’t. I understand not arguing with the saved, but I got flagged for trying to save the lost, that’s where I draw the line. It would not surprise me if someone flags this and I’m removed before I do it myself. So please if you believe you have a part in your salvation. Please watch this message quickly


Salvation is of Grace/ all of God…He gets all the glory for this miracle of rebirth, not us…it is the Holy Spirit that quickens us…we are sealed and sanctified by Him. I am thankful that a God is sovereign. It is not a license to sin to believe we are OSAS…if it was a true rebirth, our desire to sin will be diminished as we grow. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and convicts us of our sins,…we will not like the grieving of the Holy Spirit…and we won’t like the barrier sin puts between ourselves and the Lord. you are correct in what you’re saying, please don’t let a couple of people cause you to leave…Man always wants control. All false gospels start and end with man making his own way to God. I think Jesus explained it so clearly to Nicodemus. It is of God. Please stay :heart:


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What often happens is there are those who still do not understand the difference between sanctification and salvation. It is often incorrectly thought that sanctification and salvation happen continuously.

Salvation occurs only once, sanctification is then a lifelong process.

I have also been in the same position you have. It may be a kneejerk reaction due to this misunderstanding.

Do not let it dishearten you. Do not take it personally. Put on your armour.

The moderators are reasonable and will probably have a chat with you, as they have done with me, on a few occasions. They will explain decisions or ask you for your thoughts on the matter.

Whatever your decision God bless you and keep you.