June 2, 2022 - Jeremiah 11 – Don't Follow Your Heart

:bible2: Don’t Follow Your Heart – Jeremiah 11

:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor JD talks about how like with Judah then, so too do we now, refuse to obey the Lord and instead, follow the dictates of our own evil hearts, then celebrates communion at the conclusion.

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Don’t Follow Your Heart, Jeremiah 11 – June 2nd, 2022

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Oh, my! How I needed this today. When you are attacked by family, verbally filleted because you dare try to get a relative to turn to the Lord. They have cancer. They rejoice in blasphemous rhetoric. Their family, my relatives, joined in such hatefulness all the while professing to know God. Over these past few days I have experienced a teaspoon’s worth of what Jeremiah went through. Real ugly. I did not give an eye for an eye. I know God knows each of our hearts and will do accordingly.

Thank you, JD. Words rightly spoken for a servant’s ears.