June 13, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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Beautiful sentiments Tony. Thanks for your encouraging Ruth. i disagree that the vax is the mark or that it can damn souls…but i think the passion and concern from Ruth is admirable and lovely…and thanks for supporting her heart of concern.

I think what is occurring with the vax is they messed up the opportunity for the reset, not expecting a vax…wanted it through Covid. Backup plan as leaked by project veritas: Climate change lock downs. MISSION: a) Push vax hard benefit off its profits (like the mob burns a building for the insurance money), b) use vax to condition us into submissives, c) by making submissive we will trust the covid narrative that it was the vax that healed the word (and not that they lied through their teeth about covid), d) by having the world submissive and tenderized, they can control the narrative once again and have us think its what is best for us because we fell in love with the captors (state ran and sanctioned Stockholm Syndrome). Blessings.


I hear you Ruth. I am pro NO VAX. But i don’t think there is a point where it can damn the soul. I don’t think this has much to anything to do with the mark of the beast. I think it is good that Pastor JD warns the world and protects the sheep with warnings. But i think we are a bit too eager to pour our imaginations all over this in all honesty. But I commend you heart and spirit in wanting to help, warn, and protect. Blessings. :cherry_blossom:

By this do you mean you have no concern of the vax making people unredeemable?

that’s a little bit of good news in a way at the end. I just got back from a 4-day family trip and had wondered if “things” would get worse a lot, before I return. well looking at your list of recent headlines, yeah it has as expected…

I was given the task of driving my mom’s car for the trip. I cleaned it out when I got home and found this in a pocket of the passenger door. it’s obviously from one of my nephews, who knows when. before this trip. and I am showing the group here, because I wonder… I never would have questioned these things up until a couple years ago so it’s still a little crazy-sounding since I know how I used to feel about lgbtq (I supported it) and how the rest of my family feels, they still support it and would deny my idea that this is propaganda… but really… why is this little rainbow on here, going beyond the edge of the creature’s foot?? does anyone recognize this character? looks like subtle propaganda to me even though many will think I’m “thinking too much” about it. thanks for any thoughts guys.

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I have also thought that the jab ties into 5G in some way based on the nanoparticles, the magnetization, the EMF meter readings, even some folks reporting bluetooth trying to pair with them when near a device.

I know how dangerous EMF is and 5G is a whole new level of dangerous. Many papers have been written about the potential danger to humans, animals, insects, plants, and the very earth.

I’ve heard this passage related to a nuclear event, but I wonder if the way it is referred to as a plague it may be related to 5G weaponry.

Zechariah 14:12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.


While I haven’t yet read through the extensive research which you have compiled Ruth, (and I believe out of sincere love and concern for people) the two camps represented here in the above snapshots really made me wonder if the prayer area and the bible study area might be ideal for those who find current prophecy and news difficult to bear right now on an emotional level. Maybe the prayer and bible study area could provide such with a safe or softer environ to pray together, give and receive support, etc.

Whereas those who want to know what is happening, even when the truth of things is not always easy to face, then they too would be able to access and share information without the enormous additional burden of worry that it may be upsetting another.

I see valid points in both positions expressed above, I just wish there was a way where truth will not have to buried or suppressed (like we see in regular media happening all over nowadays) And the bills coming up in Canada now to supress the truth, which will probably also be coming to the US also.

In fact, I would submit that it is that very suppression of truth in mainstream media that is why so many thousands of people have died and been harmed by the injectible operating system-jabs.

Just a case in point: Our friends who took the jab were just diagnosed with leukemia, heart inflammation, and incurable blood disorders. Our female friend in her early 70s had to check herself into urgent care the other day and has heart, autoimmune, and blood disorders she never had before.

It is NOT “speculation” that viral shedding and spike proteins are concentrated in the organs, in particular the ovaries and adrenal glands. (causing many jabbed and non-jabbed to experience kidney pain, miscarry, require emergency surgery post menopause, This is empirically based fact, well documented now. Just one example in real life. It would be anecdotal if not accompanied by thousands of similar reports.

In short: I see the quote above by Ruth and Romans1013 as both loving and concerned for others wellbeing and safety. It is just two different expressions of that love and care for God’s people and humanity.


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Welcome home Alison. A few years back I was traveling quite a bit on highway 5 in Cali. I started to think some road signs were getting morbid. A friend thought i was crazy. I said, “Are those the new state signs? How Wicked?” We could not figure out what the shapes meant. But to my shame, it finally came to focus. It was the California bear. But you would be proud of me sister. I confessed it to my friend.

I know what the rainbow could stand for…but what does leaving his foot mean to you? Could it be “Rainbow Wrench?” Or “Rainbow Tool?” Or is there any stores you could look up online to see it matches a logo? Or see if you get any matches on Google Images

I do see 3 sixes in his left hand. But remember…i could not discern the California bear sign. :frowning: Blessed to know you returned safely dear sister.

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@TCC Thank you Teren. You have truly eased my heart. I think I get easily frazzled for a few reasons. First, I’m still a baby Christian. And I have a hard time comprehending Revelation and it’s order. I’ve read it multiple times, and also try to hear it from pastors, and other brothers and sisters in Christ. The thing is, I do have damage from the brain surgery, the chemo for 2 years, and the 6weeks of radiation directly to my brain.

They were only able to get part of the cancer out from the surgery. Then it grew again, and I became inoperable because of where it’s located (speech, memory, comprehension, word-finding, some stuttering, etc, areas in brain). So that’s why I had to do the chemo for 2 years, then the radiation. The chemo did nothing to shrink it. The radiation did decrease the size in the central area. But I have these “fingers of tumor” that spread out from the initial tumor, and those are the ones that started to infiltrate other areas of the brain.

Sorry, that was long-winded. I also tend to repeat myself and I’m sorry about that as well. I have good days and bad days in terms of all the symptoms. But honestly, I’m just feel blessed to be alive. I am well past my “expiration date” per the doctors and my diagnosis. I know that it is only by the grace of God that I am still here. I count every day as a blessing.

Thank you for being patient with me, and being so willing to explain things to me, that I sometimes forget, or I’ll think “ok, I got it now finally!”, to the next day wondering, “wait, did I comprehend that right?”. Between all of the craziness in my brain and then the emotions, I can sometimes have pretty rough days. I have to take meds for seizures and one for anxiety that also doubles as an anti-seizure med as well. This also troubles me, as I know how much the Lord hates sorcery (pharmakia), so I tend to beat myself about that as well. Believe me, living in this brain feels like a haphazard circus sometimes.

I want to praise the Lord for the fact that I am still here! I praise Him for saving me. I praise Him for His mercy and grace. It would be great if you could please pray for me about the whole situation, especially the anxiety.

God bless you for listening to me and helping me.


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Yeah, you are so welcome brother Tony. And thanks for your reply. I know it sounds out there…but really I am attempting to counter another narrative, which to me, in comparison to mine, makes mine sound as tame and domestic as Barbie and Ken’s back yard bbq party. I think most of the concerns about the vax push is that it is to do us harm. Sure population control could always be a component…but the globalist number one priority is to control the narrative. They can off millions of people later…i don’t think they have full control of the vax scene. We are already told they want climate change lockdowns and we know they need a reset they have also been telling us…besides those in economics knows our economy works a money pulled out of thin air and the system is smoke and mirrors. We need to have non-FED money and tie it to gold. Then it will be sound. Otherwise it HAS TO crash…its simple economics.

Yeah so I am just trying to offset the narrative that it is the number of the beast and the globalist want to kill 2;/3rds of the worlds population. I would rather the forum check into my move :grin:


The body/head looks like a fork to me, LOL. But those hand signs remind me of this video. BTW, not saying to watch this long/repetative vid but there is a clip of little girl telling about Jesus at the 10:22 mark that is just precious.


I trust you know that I’m not a moderator Tony. Just expressing an observation and sharing as we do here, but thanks. :hugs:


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Wow. So it sounds like some cancer is still there?

As for medicine and sorcery i would encourage you to research that subject more. We should not violate our conscience. But I don’t see medicine as sorcery. Being drunk or getting high yes…i see that sorcery. But this is your conscience. I think the Lord want’s you to get well and be will. He is that kind of God. But please search some things out and inform your conscience to become well informed and if you still think medication is sorcery then so be it.

As for Revelation…yeah not the safest book to ask people about. Some friends can be very helpful. But there are so many opinions. I had to literally stop reading commentaries. My best advice is read it everyday (once a day) for 30 days. Get familiar with its flow. In a couple of weeks make an outline (our own) of how God is showing you it is being broken down. Pray over it of course. I think that is the best way to understand. My personal belief is it is written in what is called modular narrative. You can look that up online. But if true it would mean that the literary style of Hollywood would be somewhat of a hermeneutical device or interpretive device. Here is how i believe that book is laid out. From there…it helps to form other understandings from the book. But i hope my little outline helps. Blessings.

1 opening
2-3 church
4-5 Heaven / Open seals


6 Seals / Saints in Heaven
7 144k intro / Saints in heaven (flash forward)
8-9 Trumpets

10 / 14 / 15 Inauguration of 144k preaching now
11 From beginning to middle – 2 witnesses
12 From beginning to just past middle (Israel / Church – leaving age of grace --trade off)
13 Mid to just past mid – focus on AC
14 Table of context for Bowls period (second half of tribulation)
15 Inauguration proper (singing heard to be teaching the 144k listening and learning in 14)
16 Bowls
17-18 Babylon the Great
19 Armageddon & Babylon Destruction



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thank you, I’m glad too that we made it back safe!! and appreciate your hearty welcome.

lol, glad that you confessed to your friend! I’m looking out for “signs” similarly and even if we are overzealous at times, it’s better than the alternative for sure. important to not get tunnel vision with it though so being able to confess when wrong is great.

as for the rainbow to me it firstly stands for “Pride” because it doesn’t really fit in. it doesn’t really make sense. yes @Violet the silly fork lol. me reading into things results in me also seeing that that is a nudge toward dehumanization… as if they are like, “you can be gay or trans or even a fork…,” thinking too much? - the future will say what’s right! I just feel there is a huge push out there to say we can “be whatever we want,” throwing in silly ideas like a fork, when really what these imaginations lead to is pedophilia etc… the end-game of things they can pass off as innocent.

thank you @Violet for the video, I’m not taking the time to watch it right now but I appreciate your mention of the hand signs. I will go back to the vid soon and will watch the lil girl part as well!! <3

the fact that the rainbow extends past the edge of the foot, says to me that it’s not merely a design on the creature’s shoe or shirt etc… it’s making a statement as it stands out. it’s illogical. as illogical as a living fork lol. I know there are plenty of innocent cartoons that personify inanimate objects. one of my childhood faves is The Brave Little Toaster :] but it had real-world messages in it. no out-of-place rainbows. all nature scenery was normal. in this cartoon, it just makes no sense and I feel it is connected to lgbtq, so that makes me read into what ALL they might be trying to push, through the use of this fork-man.

I could search for this guy on the internet but really I’m just interested enough to share with the forum for the purpose of fruitful discussion. was just curious if anyone has personal input on this specific character. I’m guessing it’s from some dumb show. don’t know but I love bringing my thoughts to this forum where there are more than just people that want to reject that any evil force is taking over their minds when it really is. my family means well but they are so brainwashed when it comes to this stuff. my local friends for the most part fall for this type of junk too. so grateful for this forum!!!

wow on the 3 6’s, thank you for pointing it out, that is significant as well!! agreed on the CA thing but for real this symbolism is used in a lot of places and with this random rainbow in mind, I’m definitely considering all the ways this could be true. who knows for sure though? not me but someone does.

@TCC thanks for asking the questions I enjoy sharing these views.

@RuthandGiovanni indeed, I appreciate you sharing examples of those in on the Pride agenda. hate that my nephews watch every one of the ones you mention. my helplessness hurts but their parents are in charge. </3

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i think Ruth might have something with blues clues. Whatever that is :slight_smile:

I had to try google images after what Violet said. I felt embarrassed that it did look more like a fork. I could not just sit there. :slight_smile:


Lol thank you for doing the search for me!! well that answers it, Toy Story. blahhh

and yeah definitely fits into the category of “entertainment” that I don’t trust, much less targeted at my lil boys :[

and can’t help but notice that the 2 versions are quite different. the version you shared doesn’t have the rainbow off-kilter, and the fingers look more normal. it just deepens my perception here actually. parents watched the movie with their kids and might notice the propaganda if they’d seen the version I shared… they approved of the movie and didn’t notice the difference when they got the keychain for their children, yet the subtle imagery was there… that’s how I feel conspiracy theory or not.

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Forky in Toystory 4

3 minutes and twenty six seconds…kinda fun :slight_smile: