July 7, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Hold On Until Jesus Comes

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains why the profound prophetic parallels between the Thyatira church and the last days church can be an encouragement to believers to just hold on until Jesus comes.

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Getting longer but worth every dime right?

(Rev 2:25) But that which you have, hold fast until I come.

Even so, come Lord Jesus! Amen.


Everyone working for Google, YouTube, Facebook, the BBC or any mainstream media organisation is a conspiracy theorist.

Here are some of the commonest conspiracy theories which are regarded as `real’ by all members of these organisations:

  1. Your government cares for you.
  2. The covid pandemic was real.
  3. Lockdowns helped save millions of people from a death worse than life.
  4. Politicians are driven by a desire to do good.
  5. The mainstream media provides an honest, reliable account of things happening in the world.
  6. Drug companies are staffed by kind, good-hearted people who want to do good and save lives.
  7. Electric cars run on special, magical electricity which is free and comes out of wires hidden under the ground.
  8. All vaccines are wonderful and perfectly safe and we should all have lots of them, at least daily if possible.
  9. The virus which caused covid was invented in a laboratory in China and then spread around the world to make money for Chinese companies producing masks and PCR tests.
  10. The WHO is working to save the world from disease.
  11. The BBC is a news organisation which can be trusted.
  12. Our climate is changing rapidly, within five years the seas will have evaporated and the whole world will be ablaze.
  13. Bankers are decent people who deserve every penny they are paid.
  14. NATO is helping to save us from World War III.
  15. The United Nations exists to bring peace and food to poor people.
  16. Anyone who drives a car or who eats food is a danger to the future of the world.
  17. Members of the royal family are just like us except that they are very special and must be mollycoddled, protected from reality and treated like gods.
  18. Israel is a very special country which must be allowed to do whatever it likes – and given as much money as it wants.
  19. The PCR test is valuable because anyone who agrees to be tested is obviously insane.
  20. Bilderbergers and people who are members of the World Economic Forum make the best leaders and we should do everything they tell us to do.
  21. Euthanasia is a great way to help people who are suffering from physical or mental pain or who are poor.

Those are the basic conspiracy theories and they are believed wholeheartedly by everyone working for the BBC, Facebook, Google, YouTube and the rest of the mainstream media and by everyone working for big internet companies.

If YOU do not believe in these conspiracy theories then you are clearly NOT a conspiracy theorist and in due course you will have to be enrolled in a euthanasia programme or, alternatively, simply shot, hung, gassed or electrocuted.

Written by Dr Vernon Coleman from UK


What a blessing to have such a complete teaching once again directly from the Holy Spirit.
Joy comes in listening with ears to here and eyes to see.
We are now closer to the Rapture than anyone in the history of all mankind has ever been.
Just hang on to what you got, we got a lot.
We have Jesus, and our new home awaits us.
God Bless You


Amen to that brother!!! See you soon in our new home.


12 July 2024


Serbian President Vucic Expects World Conflicts ‘To Escalate In The Coming Months,’ Warns Of ‘Biggest Geopolitical Crisis Since Second World War’


In the third part of his BPU sermon, Pastor JD mentioned about things to come, that is the world is on the cusp of war as Jesus said Matthew 24.

Here are some headlines coming out like bullets…

China Sends Record Number Warplanes Near Taiwan As NATO Blasts Destabilizing Threats

The US installs SM-6, Tomahawk and other hypersonic weapons with a range of 2,500 km in Germany: Russia - This is a very serious threat to our country’s national security

Polish army chief: ‘Prepare Poles for total war’


Britain’s Prime Minister Green Lights Use of British Missiles to Strike Russian Mainland

yada yada yada…

Note the BPU transscript is not out yet…


Do you have the source/article/video reference Dennis?
He received a ‘badge of honor’ from wikipedia

My two closest loved ones received the PCR tests. They reported that they were awful and invasive. They are both in their right minds. They are believers.

updated: here is the link from Dr.Coleman’s 21 points:


Such a powerful teaching as always. My view, though, of heaven and what awaits us has changed over the past several years. I heard recently a teaching on heaven and what it will be like from Dr. John Barnett. He spoke of earth and all our memories of being on earth will be erased. I knew this but at that moment when I heard it for the 100th time it smacked me upside the head, sort a speak. I have been in mourning for a while now and it didn’t set well with me. I expect great things in heaven and oh, I can’t wait to get there, but to not know my mother, father, brothers, friends as they were on earth was a stab in the heart. I know it has to be this way because if we remember those who are not in heaven what a heartache that would be. I also know we will be like Him and have the mind of Christ, so these things will be understood and just, but on earth I am having a hard time reconciling it. Am I wrong to think or even feel this way. Your thoughts, anyone. Thank you.


Hi Carol Anne,
First off, please know that God always does the best thing for us. To forget all the lovely and pleasant memories and experiences we have had here in these flesh and blood suits would seem such a waste! I strongly disagree with Mr. Barnett on this; however, I do believe we will have the choice and the ability to delete any memories of experiences and people who have hurt us. After all, God has this ability to ‘delete’: He has forgotten all our sins-they are literally wiped out. His attribute of omnipotence supercedes His omniscience.
David was comforted after his infant’s death knowing that he would see him again. The thief knew he would be with Jesus in Paradise. Paul would know his flock, who he referred to as his crown and joy. Paul also told us not to mourn for our deceased loved ones as the heathen who had no hope (of seeing them again). etc, etc.
One of the great things I am discovering lately is that Jesus is using our lives here to ‘shape’ our eternal abode (“I go to make it ready for you”, John 14:1-3); these include pleasures, likes, hobbies, and souls: animals and people we have admired and adored in our brief stay. It is one of the reasons, I believe, as to why we are still here, Sister-He is using our desires to fashion our new eternal home! Isn’t it great that we can rely on such a loving Creator, Friend and God who is going to blow us away with blessing upon blessing, grace upon grace, in infinite abundance (Eph.3:20).
Grace and peace
p.s. Don’t let anyone steal your crown (of joy and peace in knowing you will see your dear ones again, each at their best-no more sin-never to be separated again forever in blessedness).


Oh, the tears flowed dear brother. How encouraging your words are. I would like to think that my home in heaven will be filled with things loved here on earth. Your mention of Paul, David, and the thief on the cross paint a lovely picture of hope and redemption from the sin and pain on earth. Not all on earth was/is bad because it was created for our pleasure even though sin took some of that pleasure away. I will meditate on the scripture and words of encouragement you gave. Thank you so much :flamingo:


Hello Robbie,

In Heaven only past troubles will be forgotten, not our memories. When you have time, watch this video, this comfort me of what Heaven will be like.

God bless you :yellow_heart:


Better still we will NOT sin anymore, how God removes it from us is a mystery until we get there or raptured up.

That will solve the Romans 7 struggle.

Another inheritance is a new body!

No more tired or grow old right? :smiley:


13 July 2024

Bible Prophecy Update, A Thief In The Night - Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Pastor JD answers the question of whether Jesus, comparing His return to “a thief in the night”, is referring to believers or non-believers concerning the pre-tribulation rapture, or His 2nd coming.


Hmm, how to say this. I have reservations of some of the stuff Billy put out.in this finale, I let you all examine them biblically.

Regarding women in ministry topic, Mike Winger has done detailed research on this:

Disclaimer: This is not my blanket endorsement on his ministry since I don’t follow his ministry

It’s about 12 hours long, he did suggested a conclusion in one of his timeline markers.



The Lord be with you and keep you, Sister Stacey! :heart:


In me nothing good dwells (ie my flesh)…Romans 7:18,22-25
Basically sin dwells in the flesh, not in us (although with me, he uses a clever Canadian accent).
Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.
So our lowly, fleshly, sin-infested bodies will be transformed to His glorious body. Yes, our hearts and brains will be getting a Massive Upgrade-and sin-free!


i think i get glimpses in dreams of what its like post-removal… but the “how” that happens, yeah a mystery like you say. i enjoy when i dream of just being me. not thinking shallow thoughts, or hateful thoughts, no dwelling on my appearance or anything. no pain. just feeling so comfortable, in such a natural way, that im not even thinking of the absence of pain. just being. hard to articulate.


The souls under the altar in Rev. 6 remember what was done to them and those on the earth:
When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne. They cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”


i love listening to Christine Darg.


The prophets of old longed to live in our day when all that is playing out tells us to look up–our Redeemer draws near. Be encouraged to be a part of the generation that may experience His return.

Jan Markell


The only safe place in these last days is Jesus.


true true, and HAHA- theyd hate it if they actually were living this out. in the end its all the same, i guess- whether you are drawn up from the grave, who go first anyway, or if youre already living in the times when He comes. grass is always greener on the other side, eh? id love to be where the prophets were, but im sure theyd say its better to be HERE… and i see their point… but, this could go back and forth, on and on and on and on and…