June 6, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I cannot reconcile that JC would come to the clouds twice to "call up " believers prior to His “return to earth as King.” In my mind that’s too much coming & going. (ALL IMO). The 2 witnesses’ rapture (resurrection) & ascension are for those in Jerusalem to witness; they will not see rapture from other continents. So, I’m popping the corn to watch the pre-midtrib show which I think has begun (not the 7 yrs trib. which requires a formal peace treaty.) Israel recently attacked Damascus initiating the Gog of magog war. Pray for the souls in Damascus.

This is a heads up and a prayer request that we do not fear the loss of employment or the traps the enemy has set before us.

I have been keeping my eye on this case and just found this article this morning. I live in Texas as well and Texas is a “right to work state,” so I kind of figured it would get thrown out.


heeding the prayer request, thank you.

I have an unrelated comment.

it appears you use duckduckgo’s search engine, right? (I do.) because that article is from Business Insider, but when you click it, its an msn link. it has really bothered me that a search engine claiming to care about our privacy, ties ALL of its news article links to msn. like why? makes me not trust them. it seems there’s no internet search engine or browser to trust anymore. yet I keep using them. like a good little slave. :[


I actually have msn on my computer at work and just cut and pasted the link to my private email where I could post it here.

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On that note…

David Heath, USA TODAY

Sat, June 12, 2021, 9:42 PM

HOUSTON – In the first federal ruling on vaccine mandates, a Houston judge Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by hospital employees who declined the COVID-19 shot – a decision that could have a ripple effect across the nation.

The case involved Houston Methodist, which was the first hospital system in the country to require that all its employees get vaccinated. U.S. District Judge Lynn N. Hughes said federal law does not prevent employers from issuing that mandate.

After months of warnings, Houston Methodist had put more than 170 of its 26,000 employees on unpaid suspension Monday. They were told they would be fired it they weren’t vaccinated by June 21.

The hospital already had made it clear it means what it says: It fired the director of corporate risk – Bob Nevens – and another manager in April when they did not meet the earlier deadline for bosses.

In recent weeks, a few other major hospitals have followed Houston Methodist’s lead, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Louisville, New York Presbyterian and several major hospitals in the Washington, D.C. area.


lol, coincidence. well I guess I needed to vent about duckduckgo anyway.

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To piggyback on your comment regarding Duck Duck Go, I have noticed less wide range hits with it, as well. What’s really been bugging me, lately, is the ads associated with Brave browser. Their home page is always showing crypto, block chain, and now climate change photos on the home screen. Aaaand, I have developed a bit of a distrust with ProtonMail.


thanks for your input. UGH I do use Brave and protonmail as well. no safe place!! other than to stay off the internet altogether. and even then… when we are hunted, we will be found, unless God… and indeed, not a wide range of hits. same types of results as Google’s.

what do we do from here lol? do you plan to stay on these or do you know of another alternative?


Just found this
MODERNA updated their range of vaccines

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I know, I know! Well, I will definitely stay here for as long as I can. I only visit one other spot, and that is Gab, but I don’t care for it over there. In case you aren’t aware, that venue carries a heavy load of antiSemitism and the CEO is very OK with that, as he subscribes to Replacement Theology and personally reposts things that certainly feed the antiSemitic crowd.

ETA: oh, duh on me! I just realized what you were asking. Yes, I am sticking with ProtonMail and Brave for now. I have heard of Swiss Cows browser, but don’t know much about it.


Wow Jack. This is very significant. Points to how close we are to His appearing as well. Thank you for posting this.

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Does proton mail use a floating vpn for security to your knowledge? From what little I know, duck duck may have an ad blocker program that may help.

Grace and @Faith1 joining you in prayer in regard to spouses and family. :heart: :pray: :pray: :pray:


To little to late don’t we think?’
They knew this was coming and mismanaged all the way to nothing.
Can they really be that creditably stupid.

They mismanaged the forest to make sure it burned.

More of the same driving us to the great reset.

Its the rich not the people that are causing all the destruction at least for now. But lets not for get things will be coming from space and not just aliens fakes. An that is affecting much including the magnetic North pole going to Russia.

The 7 seals will provide the catastrophes that they blame us for and many of them know its coming



@wren, I know there is a vpn option available with ProtonMail, but that completely goes beyond my functioning, so I just go with the easy account. As for ad blockers…Brave does that even with their free app. :grin:

Hope it is ok to post this on here , I’m finding it very uncomfortable and pray silently in work at present as June is pride month and my work place supports this with a pride walk pride party and dress up day to be an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community , posting a lot on work Yammer about killings of their community that they are humans too and deserve equality , that some churches refuse to bury them or let them serve , about their mental health and suicide . .

Being a Christian in work we don’t have any celebrations or activities we are out numbered and seems it’s getting worse and lonely , while every other belief getting stronger .
I keep shining very bright and regularly drop God into everything conversation that I can …
But sometimes it’s like please God come take me home :pray::pray:
It just aches children being born into same sex marriages they our innocent how will they grow up with such confusion being called them , genderless , etc ooooo the heart aches :pray::pray:


Oh, and thank you so much for your prayers. I, in turn, pray for all loved ones among us, who yet need the Lord.:revolving_hearts: Meanwhile, the spiritual tensions increase, I feel, at least in my own household. It is difficult to brave up and not take day-to-day impatience toward me personally. I have to believe that it is the tensions of the times at play. Anyone else?


Oh, @Cara, how uncomfortable… :cherry_blossom: