June 13, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

But that is exactly what you imply by saying it’s the Mark of the Beast.

It may very well become that, but it is not that yet.

It takes time to introduce a system and get everyone using it.

A distinctive element of the “Mark of the Beast” is that it can’t be the “Mark of the Beast” until the AC is revealed.

The Tribulation can’t even start until he is revealed (2 Thess 2:2-4).

We are not in the Tribulation yet.

Certainly this is the foreshadow of it. The sons of darkness are working to get it in place.


As a name is a serious play on words… Won’t mention the word…

And Technically it’s a “Spork” like you get at fast food restaurants made of plastic these days.

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I was thinking down the train of Eye of Hoth (Thoth) track…

Ok, why should I believe ?

Then if we are not clueless why are you telling us that we aren’t clueless ? If we know why are you telling us we know that we know ?

Why are you obviously adding bits that are not proven biblically and then confusing them with biblical truths ?

If you are not the enemy then stop doing what the enemy does, sew confusion and discord.


All I want is confirmation of where this is coming from. If you can’t even tell me simply why anyone should accept Christ as their saviour then why should anybody liste when it comes to Revelation and what is happening now ?

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That is the problem. You are taking it all out of context and emphasizing something that is not THE MARK yet.

Go back to scripture read it carefully and look at everything that is connected with THE MARK.

Very simply no antichrist revelation yet, no mark yet.


I have not maligned or offended you in any way whatsoever.

I know my body is the temple of God. Do you think that I do not believe that ? Do you think I do not know that ?

Stick to the argument. Are you saying that this vaccine is THE MARK of the beast or not ? Where is your biblical proof. Has the anti christ been revealed yet and are people being put to death for not worshipping an antichrist that has not yet been revealed ?

Have the Jews officially recognised their false messiah yet ? Are we still here ? I do not think for one minute that the government is trying to help me. My faith is not in this world as we are not of this world.

Jesus Christ is the only way.


I prefer what you have written because it is simple and to the point. This is what matters. My next question if I may ask, those who have taken the vaccine, is it too late for them ?

I don’t believe you did copy and paste that was not my question. Do you think that those who have had this vaccine are no longer elegibe for the free gift of salvation ?

Might I suggest Todd Hampson’s The Non-Prophet’s Guide™ book series. I’ve read guide to end times and guide to Revelation, both great at dishing out the info without being overwhelming and his illustrations are great for visual learners. I originally thought of them being like the “____ for Dummies” books but his books are not dumbed down, just simple and straightforward. I highly recommend for both newbies and seasoned Christians.


I already know all of this as I have looking into it myself. I will repeat my question as this has still not answered it. Are these vaccines THE MARK, has my brother or any other beleiver in Christ condemned themselves to hell and will this prevent any unsaved who have taken the vaccine from being saved.

Please back this up with scripture. This is a critical issue, why ? Because we all might as well give up now and say it is too late for anybody, saved or unsaved if they have had this vaccine already.


Ahhh…I had to look that up…you may be on to something there, too, or instead of.

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Have a look at Revelation. The dividing line is there. There cannot be a dividing line when the choice has not been made apparent yet. By accepting THE MARK note THE meaning one, not many. Is the vaccine administered in the forehead or right hand ? So far as I know people are getting it in their shoulder.

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Answer my question. Are THESE vaccineS THE mark and those who have taken them condemned to hell saved and unsaved alike ?

I will agree to disagree agreeably.


Can we be unsealed ?

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It’s going beyond subtlety now. Disney+ now has a “short” called “Out”. A cartoon in the kids section and it’s JUST short enough at 12 minutes long for parents to not catch it if they are busy at a task. All about a man coming “out” of the closet. So sad and sickening.

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Can we be unsealed ?

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