June 5, 2022 - How Close is The Rapture?

Because it’s more of the same. The train has left the station there is no turning back. Things are only going to get darker. @DoubleJ I agree. Felt that way a long time.


Catholicism is Satanic. Their false idols, graven images, belief that Mary is still a virgin and intercedes on people’s behalf. Plus their unbiblical practices and rituals and belief that priests must remain celibate even when the bible says otherwise… all disgusting. They also believe they pull Jesus down from heaven into their communion and kill him all over again. Plus other sordid things like the pope that wears a hat with the Roman Numerals that translates into 666… Not sure about you but I won’t be listening to their lies and deceptions.

P.s. people need to make a very clear distinction between false RELIGION and Salvation. Religion believes people can get to heaven their own way through what they do (works) vs Salvation which trusts ONLY in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ that saves. Please make that very clear distinction…


(I did not view the video by the way I don’t pay attention to Catholicism ).

I agree they’ve gone Waccadoo. And people should be alerted to that. But. A “lot” of Christian church are also wacadoo.

There’s a lot of Catholics that really aren’t very much practicing though —the same as there are Christians who are baby-baby-baby Christians. You know God‘s going to know their heart and people are going to be saved that we don’t think are saved and vice versa. Yeah I mean they’ve got the weird telescope and all the things. They’re off the charts. For sure. But don’t (you understood, not you personally) throw everybody out with the leaders of that church so to speak. I’m sure there are lots of them that are still trying to find their way as baby Christians…are not aware of catholic specifics etc. my mother claimed to be a Catholic but I know nothing about the Catholic stuff other than the little bits and pieces of the craziness that I hear about online.

At the same time you know I have a story: and that is that I once went to Christian Church where they were baptizing in the river at some event that I was invited to, a Bible church. I had been to that church service a few times. Anyway there I was at this event and I had a terrible marriage that had struggles in, and they were aware of that… should not have made a difference whether or not I could be baptized.

I got in line…big event lots of people….because I wanted to be baptized in the river just like Jesus was with John. Regardless of any thorns, regardless of any struggles in my marriage or anything else —my heart was with the Lord and I wanted to be baptized as an outward expression of an inward faith and out of obedience both. Even, as a baby Christian. Oh I understood the Bible - I had read it my entire life - but that doesn’t mean that why my heart was in it prior… I simply had a faith. But I was just starting to grow. and I wanted to be baptized like Jesus had in the river.

You know I was pulled out of that line and I had to sit in a chair in front of three elders who told me that I couldn’t (that is could not— did not have their permission to ) get baptized that day because first of all I struggled in my marriage. They said to me “you have to speak words when you get baptized and what if you say the wrong thing and something about your marriage slips out?” And then they said “besides everyone who gets baptized has to have taken an eight week course through the church.”

Ya. Right. Pharisees!! White wash tombs! Snakes!! Vipers!!!

I never went back but only a couple more times to that church (baby Christian), where the elders continued to be so stupid and disappointed me to the point I left the church permanently …and my faith grew —all on my own—out there in the world as I went through tornado after tornado with Jesus walking next to me the entire time. When the Bible says that Jesus continues at work in you from the time he starts until the time you are with him personally that’s what it means. :slight_smile:

To this day at the age of 55 years old and 20 plus years later —I’m still not baptized nor will I ever be. I gave up going to in person church long long ago.

But let me tell you that when I was just a little baby… my mother who carried a rosary in her drawer… but who I never knew my entire life to set foot in a church or even perhaps to read the Bible… if she did she did so privately… she took it upon herself to take me to get baptized by a Catholic priest when I was just a baby. I remember she still had my baptism cloth that they used to dab the babies forehead with the holy water.

You know what… I’m OK with it. The Christian church would not allow me to be baptized but the Catholic Church saw no problem with it when I was a baby. I wasn’t aware of what was going on and I’m certainly not nor have I ever been a Catholic. …but I don’t mind that she took me to be baptized that day and I’m not freaked out in anyway by it. If they thought they were anointing a babies head with holy water so be it.

The Lord knows that I stayed at the Riverside that day and I wanted to as an adult with accountability with a heart for God to be baptized and I was turned away by said elders and said Christian church, So he knows my heart. And that’s what matters.

It comes down to the heart and the faith….
and I’m going to say don’t throw the babies out with the bathwater regardless of what church they are in whether it’s Catholic etc. because you never know what their backstory is or what their walk or their testimony is. I’m not suggesting people stay in it…of course just like I wouldn’t recommend people stay in Mormonism. Etc. I think it’s important to call out the craziness like the Lucifer telescopes and all of that stuff-yes. If it means someone else can be aware then yes.

I think right now that most likely God is waking a lot of people up because we are down to the line. But at the same time he knows the heart and that’s what’s most important is the faith the heart the seeking of Jesus as Savior. All the rest is just icing on the cake.


No where in the bible does it say anything about infant baptism. The people who turned you down as an adult did not understand that water baptism is not salvation and their false works and lack of understanding the actual scriptures is blasphemous. Water baptism is not counted as a way of Salvation. It’s a work. Yes good as an outwardly expression as a saved born again Christian, but infant baptism is not counted. It’s sad but people think water baptism is a way to salvation but don’t actually understand the truth that only through the believing on and trusting the blood of Jesus saves. I am not sure about you but you are definitely better off being baptised by bible believing people who know the difference.


Yep :slight_smile: correct you are…

Well my infant baptism may have to suffice. lol. I’m not going back to physical church. lol. Jokes aside tho…I’m truly not. The church is beyond fallen and I have been disappointed by one too many Christians “in real life” (and online) I’m afraid. But I digress.

As you said tho — baptism is NOT a salvation. Correct it’s not. So I’m good :slight_smile: I just was pointing out that the Christian church sadly is just as fallen.


Thank you. You perfectly described it with their own words. It was sounding very new agey. Occult prob a better description.
This is not from God to them. This is the devils work. We know bc of the Word.
May we pray like crazy for these people and others feeling “light” like them .






I’m not trying to change your mind on this because I know it is increasingly more difficult to find solid churches. I just wanted to let you and others know that Rock Harbor Church has an interactive map tool to help people that are trying to find a solid remnant church.


Dear Kris, I am sorry you have had bad experiences. Praise God He has held your hand and brought you to Him. I hope you have at least one person near you who you can fellowship with in person. It makes such a difference. You could even have a person you trust baptize you in a bathtub!
I think we will see more and more baptisms done in our homes and communities…


Good resource @pbandj for anyone looking. I like Brandon.


My poodle I’m certain has baptized me. Ever bathed a big dog? He was the one in the tub though. :wink:

jokes aside…

Nope. Lone cowgirl here. That’s how I roll. Too many thorns/differences in me to do otherwise. Been there, done that, found out it doesn’t work. Even online in PM. I had some kind of brain damage at birth and roll in the what I suspect is high function but definitely affected autism spectrum. I’m easily misunderstood. And usually heavily judged and shunned. (Even on here/past tense.) I’m good. I appreciate the thought though.


@dlcv those are good links. With respect to the world economic forum I actually saw someone on rumble I forget his name but he’s pretty famous… he’s from the UK. He was talking about how the world economic forum is putting out on their website that they are recommending that people change over from traditional education and bring their children into the meta-verse for education instead.

That goes along with these psychedelic drugs.

Wow. We are definitely in the twilight zone now. It hurts my brain to even think about what this world economic forum is actually putting out there for the entire world to see and nobody seems to care.

I don’t even know how to get to this meta verse thing. Wouldn’t even know it existed if it wasn’t for the forum/rumble news.


Wow, I really like Robert Breaker and find it hard to believe he left out one of the largest idols of all in the last days, in fact, the very one which Pastor Farag just stated has deceived the whole world and all nations, aka the pharmakia sorcery from the chemical/medical industrial complex, killing millions a year for profit. Like the next article in the thread titled "World Economic Forum Wants to “Treat us” with Psychedelic Drugs. Oy. (As if the last days pre-rapture "Trip-u-lation wasn’t enough, right, lol.) Borrowed that word “tripulation” from a lovely sister named Gail.


Pretty sure Breaker talked about it on past vids. Maybe he ran out of white board space :slight_smile:


More bad news for our kids if these shots are approved by the FDA. They are really coming for our kids. If these are approved, their next step will be to add them to the vaccine schedule, where they will attempt to mandate them.


Hi Kris,
I think you’re right. He probably put it in the “science” catagory of #8 there. His dad ran a health food store for years and was a naturopathic physician from what i remember. He and JD occassionally Brandon Holthaus are the only ones i’ve been listening to of late. FWIW, that church turning you away when you wanted to be baptised, absolutely terrible. I’m so sorry you went through that.



Hi Leanne

Reference your post:

A Hollywood actress and The Warning. Martha Higareda interviews Christine Watkins - Part 1

I think you can see the problems that have come up in this post and about this interview with our various members.

@Blessed @Janny @Nessie have all replied to this.

The bottom line is simple. Neither of the two women in this interview are prophetesses. That is not to say that they don’t believe what they are saying. But everything they have to say must be rejected, as it is not the “truth.”

All revelations of future prophesy ended with the Book of Revelation.

The Roman Catholic Church is deep into error in many areas according to the Word of God in context, because they have added their traditions to the Word. Indeed, they have changed the Word to fit their religion, and have created their own versions of the Bible to back up their traditions.

That is not to say that there are not born-again Catholics, there are. Catholics choose to worship God in their own way. They alone must give an account of themselves before the Lord.

Jesus said,” I am the way the truth and the life.”

I like to say lifestyle.

“No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

He did not say through the saints or his mother Mary, this is Catholic tradition in their religion.

The Catholic Church does not believe in the rapture as we do. They are waiting for alien contact. We believe that these aliens to come are demons.

Catholics are being held in bondage by their Religion. Catholics that come out of that religion are astonished as to how they were led into error by those traditions.

It can often take years to for an x-Catholic to recover from the guilt of that religion. The best remedy is to read the word of God in context using a protestant version of the Word. They immediately see the difference and are set free from the bondage and the guilt.




Same… I also listen to update from John Haller and sometimes another guy on rumble Tom (Hughes? I forget my brains tired lol).

Point is - small handful of people. I tinker here and there was some of the prepper channels and then some other people that just chitchat about various things like rapture etc but I take those all with a large grain of salt. Often read comments and such.

Re: churches. Ya…that wasn’t the only disappointment from a Christian church, just one of the more memorable. Thanks tho. Yup…when the Bible/Jesus said the church is for the sick…wasn’t kiddin! Lol.


ok no problem. We are definitely all broken and challenged in some way that’s for sure. I am reminded often of that for myself.