June 6, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Bible Prophecy Update: Fear of the Unknown

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: addresses what seems to be a very real and present fear of the unknown concerning what lies ahead.


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I tried watching it on the ROKU App but it constantly skipped and repeated.

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If you haven’t yet, it might be worth reporting your trouble in the support center. Just from what Pastor JD said today, sounds like they’re working on improvements, so that sort of feedback could be useful right now.



Have you ever wondered about the most forward Salmon blazing the way against the current to spawn the next generation of fish? How did it get there? Was it superior genes? Does it have stronger fins to propel itself? Or is it God, knowing everything, that selects that Salmon out of thousands because God saw to that Salmon’s nourishment and knows that their offspring is exactly what is needed in the coming season?
We are in the final season. Feed on God’s Word. Use His nourishment to prepare for the strong currents flooding over us. We are directed Not to Fear.

Take care Pastor JD, to replenish yourself. I am sure there are dozens of brothers and sisters out here, faces never seen, that want to give you encouragement…I know that I do. It won’t be long now.



I often tell myself when I hear an incredible message from this pastor that I want to revisit it over and over. The problem is that things are so rapidly changing and, like manna from God, it is food for that day. This is one of those messages from The Lord via Jesus Disciple Farag. So timely. It’s what so many of us have been thinking and feeling. It’s where we’re at. As different as we all are it’s where we’re AT! This draws in those with ears to hear…the truth. And it is a balm of healing and calming and direction from The One who redeemed us.


I am now wondering what the first kids born of people completely vaccinated will be, or possibly be. These people like to use media and precursors to prepare the world for things.

Netflix has a series called Sweet Tooth. It is about a pandemic virus that wipes out most of humanity. The ones that survive start having hybrid animal children.


Pastor JD. Hello from Indiana! I pray you will be crowned with righteousness by Jesus himself for all you do! You are a true man of God. I can’t express in words how much your ministry has helped so many people! The light of God shines SO brightly in you! Each week I laugh cry and pray with you! Please know that your voice is reaching so many! By your example I have had the courage to sound the alarm to many. My prayer is for you and your team- may you all be blessed as you bless so many others!!
May the peace and love of Jesus Christ our Lord be with all of us- Rebecca


I definitely think it is pre-programming, my wife was watching that series and I told her that much, especially the scene when they go into a medical center to pay for something and the person scans the wrist of the person for payment, and that everyone is wearing masks in the clinic…




:flushed: Wow!
Uh…I guess I should say more but I’m speechless at how prophetic this show sounds.


Its pretty intense, but I think alot of shows are starting to get us use to the new reality we will face, I personally dont like watching shows like this anymore but when I watched an episode with my wife I could not help but point out the parallels to her :slight_smile:


:roll_eyes: Big “IF” for whether or not those injected will even be able to reproduce with so many of their experimental jabs causing sterility.


Sweet Tooth was a comic first, it came out in 2009. Jeff Lemire , the writer, is not knowingly part of any agenda. I’ve met him several times and he’s just a humble guy working for the comic book industry, and he was just picking up on the zeitgeist people were seeing in movies and TV for the last decades when he wrote Sweet Tooth.


it was filmed in July 2020 in New Zealand, definitely virus-related signage and props were easy for them to get. I don’t think this is a case of pre-programming since it was not filmed before the plandemic.


Just had a thought how in Revelation there will be those who wish to die, and cannot. they beg the rocks to fall on them. What if they survive the trib, are in the Millennial earth, and represent the spawn that when satan is loosed, side with their father from below? Its possible. But God! At the end, when they surround Jerusalem, Father God takes a veritable blow torch against those who rise up against His Israel. Only this time, they finally die forever, and cannot return to harm God’s people ever again.


Considering the information that has been culminated over the past few months on this soup, between the compound attacking fetal tissue, and the compound apparently looks as though it will sterilize both genders; I’d put money on very few births and all of them having one or more problems from physical to mental and highly medical.

I’ve wept over what is continually talked about and discovered.


I have to say that there are no words to describe the depth of appreciation that I have for Pastor JD. What the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me is the line that is drawn between the 2 kingdoms. I am deeply grieved at how so many people have gotten this jab, including 2 of my adult children. They have put me in the conspiracy category as I have tried to warn them. I pray that they do not “offer up” my grandchildren. Pastor JD just confirmed what I have received about the 2 kingdoms. What promise of God do people not understand? I am not afraid of man. What can man do to me? I am waiting on Jesus’s return to gather us to himself. I hear Him saying now “Come out of her my people”. I am preparing myself for whatever comes my way, with the faith that God is still on the throne and He is still in control and His promises are still true and His Word Never returns void! Love and Shalom


I came across this sermon which offers information on obtaining a vaccine exemption on legal grounds in the US.


They are perhaps simultaneously crimes against humanity in the physical world and part of Satan’s grand scheme to corrupt all flesh. Pinch me. Is this really happening? Now? What a strange thing to be a witness to this ending; to be present in this stage of universal history, in the realm of all things unseen that are soon to make their grand appearance.