July 4, 2021 - Hebrews 4:12-16 - My Time of Need

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In My Time of Need - Hebrews 4:12-16 – July 4, 2021


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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about one of the most powerful passages in all of scripture concerning God’s help in our time of need.

Bible Sermon :bible: – In My Time of Need – July 4th, 2021


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This sermon was very powerful and strengthened my convictions about my prayer life. That said, I wanted to ask, with all humility and meekness, for clarification about something Pastor JD said during his sermon, specifically when the Veil of the temple was rent. Pastor JD stated emphatically it was when “Jesus was resurrected.” This gave me scriptural whiplash. Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38, and Luke 23:45 state that the Veil was rent when Jesus died on the cross. I watched this on YouTube but did not want to open this topic in that pit. Thank you for listening; please help me to clarify my misunderstanding.

Old Guy In The Mountains
Watching for The Savior’s Return


You are in deed a woman after my own heart. Those veggies teach us valuable biblical lessons while being ever so adorable.
You, sweet friend have read enough from and about me to have an understanding of what I’m all about…but the seriousness of these last days also needs some levity. Our Loving Heavenly Father created us for His pleasure and in so doing also wants us to experience smiles and even silliness now and then. Since we were made in His image the man yet God Jesus must have experienced all of the emotions we have today including laughter and a great sense of humor.
So as a 75 year old woman I really get a kick out of these veggies especially when GOOD biblical lessons are taught and learned. I even watch Daniel tiger’s neighborhood who teaches goodness for goodness sake which is something a lot of adults and some Christians don’t practice.
Thanks for the smiles Sigrid!


That is the scripture I have always known, understood, and believed. Pastor JD must have been rusty from two weeks off.


I honestly enjoyed this message, it was a good one for sure. But I did have a problem with something Pastor JD was saying. So if anyone can help me better understand or even see things differently then please feel free to chime in. Heck if I misunderstood what he was saying then please correct me.

I agreed with what Pastor was saying about the “name it and claim it” crowed abusing scripture by twisting what it says about asking God for anything. But at the same time It’s hard to take him seriously when he talked about God giving us anything we ask or wanting to give is what we ask if it’s good.

My whole life experience so far has been nothing but one step forward and two steps back. I can honestly say I have seen Gods blessings in my life, I have seen His goodness and His faithfulness in many ways and I do give Him all the praise and thanks for what He has done in my life. But I really don’t believe God is in heaven on His throne just waiting or hoping that I will ask for something “Big”. This is simply because the things I have asked Him for which are “Big” to me and are good, I know are small to Him, yet He has not answered those prayers.

I believe God heals, yet no matter how much I have prayed and believed, He as yet to heal my wife of the health issues she has been dealing with over these last several years.

No matter how hard I work, inspite of my level of education. We still live pay check to pay check. God has been faithful and blessed us in the fact we are always able to pay our bills, He has kept a roof over our heads and food on our table. But my prayers for a job where we don’t have to live pay check to pay check have gone unanswered. Just as things seem to be improving, something happens that knocks us back down. Like I said before; one step forward then two steps back. (Side note I am NOT asking for financial advice, just making a statement.)

These are just a couple examples of things I have prayed and believed God for which I do view as “Big”. Now why would these prayers go unanswered? Is it not good to be healed of an ailment? Is it not good to make enough money where you arn’t thrown into financial ruin if you have to pay for unexpected car repairs?

I am not saying God dosn’t answer prayer at all, I am not even saying God dosn’t want to give us good things. But what I am saying is I don’t believe simply because we believe God for something that is good and ask Him for it, He is going to give us what we ask for.

The only reason I can see why God has not answered some of the prayers I have believed and asked for is because He is trying to teach me to trust and relay on Him completely for everything. I know I have’t gotten to that point 100% but I know I do trust Him more today then I did five years ago. Maybe God does answer some peoples prayers right away and gives them whatever good thing they ask for like Pastor JD was saying. But I have yet to see that become a reality in my own life or even those closest to me.


I want to address your response to Matthew’s post and express my thoughts as well.
I too completely understand and empathize with everything Matthew said for my life has been a living hell. As a 75 tear old woman never felt loved by my dysfunctional family…have more regrets than I can count…have always struggled with anxiety & depression…suffer with several horrific and painful ailments…and live alone like a bat in a cave…YET…tho there have been MANY times I ached for human company and have prayed a multitude of times for healings I am grateful to GOD for ALL that HE has given me to bear. HE has given me the ability to see, reason and realize how much worse my suffering could be.

It’s as simple as the game of WOULD YOU RATHER
Would I rather be in pain all over all of the time without any companionship OR be blind OR blind and deaf OR have survived a fire with severe burns over most of my body OR have no limbs OR live in a 3rd world country with no food & no water OR have been sex trafficked at the mercy of my abusers night and day OR unable to think clearly OR unable to care for myself OR be inhumane, cruel and evil minded. The list of OR possibilities endlessly goes and on and on and on.

I see it this way, GOD has chosen individualized unique circumstances for each and every one of us in which we are challenged and tested. Those of us who know love and adore OUR CREATOR then have a choice to accept what we’ve been given to live with and be grateful for ALL OF IT while we unquestioningly worship HIM for HIS mercy and grace.

It’s been said that life is short but under some circumstances life can seem way too long until we realize that in the grand scheme of things it’s actually a blink in time for an eternity of bliss awaits us.

Am I saying we can’t or shouldn’t pray for GOD to alter our circumstances? Of course not but we MUST be prepared for whatever HIS answer is then as you said…PRAISE HIM for it.

In truth…I’m sick of this life and can’t wait for HIS return and am in constant prayer that it be SOON. Until I am lifted from this earth to meet HIM in the air I will keep looking up for my glorious redemption draws nigh.


As Pastor JD always says…JUST ONE MORE THING…
I began thinking of Job whose sufferings in every way can’t even be comprehended…his faith and love of God never waned…he never questioned or blamed God but rather endured and continued praising HIM. In the end, Job’s reward came as EVERYTHING AND MORE WAS RESTORED.


Yes Wes…you are 100% correct, the veil was rent in half at the time of Jesus’ death just after HIS last words IT IS FINISHED.

I’m watching and waiting with you …

MDLange, rethinking my answer to you

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Just letting you and anyone else who might have noticed Pastor JD’s bit of misinformation…I sent him an email in hopes that he will read and address it this coming Sunday. The email was as follows:

Dearest Pastor,
In your last service on the 4th of July you sadly misquoted the WORD…the veil wasn’t rent when Jesus was resurrected from the dead…it was rent at the time of HIS death, just after HE said IT IS FINISHED!
I’m bringing this to your attention because on the forum there was some confusion regarding it. Thank God there are those of us who are grounded in the WORD enough to clarify and correct your error. But there must be many babes in Christ who heard your sermon and learned wrongly from it.
Of course it’s up to you…but I think you should bring that to the the attention of your congregation next Sunday with a correction.
With much love and thanks…

Thank you so much doing this. I was trying to follow the admonition to go directly to my brother, Pastor JD, first and discreetly. Try as I could, I could not find any other way than to post it on this forum. You’re an answer to my prayers, we truly serve an amazing God. May His face shine upon you.

Most Blessed Regards,
Old Guy In The Mountains

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Amen…and likewise. :hugs::heart: @HIS Without the occasional reminder we can forget to smile during our time now in the trenches. Thank you for the encouragement.

My kids absolutely adored Veggie Tales. So did I. :grin: The lessons we learned are so valuable. And, as you say, we all need to remember those lessons. :wink:

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