June 30, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Pagan Medicine Gods Are Alive And Well Today

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: explains how the ancient pagan gods of medicine and even money are alive and well today and are already in play fulfilling Bible prophecy in our day.

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What a GREAT sermon as they all have been. Pastor JD - thanks for your insight via the Holy Spirit. When I read Revelation 18 the first and Everytime since - it’s ALWAYS spelled out the United States… All they need is the Disease X to obtain an official name and off we go. God bless and thanks again - Truly you are a blessing and great will be your crowns in heaven.


Yup, at least he explained the meaning of “synagogue of Satan” to me, this phrase was hijacked to incite Jew hatred.

The Pontifex Maximus was the chief high priest of the College of Pontiffs in ancient Rome. This prestigious position held immense religious and political importance. Here are some key points about it:

  1. Role and Significance:
  • The Pontifex Maximus oversaw religious ceremonies, maintained sacred sites, and interpreted divine will.
  • Initially, only patricians (the Roman aristocracy) could hold this position, but in 254 BC, a plebeian (commoner) first occupied it.
  • Although the most powerful office in Roman priesthood, the title officially ranked fifth among the highest Roman priests.
  1. Evolution:
  • Under the early Roman Republic, it was a distinctly religious office.
  • Over time, it became politicized and eventually merged with the position of the emperor during the Roman imperial period.
  • Subsequent emperors continued to use the title “Pontifex Maximus.”
  1. Legacy:
  • The term “pontifex” influenced Christian bishops, including the Bishop of Rome (the Pope).
  • In the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope is also referred to as the “supreme pontiff.”

2 July 2024

There’s a TV movie titled “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” that aired in 2006. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Plot:
    • An American businessman visiting China becomes infected with a deadly mutated bird flu virus.
    • He carries the virus back to the USA via jetliner, and it soon spreads throughout the country and the rest of the world.

The film explores the outbreak and its consequences.



Bought & Paid For: Joe Biden Is Bankrolled By Blackrock And Donald Trump Is Bankrolled By Blackstone


World Economic Forum Publishes New Blueprint To Replace Meat With Alternative Proteins, Cites Israel As Model Example



I think disease X has become the bird flu. Pastor JD is great! He always deflects attention to the Lord! :raised_hands::heart:


Now we know why Pastor JD’s sermons keep getting more in depth, and take a little longer. I don’t mind.
This sermon was a sheer joy to listen to.
The Holy Spirit keeps knocking Pastor JD’s sermons out of the ballpark with continual grand slams.
The Holy Spirit is equipping us for what is going to happen next.
Let’s stay in step with the Spirit!


Scientists Announce Breakthrough to Treat Covid-Vaxxed with ‘Nanobodies’


The upates to peoples memories are happening - I’ve witnessed people recall an alternative memory over something we talked about the previous day. It’s profound to witness when it happens.


Is that basically saying we made a shot to heal you from the shot we said was 100% safe?
oh my.


When we look at theory today, it is interesting to note the scope. No doubt there is paranormal issues to discern. Dennis i appreciate your thought provoking posts, as usual. I have not heard the prophecy update yet. But look forward to checking it out.

From reading the article if Pfiser would be held accountable, i am imagining our conclusion will be a resounding, no. Ultimately, in God’s timing, yes. But anytime within the brief span of years, no. However, that article itself states:

"Some analysts note that, ultimately, Pfizer may go bankrupt with all the lawsuits on the horizon. Will Pfizer go the way of Purdue Pharma, a company where greed and dishonesty allowed it to continue marketing harmful products to the public? Just as with Purdue, will Pfizer lose its legal protections when the millions of vaccine injury claims and charges of fraud land on Bourla’s desk?

The days of huge revenues from COVID-19 products have passed."


So the question that comes to my mind in all of this is, if on one hand the Illuminati controls everything and its all deception anyway…why would it matter that we see evidence of holding Pfiser accountable? It will only provide to pretend. And if it pretends, is it really evidence of anything? This is the problematic circular reasoning phenomenon I struggle with. Just to be honest.

In my view, I would see But God pierce through demonstrating who is in control. That works well for my reasoning. That God would want to make it known. But in the view that its all in the hands of deception, why would we allow ourselves the luxury to pretend it matters? Why would we even focus on such a pirating of virtue? I ask that in a real sense though.

The best answer i can come up with is: We want just enough “proof” and “evidence” to confirm that things are really going bad. So we only want enough proof of accountability to demonstrate that there should be but won’t. And if we get it, its just deception anyway.

. . . . .

In the case of Assange, we are using as an authority an Illuminati game card that looks like Assange when he is older (although cards of Al Gore and Clinton are young like they were then) to affirm some mystic powers of the deceiving elite. Assange did not come into public knowledge until 2010 though (some 16 years later). We could call the cards predictive programming, but even though that card looks a little like Assange, I just find it interesting that we might be a little too ready to fasten onto our “insight” that of the insight of the Illuminati. In some ways, to me it feels like we might be in danger of exulting the power of the Illuminati. Or what good can come on any significant scale that we permit it to be of God and not a magic trick? What grounding wire helps us discern that? We could say His Spirit. But at some point it can tend to boil down to a take or opinion though too, no?

In my view, I totally appreciate the concerns of evil and deception, but i guess i would say my But God filter might be a bit wider. We have a lot of changes going on right now…

The Center Collapses in France, Leaving Macron Marooned - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Dutch election shows far right rising and reshaping Europe - The Washington Post

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: A new era is about to begin - Orbán Viktor (miniszterelnok.hu)

Tennessee woman awarded nearly $700k after being fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine requirement (msn.com)

…and we will see where they go. But like on that last one, I would say (because i tend to focus on our age as an age of REVEALING) that things are coming to light. We no doubt live in disturbing deceptive times. But i believe we increasingly know that because we can increasingly see the deception (which also seems to concurrently be increasing as well). I believe the reason for the revealing is not just Illuminati theater. But that God has a roll to play too. Even with Tom Hughes (who seems to be middle of road on claims) put out this video recently seemingly having concern about the SCOTUS ruling for Presidential Immunity (which seems to just echo what already existed). And in this video Tom borrows a folklore about Andrew Jackson saying “Then let the Supreme Court enforce it.” Which is Jackson folklore, attached to Trump, for what is pretty much constitutionally already on the books. I think it is helpful the Supreme Court helps America understood what is already constitutional. But it just seems like a "reach’ for church worthy practice and relevance to “have a say…or BETTTER say” than what is just plainly organic average everyday reality. At some point this might get a bit scary.

BV35118_V2_(JM27085_v3_Intro_Study_Showing_Interview_NoAbbot).mp4 (youtube.com)

I understand the concern. And am actually quite fond of Tom. But to me, in this instance the illuminati card being played does not seem to be coming from SCOTUS or the presidency. So why does it matter though for instance that Pfiser gets held accountable though? I am honestly asking because our times are very confusing and we kind of need each other. Amen. I hope this is received in the sincerity and love meant. Blessings.


Regarding Pfizer’s lawsuit, I directly posted Dr Tenpenny’s substack from The Expose article since they quoted hers directly.

I read news there are 5 US States? sued Pfizer but notice J&J and Moderna escaped the hook, hmmm?? yes??? How about other Pharma companies??? Maybe Sherri had that wish but her understanding of bible prophecy is nil.

Good news is that your government is continuing to genocide the citizens…

Tip of the Spear announced this today:

Later in 1 hours time:


4 July 2024

If People Only Knew It’s The End Of Time, Daniel 8 – July 4th, 2024

Pastor JD explains why the vision Daniel is told to seal up until the end of time should be known by us, so we can let others know that it’s been unsealed because it’s now the end of time. Also, communion will be celebrated at the conclusion of the Bible study.


This video supports Dr Chris on AI doctor:

Addendum to last year’s JD warning about Reawakening America Tour


Be Very Careful What Food You Buy From The Grocery Store. Produce Is Now Becoming Rubberized And Completely Fake


Bill Gates Invests Millions Into Startup That Makes Vaccines To Stop Cow Farts



The condition of Pastor JD’s Bible speaks volumes. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless this man and his ministry.


Hi Dennis. Thanks for your reply brother. Thanks for clarifying the reason why you posted the Pfizer article. It would seem Tenpenny is hopeful on some level. Noted in the article was how bad Pfizer was 7 years ago with HPV vaccine for example. And maybe things are finally coming to light (but wow at such a price).

Someone from our forum IMed me stating I make a good point that all is deception. Which was not really my intended point. So I would just like to clarify here that my posting was not to agree with everything is deception. For I do not subscribe to that view. I have a rather very different view. One I appreciate you Dennis in clarifying why you posted this article–for it makes sense in how you have shared. And although I don’t share identical perspective, it makes sense and I appreciate it. You would not be looking for accountabiity. I get that thanks.

. . . . .

In our state of affairs I am aware of how distorted the medical profession has become. We see lovers of self and money in politics, medicine, law, and the church too. My general view, granted, is not a plainly easily navigated one. For the record, my view in general is that we are in a time of Revealing while evil increases. I would see it as a mercy of God to allow us to become aware…so it is plain and evident. Of the two “deception” and “revealing” as a definer of our age, I believe it is “reavealing.” Because Revelation is the book direction we are heading.

I differ significantly with some theologians on Matt 24. I don’t believe seeing “do not be deiceved” in Matt 24:4 is a rubric overall statement for our age. But rather it is simply defined by the very next verse Matt 24:5 “many will claim to come in My name.” I see it as a warning primarily to Isreal. But definitely for the second half of the tribulation (being the most dangerous time to be alive spiritually because of the level of deception occuring at that time). I believe watchers today can tend to transplant the second half of the tribulation and place it in the age of grace out of being misguided in exegetical application. Although I can understand somewhat in doing so as it would appear in Matt 24 that there would seem to be some historical value too in seeing an increase over time of coming in His name (as the 1800 and 1900s seem to have exploded with false Christian cults for sure).

I would see this view in Matt 24 as applied to the age of grace to unfortunately subject perhaps chruch trends unto near gnostic perspective to have a belief that could possibly entangle into a sense of relevance and what we see and who we think we are becoming in seeing it. As inflamtory as that may sound (although I do mean it to sound as intense as it might), I don’t say this in a rivalrous sense. But rather to clearly draw a distinction in how different approaches to end time theory can be applied. I have been with this forum for years open to change my mind on this. As I see it, it is more likely our differences might widen and increase this year. But I am still open to consider even though. I mentioned this as a clarification of how differently I see things still.

In general I see the watcher community look at events like the video I shared with Tom Hughes who is not on the extreme end of views. Fabricate folklore of Andrew Jackson in order to force feed a position on Christian Nationalism so that he can just say, “The only true King will be Jesus in the 1,000 year reign.” An accurate conclusion with disinfo to arise to a level of false relevence in order to make that point. I respect Tom Hughes a lot. But if that is what is happening from the middle of the road perspective, I can only imagine what it is on the fringes. Examples would be what I consider to be somewhat along the lines of third eye gnostic views, such as seeing Julian Assange is in the Illuminati playing card deck. And we might tend to craft our narratives as we believe perhaps the third eye phenomena of sorts is the spirit of revelation. I would see this as a potential danger because it seems to me we might be letting New age thought lead us. And perhaps in ways permit new age thought to fuel the fire of how to think and sense things today…which could provide a gloss of sense of relevence in discovery (could be dangerous is all).

We will likely continue to see differently here. But just wanted to point that out. In my view the deception can be or become thinking gnostic reveals to us is perhaps as Holy Spirit driven. And just that we as the church might want to consider to be open to where we might do that even as is pretty clear those who believe Trump will save the world or something are more easily understood to be in the galls of deception. I am just of the mind that it is ok to doubt ourselves since we ourselves also are not prophets. And with that I’ll check out the PUD.

. . . .

Happy 4th guys. Blessings.

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Amazing sermon!!


Although i would also differ with the unsealing of Daniel today (i would see that for the Jews in the tribulation), I enjoyed Pastor JD’s update. Very blessed to see him so excited and alive and to see God using him. Blessings.


Well CureVac was supported by not our good friend Elon Musk, see the tagline? LOL

Added more proof:


I don’t know anything about Elon Musk and the company. Kinda interesting and chuckle-worthy their slogan. GSK is really destroying itself. They’ve gone woke with demanding their employees use pronouns and state their sexual orientation, but then doubling down on this mRNA vax (again). I’ve observed how they handle studies for a long time now and while I don’t have to warn brethren here – those not-in-the-know, you’d have to warn just from how they operate, don’t take whatever they are working on for vax. Ugh.


Have you heard anything more on our sister Dallas T


Yes it was…nice to see you back Dave!