June 30, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Pagan Medicine Gods Are Alive And Well Today

Just one more thing (He wants me to remind you):

OK one more,
Grade 2 Teacher: Does anyone have an amazing story to tell?
Grade 2 boy: Do I ever! There was this guy, and his name was Jonah, and a big fish swallowed him, but then it spit him out after 3 days and he survived!
Teacher: That’s an amazing story, but it’s not a true story. There was no Jonah or fish that swallowed him.
Boy: Yes it is true-it’s in the Bible. When I get to heaven I’m gonna ask him.
Teacher: And what if he’s not there?
Boy: Then you ask him.


A very, very, very! good blessing.


On the wings of establishing a nation state for Israel in 1948 seemed to have been their grandest persectuion in the modern world. Of grand persecution WW2 would seem to be the epitome in the modern world. Perhaps the next level of comparison be Spain in the time of Columbus.


Where there was targeted persecution and direct physical harm upon tens of thousands. With an additional more superficial effect of removing them from the Land in general.

. . . . .

In general over the ages there seemed to have historically been the treatment of Jews as second class citizens in the lands they were diaspora-ed. Eventually leading to a more aggressive specific spite and oppression brought on at periods during the reformation.

. . . . .

It would appear that the founding of the USA would be technically the first stopping point of generic soft oppression.

George Washington and the Jews – University of Delaware Press

. . . . .

Moving out of the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light does not exactly help clarify the issue of demonstrating if Satan has a category though where he will “not bother” with a category of people so much. It is understandable that if he can decieve through riches or power, he might not also persecute that same batch of people. But in general the way I would weigh that out is more along the lines of God protecting certain races or cultures at times (as with any of His creation) and setting the boundaries constantly for how far the enemy can take any campaign.

I agree with this.

I understand brother. Our views will be different here. As a complete party pooper, I hold not the Genesis gap theory nor the Enochian theory of fallen angels mating with humans. And with that would percieve these theologies as too many standard diviations away from the norm (statistically). Alternatively I would understand camps supporting the above mentioned would lean more toward a “for he/she who has ears let them hear” motif. But in terms of difference, in general, yes on a host of perspectives we will be miles apart. Therein once again expresses how proportionately alternative are my views in general from several primary approaches of this forum.

. . . . .

In general what I would see in contrast to some measure of our differences here dear brother is that my overall “watcher” motif upon today will clash exeedingly greatly at almost every turn. Perhaps to some degree with our narratives become almost parts of too radically of difference in story. At the core we hold to the tenets of sober theology…but beyond the core elements, for example, how we are looking at how our underpinning theological constructs and how they inform upon how to see end times unfolding will be of majestic difference…like ancient China against the Huns. Yet they both occupied territory upon planet earth. In that anology I will cladly own the Hun side for argument sake.

. . . . .

The reason I bring the above up is because it would appear that the USA becoming a nation seemed to indicate a beginning spot and place in time where Jews could see a light at the end of their very long tunnel of diaspora. A land where they could actually belong “fully” to something. My notion upon eschatology is of course as previously noted belonging to God’s use of Israel more than how the church would percieve God granting us namesake insight into escatology proper. It would seem the church to be the people to share about escatology. For if not us, then who? But instead I would lean toward God’s use of Providence and His purpose for Israel to outpace and overrule the church’s generic interpretations of end time roll out. However, where we would agree would be of course that this all ends up in the 7 years of judgement. But so much before that would be like we are from almost 2 entirely different cultures.

I could imagine for example the notion that Washington and the USA be providentially used to echo a bellwether historical artifact of “watcher insight” as it might pertain to Providence to be perhaps considered utterly irrelevant in light of the USA being formed by Masons. And instead of gauging by Providence we gauge by what likely the church sees with freemasonry. Whereas I would see the freemason train not without concern. For the most part, I would see its use in the scope of eschatological tracking in the hands of the church to be a rather run-away train though.

Because in general I would see Israel as the lightning rod of focus per God’s Providence under the notion that no prophet or writer of His holy word came from the gentile age church. Even as late as the close of the first century (after the fall of Israel and the temple), it was John’s and Jude’s letters to close off the first century (an apt time to have included canonical letters from the gentile church…but were not included in canon). In this way, it hugely suggests to me that it is not the church that is filled with eschatological super insight of end times (though in His kindness He provide much insight through us, amen, along the way). But primarily through His providential clock and use of Israel that would seem to be the rubrick and cornerstone (if you will) as the “keys” to what everything else in relation might mean. Conversely, what seems to alternatively occur is the church’s overtures must come first and Israel and Providence fit in there after. Which I would see as backwards. But just saying as a foot note in general.

. . . . .

As a signature point, I would note something that has been easily dismissed. The tetrads. One study of them occuring do seem to have some level of significance in relation to “activity specific” with Jews in mind–or so it might seem (just an overture to “a sense” of providences role in our day…perhaps). A fascinating consideration. One period did occur during the days of Columbus. Which if there is anything providential to Tetrads, it would be in the earmark sense seemingly to do with Israel…tik tok…focus. Like a timepiece ever coming more and more into focus. Post 2015 (within 2 years) Israel got Jerusalem affirmed (and only months from its occurance to innaugurate the man who would do it). Blessings.


And the ominous “9th of Av.”
History, to me, is difficult for me to agree with the average Joe who gets his history exclusively from conventional sources (schools, publications, television). Joe will not accept anything but “official stories.” It is a massive subject with huge ramifications regarding trying to figure out who the good and bad guys are.
I always believed and took for granted that the US was the good guy. And then I read books like “The Day We Bombed Utah”, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, videos and articles about 9/11, and about the medical tyranny and eugenics. And Teren, once you see the truth you cannot unsee it, no matter how hard or unpleasant.
Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
Regarding understanding Prophecy in the Bible, I like Hal Lindsay’s method: “When the literal interpretation makes sense, seek no other sense.”
Grace and peace.
“For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.” 1 Cor.13:9-10


Interesting similarities with Jesus and Samson:
-Israelite prophets
-both were betrayed for silver coins
-were forsaken by God for a period
-did most of their damage to the enemy in their death
-both were holy from the womb, separated to God
Today Samson is among the world leaders in providing quality electronics, rivaled only by Sony and Apple.

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PART 1…just in case i run out of space…

Thanks Robbie. And i understand about America not being the good guy. But i believe when we tend to conclude from a vacuum of sorts (vacuum being us calculating what we deem as good or bad based on our own conclusions of a nation or America’s performance–a vacuum of sorts in that the walls and ceiling of vision stops as our conclusion of good and bad–including the formula we used to determine this), we let not unseeing it be a conclusion for us.

Let me, since things have been slow, just go right ahead and blow your mind. Not that what i will say would. For you seem well braced for any obersvational anomaly. But just for the fun sake of the analogy (because it sounds cool…lol). But from how i look at it, globalism has taken over the USA. They have gone into other countries like Iraq and done regime change. Regime change in general seems to be a globalist approach since.

We see things like two sides of the same bird (no longer left vs. right) as a thing. And in great part, I agree. During the Bush Jr. admin I had clue of that sort of thing. But for the past 7 years, it stands to reason that all US presidents since Linden B. Johnson have been democrat (left) or republican (right)…either way…globalists Same party. Uniparty. No left. And no right, proper. Since 1964. This is not new. In fact it so old, in my book, it seems it could even be more than that. Beyond that. We may better have a pulse on it better perhaps 10 years past its shadow, kind of thing.

But we likely don’t have that long. Me thinks. Only God knows. But here is the thing I am looking at…perhaps we may be under the impression from the skuttlebutt of social media that there are those that are too patriotic and need to see America is good. And there are those left leaning who want to remake America. With the first group we tend to perceived that they would be shocked to learn their Christian Nationalist ideology is maybe not “the good guys.” I would think largely yes this would shock them to learn. But there is at least a third category (aside of course from our close up well understood view that believers are kind of waiting to go home, already…and BTW…amen!).

That third view i’d like to present. Now this may in parts sound obsurd. I state it for the purpose of consideration, not indoctrination. For I only partly believe it myself. But when its all said and done (all the variables given), in my book, holds the strongest and brightest candle. It is all found in the charactor of God…that transcends us and upstages our conclusons. I admit I may not be correct here. So please, know I know this sounds crazy…lol.


PART 2, because I did…I think :slight_smile:

THE THIRD VIEW (not to be mistaken for the third eye or Adam)…
If God wants to demonstrate something, He would not need the affirmation of His people to do it. And I believe He likely won’t. But I think it is wise to at least consider the transcendence of God in this venacular. If God wants to take America to protect Israel and enhance Israel. That is His business. He does not in that need to align with our trajectory of prophecy where we see His role to be. If America is evil by means of great coersion from globlalist inching it toward its own erosion, we might see that as just one in the same. But in that field of play we would have 1) Sinful America pride and 2) An entity that wants to use its face plate to reintroduce its character. These are two separate groups. Both sinful. 1 is the subjectively influenced. The other, the influencer. Might we hold the weak accountable for the coercers? Ok. sure, why not. But if there is yet a difference…what are we unseeing? We have the bad nation players and those gullable to go with whatever. Two groups. That soup in my book is not two wings of 1 bird. But the leaders and the influenced. Can the influenced be shifted? We know the leaders won’t. But can the influenced be? I think there is at least an option.

Now we might at this point think, “Isn’t it just all too late to be tracking like this?” I don’t exactly think so though. Because we are kind of here. Somewhere. Where, we might be able to consider this. And what is this? Well, glad you asked (while you probablly so did not…lol). But hey. Occupying. If God wanted to tend to the good tenants of what the graces of freedom provides to purfume out to the generic masses (for His own reasons…not checking with us)…well…that’s His business, right? I mean He does not need our consent. And if that is not for America, Trump, the evolving of mankind, or some prided guilded golden age, might it be for something? We consider it absolutely cannot. Because NAR sees good coming it must be bad then because they are false. And bad (the tribulation) is coming. But what if God wants to say to the false and to the real, “Hold up…ya’ll…I’m calling the shots. Not you nor NAR.” That is the third way I am speaking of.

If that is a thing, then perhaps we can proffer all kinds of lip servicea as to how we hold Israel in esteem (and bless those ministries that have effect on their ground, amen). We can talk about how bad Palestine is. Or how corrupt the Abraham Accords are. And how what flavor is best for the season is all things leading to the anti-Christ. BUT, if its not his season exactly…maybe things we think can only mean beast system mean something other…today. What if its the season of God’s final glory during the age of grace? And in it we see God by seeing Satan? I would just suggest…maybe we can see God for who He is in His own moment. And if that is what “He” wants to do, our views on what America means erode into the sand and could be carried away by the morning breeze. While we shake our heads to “unsee” it. the One who created the rules of nature and the rules of the supernatural might play a song…a dance that mean far more than a mere song and dance. But if our cues are social norms found in our convenient vacuum…we might be taken back a bit. So this would kind of only matter if that might be so, amen…but if it does…

Imagine, a government offering people Intel to help them for their temporal good. Has there ever been that? Intel is only given to society to control and enslave. Unless the song and dance being had transcendence upon our bubble. An extremely harder pill to swallow than a far easier one of them vs us. For this tango would only be chokedownable if we might percieve beyond the vacuum by which we otherwise rest upon its configuring evil and good. Sounds kind of like the inverse of the garden actually when I am granted the gracious opportunity to consider. Does this run the risk of sounding NAR-sistick? Sure. But I am not intimidated by their misguided distortions of temporal hope, at the expense of His last…dance. Is kind of the third view. And if true, this would far more excelling a time and season of revealing much more than evil…because in my most infantile understanding, that view would end with a batton toss…in mid air…toward Israel. The ones who will remain here. And whose week she is likely being adorned in dress, silk, lace, kashmire chamonmile…meal. Blessings.


Here’s what is going on in my little mountain village - RuidosoNM ,
Two weeks ago two forest fires burned 15000 acres here and 1600 homes burned, two died in fire . Everyone had to evacuate to Roswell 50 miles away and it took 5 hours to drive due to traffic. Slept in car foe two nights because no rooms and wife did not want to sleep in shelter. We went back and Now the town has been flooding past 10 days and many more homes lost , some streets flooded and every afternoon brings rain and more flooding. Our church has first responders and baptist men’s emergency groups have taken over our church parking lot. It’s just crazy - please pray for all who have lost every thing - we were lucky cause home was spared but have many friends who …… Lord we are ready for your return MARANATHA


Oh what a time you have had! Lord please be with the town of Ruidosa. Help these people through this difficult time and provide for their needs. In Jesus name Amen.

I will keep you and your community in my prayers.
Warmly in Christ,


Very interesting.
So, basically, God alone is sovereign. What He pleases, that He does (and this is always for our best good). No matter how many years we have been studying prophecy, we still only have the ‘earth’s-eye, ground level’ view, where God has the view from heaven and transcends space and time; He sees everything-the atomic and the sub-atomic and beyond.
It’s like Job, “I abhor myself” (or, in my case, I abhor my extremely limited knowledge and comprehensions of God’s plans and designs).
I like your third view, because basically it is ‘trust in God’, like ‘stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.’
Knowledge puffs up; but love edifies.
That was one of my favorite posts of yours, in that it reminded me (again) to not try and think I have to figure out prophecy, but rather to just simply trust Dad. He knows.
Good night and God Bless :slight_smile:


Wow. Thanks for sharing brother. Lord we hold up Ralth and family. Thank you Lord for sparing their house. May their love for you and gratitude and steadfastness be used of you in a majestic way for the lives of so many. In Jesus name. Amen.


I have seen the videos, Rush. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Thank you and may our Lord bless and keep you - MARANATHA


Thank you for your prayers -pray for Jim And Linda members of our bible study class who lost every thing - MARANATHA


Hi Ralph
I can so relate to what you and your community are going through.
The Rim Fire caused our evacuation for 7 days, and when we were finally able to return home we were fine with the exception of around $500.00 in loss of freezer food.

We watched as that fire sped toward us 5 miles in one night stopping 3 miles from us.
I have made up my mind to stay home next time and run our generator. Because of our location I will be able to make it out should it come to that.

Oh Yea! Prayers are a given


Father in Jesus’ name put it on someone’s mind at church or in Jd’s family to give him a genuine leather bible cover with a snap to snap it to protect his bible from falling apart, thank you God for Pastor JD we love him so bless him and his family in Jesus’ name, amen.

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Morning Stacey,

That’s a nice prayer, but if JD is anything like many of us, that tattered Bible won’t be given up: it is, in a sense, part of him. The condition of his Bible reflects the condition of his relationship with our Father— one of constant communication. That’s why I think this pic is so beautiful.

:heart: gr


Praying for those people and animals suffering in your community, Ralph, and for those suffering (and who will suffer) around the globe. Thanking God (especially) for all the people who are on the front lines of the relief effort! May our Father bless them and keep them, and prosper their efforts. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


Hello Alison @alllllz,

A few years ago I actually left a doctor’s office because of this question. Of course, they required payment BEFORE handing out the form… and then refused to refund my 70.00 copay. Deluded thieves! Best 70 bucks anyone ever stole from me.



i love your perspective. ill have to remember that attitude toward “wasted” money!!!