June 16, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Why Jesus Said To Remember Lot’s Wife In The Last Days

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains why it is that in a peculiar passage, Jesus says to remember Lot’s wife when asked a prophecy question about when the end would come.

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Excellent Prophecy Update Pastor JD!! I understood very clearly praise Jesus! :+1:t2:


WOW this is eye opening of a future prophecy to be fulfilled… Amazing how Tyler explains what the Feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Tabernacles could possibly mean in the Fall of Jesus’ second coming. Also Tyler reads scriptures explaining the Last Trump is the voice of Jesus calling us up at the Rapture. Very Encouraging!!!



Thanks Stacey. I recall I saw a video recently suggesting that perhaps Christ is to yet fulfill Pentecost. His theory was this: All the Spring Feast Days were fulfilled by Christ. Pentecost was the Holy Spirit (which we could say was fulfilled by Christ because He sent the Helper).

It was stated of course in looking at this past Sunday as the “late” Pentecost date (in conjunction with Chooch at TOL’s Scarborough hospital story).

That would be interesting if Pentecost is more or less a carryover fulfillment. Like for the church. In Christ literally resurecting the dead. If so we have some time yet.

I believe because of the supernatural impact of Pentecost it was fulfilled by Christ though through the Help He sent. Plus it was at Pentecost that Joel’s prophesy was mentioned and we know that Joel prophesy has linkage to the tribulation time when Israel returns to Christ via the 144k most likely. Which kind of seems to “Passover” a rapture of the church linkage to the Day of Pentecost.

However, of course if God so desires He could use Pentecost 3 times. 1) for starting the church. 2) for end of age of grace church rapture. And 3) Pouring out His Spirit on Israel during the tribulation. We know it still has a future use. So maybe all 3? In any event I thought it was a fresh perspective I had never considered. Blessings.


I see the key to this update as understanding what it means to “love not the world or anything in it.” We are stuck having to live in this world, while not being of this world.

If we love this world or anything in it, the love of the Father is not in us. This does not mean that we can’t appreciate God’s creation and give Him thanks for what is in it, or to give Him thanks for that portion of this world that we are stewards of. Everything we have comes from God, it is His, not ours, we just have use of it.

We are not to become attached to anything in this world because God has told us ahead of time that this world is passing away, it is dying.

Understanding these concepts is sometimes hard for the Christian to fathom. But once you catch on it becomes very freeing.

So, while we wait for the First Resurrection and Rapture, we prepare ourselves to leave this world on a moment’s notice. Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven that will last forever. For where your treasure is, so will your heart be.

Blessings to all.


19 June 2024


Many prophecy teachers talked about days of Noah, but not many touch on days of Lot…

Yeah, Luke does have extras which Matthew did not write. Ps JD mentioned the next 3 verses in 2020 special midweek sermon. This coming Thursday will be interesting as the next 6 Dan chapters are prophetic. Prophecy About The Anti-Christ, Daniel 7 – June 20th, 2024 - Pastor JD talks about why it is that Daniel seemed most interested in the “little horn”, which was a prophecy about the coming of the Anti-Christ, in the vision God gave him concerning the future.

For today, Chuck Missler will give Great overview of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John so that it will help you all in bible study.


This is for Teren, LOL since he likes politics…



I thought it was a blue beek lol. Nice one. :slight_smile:


Never give up encouraging one another in these final days. So many of us are coming under spiritual, physical, and financial attacks as we are sharing the Good News. The time is getting so short. (Note to self) make it count.

1 Thessalonians 5:11
“Therefore ENCOURAGE one another and BUILD UP one another, just as you also are doing.”

Be blessed saints.
Never give up looking

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At dawn the first one flu…
Am I at risk to get the bird flu now???


Electromagnetic (EM) signals can indeed have an impact on livestock, including poultry and cattle. The effects depend on the strength of the EM field and the duration of exposure. Livestock sensitivity is generally higher than that of humans and varies by species. For example, cows have an electrical resistance of 500 ohms, which is high for poultry and lower for sheep, pigs, and cattle. While some studies indicate that EMF exposure can have biological effects, these are not always negative. However, research into the long-term and multi-generational effects of EMF exposure on livestock is ongoing and complex¹².

(3) Possible effects of electromagnetic fields on plants and animals.

One day will post a cute video on chicken……, doubtful of “bird flu” as the virus cannot be proven yet.


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Morning Ken @YosemiteMountainMan,

I pretty much got the same from JD’s message. It brought to mind all the things (even my animals) that I had held with such a strong grip before 2020, a year of letting go and (to my shame) mourning the loss. In my head, I knew it all belonged to God and was a gift. But in my heart, ahhh, I was much more than a steward. I knew it was His, but also felt it was mine.

Before 2020, Hubbydude and I were looking forward to being with Jesus when our time to go home came. We were not miserly and we were aware we had been blessed to be a blessing, but I had a hard time giving up my hold on things I will probably never give away: my home, my animals, my place in the world. It was a journey to untether myself and only recently have I completely surrendered the welfare of my animals to God after the rapture. We had made arrangements for them in case we died, but that arrangement will be null and void after the rapture. And thank God! That person will be raptured, too. I am so thankful for God’s patience and mercy… otherwise I might be a pillar of salt.


Sounds like my birds could use a pulse of EMP so that Spring can take over again.


Hey there Georgia Ruth. Nice to see you back around.
God sure does give us a lot of grace and latitude while we live out our lives. He only wants our hearts desire. Everything is by His design in our lives as we pick and chose the things of our lives.
Comforting when you think about it, He just wants our hearts desire because God is Love.


20 - 21 June 2024


This is extra video for those who are keen, Bro Zak mentioned distractions ( politics, date setting, idolatry etc ) in his channel



Project 2025 , also known as the Presidential Transition Project , is a strategic initiative by The Heritage Foundation . Its purpose is to prepare for a potential Republican victory in the 2024 U.S. presidential election .

Elon Musk Says His Neuralink Brain Implant Will Replace Phones



Social Artifacts that tend to Lean Away from Hagelian Dialectic Trajectory…


Big Gov knows Antifa/BLM face hiding behind masks introduced widespread crime wave potential to do the same. COVID…even more cover. Now Governor of New York wants to do something about the ability of criminals to use masks to hide their identity. Knowing her real polling numbers reflect New York bad faith policy towards crime in the streets. We can see New York Gov conflicted with legit mask ban and “mask mandate” to mean fear of COVID. The reason I believe this to be a social artifact beyond Hagelian Dialectic in ways is – this confliction would be an organic state of confusion “if” government wanted to use mask mandates to “in part” hide their own criminal foot soldiers ID. In other words, this is kind of a photo negative or wax imprint of reality. Testifiying what one would suspect to see if government did not own reality.

. . . . .


This lady noticed the same thing “The Older Millenial” on Tik Tok (who has over a million followers) said just a couple of days ago. Only without the vulgar language. The Social Security Administration is rightly reporting approximately 250k new voter registers every week in swing states like Texas. Why would real world invasion at the USA border matter if government already controlled both sides of the coin? Massive border influx affirms non-hagelian activity. Not Hagelian activity. If you already control both sides, you don’t need illegals pouring in the country and “registering to vote.”

Is the SSA lying making us think illegal voter registration is up to support an illusion? Or does it make boots on the ground sense that if you keep borders open and many illegals pour in you might get something like a lot of registrations in swing states that are illegals IF there is something to real world game play when it comes to voting. And certainly demonstrates a globalist desire to dilute American citizenry and weaken American constitution sovereignty. Because if you can do away with that…you can control the entire world. Something to think about how we might want to consider reality unfolding. Blessings.


wow… normally i take like 5 mins tops, to quickly read the parts of the bpu transcript that matter to me. its been like that for literally years at this point. and its always info about what’s going on in the world, the bad stuff.

but not this time!! granted i am exhausted inside and out from carrying around a 20lb baby for hours today that doesn’t want to nap. but, i couldn’t get more than halfway through this one yet, and its not even the type of info i am usually after! this was so very relevant and goes way deeper than what evil minds are cooking up lately. THIS was what the people in the churches need to hear today. remembering lot’s wife. forget the wef, who, un, and basically every govt out there. who cares anymore, in light of what this bpu communicates. none of those organizations will stand. they are nothing. whether jesus comes back tonight or in ten years, i want him to be the center of my focus instead of the things that make me shake my head. we get it, the world is full of evil intents. but have i given them perhaps too much of my own energy? do i love to have something to hate? or do i need to renew my mind? why is the muck so hard to clean up? its like you can find it easy to strip away the outer mucky layers- the big lies, the fruitless envy, the shallow entertainment, the desire to look sexy to the world… yeah it feels good to let that all go… but the layers left underneath, can be harder to recognize, break apart, and throw away without them just flying right back onto your pile of muck, the even deeper muck that you really haven’t even seen keenly yet. i feel ive been stuck somewhere around there for a while. the cognitive dissonance, knowing ive got these deep rooted problems and can hardly touch at all… gotta go for now

edit: all right found another pocket of time to describe how this bpu makes me feel so far- still need to finish reading it…

…many of those “deeper layers of muck” are the things that i find myself reluctant to change, even when recognizing their harm.

i.e. being disgruntled toward my sister and mother, wanting to appear like i am practically stuck-up, fantasizing over what id do if i could go back in time… being more ready to discuss the fallacies in others than the hope i see.

yeah im disgruntled. yeah i am jealous. yeah i hate how ugly i am. yeah im ungrateful, i still believe my problems wouldn’t matter if i were beautiful, yeah i hate the warped culture that has inspired me to degrade myself in these ways, and yet i am still, no matter how much i understand, so compelled to give in to such crookedness, for the sake of “survival”- even seeing these things lead to death. “even knowing the truth, i am fooled.”

jd spoke up for something that many ppl are more comfortable to just ignore. got me really thinking. excited to read the rest.

sorry, i get tired of bible lessons, i believe in it and just want out of here before the whole world goes to hell at our feet.

but this bpu caused me to slow down and consider where at least part of my antsy-ness is really coming from- feeling intimidated by the world. all the more reason to stick close to God’s Word, but yet id been going in the wrong direction too often.

i doubt i will elaborate once i finish reading it. just really grateful for this message that spoke to me with patient understanding. hard to put into exact words, but it gave me an energy i was missing; cured some of my stagnancy. thanks


Just stay out of the bird bath, Ken. Drinking after them is a sure way to get sick…lol!