June 6, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

During the 2016 elections I had a very unusual dream…unlike dreams I ever had. I have been a republican all my life and conservative. I dreamt that Hillary Clinton was super friendly and engaging and had some kind of inner beauty and I hungered and thirsted to be here friend. Kind of like “Wow…she is really a lovely lovely lady at heart.” When I woke up I felt like I had been under a spell. Kind of reminded me (don’t know if you might have been aware of this period), when the media sold Bill Clinton (as president) as turning beat red and furious over questions asked of him during the public Monica Lewinski deposition. Of course when televised I was pleasantly surprised that Bill handled himself very well…at least that was the vibe. Witchcraft works well in the media.


Thanks Christa. This is the time of year to be sharing at this level. I am blessed by your stance. When I first came to this forum it seemed like there was quite a bit of opposition in certain circles opposing Trump. A theme that I noticed emerged was that to be too patriotic is to be too earthly minded. I did see quite a number of people though too defend the then (in 2020) president as well. My post is just made here to thank you for your conviction and stating it. I do have empathy and understanding toward those of us who might see fighting for country at this point to be somewhat overly temporally minded. I understand the position after quite a number of people did get rather carried away over Trump. And it is understandable how the varying concerns we saw unfold might impact some of us spiritually. I understand it, but I don’t side with it. I mean I side with the part of a believer having a desire for heaven more than a good life here. Amen. But I would not align patriotism and love for our country as temporal. I see it rather as one way of many to worship the true and living God. What our country fought and died for what was written on the statue of liberty. This country is an anomaly. I do understand the stance of those who would see patriotism as perhaps fleshly minded in our day and age. And I will always hopefully strive for understanding and due consideration toward them where brothers and sisters may differ. But I see patriotism as an act and attitude of gratitude for pretty much being born in a age and location of a rather remarkably miracles governance God has provided to witness somewhat (a thread on the hem of His robe) of His benevolence toward His own creation. Happy 4th dear sister :slight_smile:

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Except ironically for Nixon in 1973. But all things considered, “yes,” and amen.

Yes but it’s so bizarre how can that even tickle someone’s ears ?

I recognized this a lot, especially when Covid came to town, and from then afterward.


Thank you for your sweet message of concern.

The above Kat Kerr post was an example to show the ridiculousness that
is going on under the name of “prophecy”.
I would either run from or rebuke anyone who called themself a
prophet. :grin:

Agree,-----Scripture alone can be trusted and is the plumbline by
which everything must be tested.
Since Scripture does not tell us there will be " talking horses or play
gunfights" in heaven that prophecy is extremely extrabiblical. :grin:

Seeing my own weaknesses and failures and consequences of placing
trust in polluted vessels has driven me to cling to the only safe One to follow:
Psalm 23:1-6 (KJV) *
1 The LORD is my shepherd;
I shall not want.*
2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

I pray even more blessings to you @Blessed.


A negated agreement and a (apparently) second rhetorical question…nice talking to you, Jaimie. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @anon43521308 :wink: How are you ?

Busy! Thank you. Have a good rest of your day. :blush:

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Thank you Teren, I needed this today. I have to admit that I am struggling today.
First off, Happy Birthday America! Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for allowing me to be born and raised in a country that allows me to raise a flag with a cross on it. A country that I can publicly sing praises to our King. A country that allows me to go to church and also to say “Have a blessed day” to the cashier in a store.
I am so excited for the day when Jesus stands on earth to be our King and for him allowing me to govern with him. As I am here now with earthly kings, I want to be standing for righteousness as he will one day command.
I am sensitive today due to my daughter serving and due to my sadness over a country blotting God out of it.
If we could have the cake maker from Colorado who stands by his beliefs in who he will serve, come on this forum, what would we say to him?
Would we say “Good for you, we stand with you” or would we say “Shame on you for standing up for your freedom to choose.”
Christians need to start using their voices! Lean on God fully, put on the armor and fight against evil.
If you are not thankful for your freedom that God has blessed you with, to worship him loudly, then stay inside while fireworks are going off and keep your hand in your pocket while singing the anthem.
The only thing that can save us is our gracious and merciful Jesus, all glory to him, and we need to be warriors for him.
Stand up and use your voice. The Ten Commandments back at courthouses, prayer in school for those who want to participate. The pride flag down and perverted cartoons removed. Where are our voices? Obviously we are silent and sit in a corner and murmur “God will take care of it.” Yes he will but I don’t want to be guilty of not standing up for him when I should have.
Government does not have the right to take God away from us and yet we’re quietly allowing them to strip us naked of everything God said we should have.
If we don’t want to fight then give up Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, etc.
I am the salt and I am the light, what a gracious gift. I want to shine so bright in such a dark world and be so salty that it burns. I am no longer afraid. If our country gets to the point that we have to worship underground, I want to be in my yard with a megaphone singing Amazing Grace. If they want to put me in jail, I will sing even louder.
Do not tread on what God has given me.
Freedom in him, freedom to love him, to proclaim his name whenever and wherever I want, freedom in knowing I am saved. No man, no government can take that away from me so what should I fear? Using my voice? Nope. Standing in the square proclaiming his name? Nope. Calling out perversion or sharing the gospel? Nope.
I stand with God first and then for family. I stand for the rights of the family that Satan is destroying. I stand for leaders who stand for our freedom to love our God publicly and privately.
May God bless America and bless those who are disgusted with the evil and stand against it. God give us courage and strength to say “Enough, do not tread on me!”
Jesus, come quickly, we need you! In the meantime, help us to stand for you completely.


We are living in tricky and confusing days. But I am reminded of Esther. Even though she won the kings heart, Israel still had to go out and fight. In a way, it is kind of like the promised land version that did work out that did not take 40 years to realize. :slight_smile: Blessings.


Thanks made it back today safe, sound and tired.
been following the forum from afar.



Are we all excited to come back with Jesus and destroy evil? Are we honored to be able to rule and reign with him? I sure am!
Are we sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth, drooling on ourselves waiting for that day or are we armoured and fighting now?
What will Jesus see us doing when he returns? Will he see warriors?
It will be easy when he is our earthly King, so will we do it now when it’s hard?
Imagine the prophets and disciples, do we want to be like them? Brave and strong?
I have stated that God has been working on me and changing me, oh boy!
My whole life I have been cowardly, scared of everything. Very abused.
Now, God has created in me courage, assertiveness and strength. It’s all him, not me at all.
He is refining me for a reason and I give it all to him and want him to be glorified. I want him to use me however he wants, I am his.
Please hold me accountable if I at all stray or try to make anything mine. This is all new to me and I never want to abuse the Holy Spirit that guides me.
When we all get to ride on our horses together, with Jesus, ready for battle, I want to know that we fought the good fight when it was hard and are more than ready to fight with him that day.


Today we hold back the enemy, tomorrow we all watch Yeshua finish the Mission!



Amen! I pray that the holy spirit guides me in holding back too. He is the restrainer, not me, and he is in me, so I pray that I am obedient in his guidance.


Dear LDHW, thanks for your post. One of the things I was encouraged recently in your Charles Stanley video that you posted was a sincere reminder in how God has historically shown me how great a love is this He has had toward me. Not just theologically but showing up constantly in the very fabric a day brought forth…over and over and over again…almost like new revelation…yet fixed and imbedded deeply in the kingdom of light He has placed us in to be that toward us—something He told us 2,000 years ago…not new at all–amen.

I understand what it is to have been greatly deceived. I was trained at an early age by “discernment ministries,” not to be duped but to know the word of God. Where said ministry did not find fond of me was when I used the same principles toward their own ministry. What God showed me there over years was that He transcends their error and included blessing for me that transcended also their error because I have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. And like it or not (for I hadn’t minded to pout quite a bit along the way), that is the kingdom He has brought me into. And that is how He relates with me. I had held God accountable to my own standards of His word. I don’t see today that it works exactly like that, since our understanding is something questionable to begin with. Amen. I lost massively by not better understanding this along the way.

I have been blessed by @OvercomeThruJesus presence on our forum and very glad and appreciative to have them with us here on our forum. But I posted my 2016 dream as a reminder that just as we don’t want NAR to use extra biblical revelation to inform of us of what is going on…it is good too that we do not do that either. I understand LDHW your concern for Trump is not from a dream, but from a community of people influenced by Q, which is still extra biblical. And in that sense I would ask you dear sister to consider not to form views of Trump necessarily in concert with or in contrast to extra-biblical experiences of our own. Q could be a lot of things including deception. But one measurable thing too for us to consider (not removing God from the sovereign equation) is that it could be said (at least objectively) that a phenomenon such as Q did help the church to see where it was weak. And in some ways I would think that God would want the end time church to realize this. And in so much a weakness of our own (for we are all weak somewhere…in differing places), those extra biblical methodologies that gave us insight or counterintuitive insight contrasting our own weaknesses would not (in my humble opinion) be safe filters to view life experiences through. For they both come from arenas of having dealt with misperception to begin with.

Pastor JD is viewing this from a pastoral point of view. And in as much as he does, looking out for the body of Christ, amen. It is as it should be. And I respect and appreciate that. As I do in honor of your perspectives (having been through what you have as well as deepening your relationship with Christ). But we are presented with a very clear rubric before us. The media. I just believe that before we comingle Trump in with the batch of all things manipulative and evil, it is of healthy import to work out a spiritual algebraic problem in proper sequence the best we can. I realize I am coming from an objective place that may not be so perceived as fitting, but if we realize a tendency of our own to read things into things, perhaps objectivity might serve well there too at least as a measure of healthy counterbalance. We will all have our takes and views, but at the end of the day, it is what it is, and God has the final narrative on that.

As far as Trump knowing about January 6th, coming from an objective standpoint, I see a narrative completely swinging in an opposite direction. Surely after 4 years of being clowned by the left relentlessly, it is almost certain Trump would be not be left clueless. But what is common to human nature that we don’t let knowing stop us from living. Did Trump know about the 2 impeachments? Did he know about the phone call to the Ukraine? Did he know Wuhan had weaponized experiments that might contaminate the world? As for January 6th, it was the left that finally backed off the last time because they did not want to answer questions. Footage showing antifa activity and no info produced on the cop that shot that lady while many are held for questioning without due process, to me, does not reflect upon Trump, but the simple realization of desperation from the left…as they typically are. Just in offering an objective perspective, from a well trusted source who is not affected by Qanon at all, it is likely that Trump went with Giuliani and not the Sydney Powel strategy because it would severely divide the country and start a civil a war. This is outside Qanon sources. If that is true, and I see no reason not to perceive that, for why would Trump try to insist on being president in the current political climate that would just use that to strangle a country, then it would not be out of divide and conquer but letting something go for the betterment of the country. Yet where is that on anyone’s radar? Just a thought. I bring this up not to sway honor toward Trump undeserved. But forming ideas about him in relation to Qanon can tend to straddle a dangerous line of a further propagation of an already complicated scenario.

It is of sound mind in Christ to repent of extra biblical leanings. I would see desiring to “see” what is going on (what brought our country under the influence of Q to begin with) is equally a danger in designing a counter narrative to that. For, to me, both of those tend to fall in categories of extra biblical insight in that they both strive to have an non-deceived (or extre measure of insight into a matter) nuance associated with it. I have my own strange views on the whole matter. And although this forum in general would not see it as such is fine, and I understand and honor that. But even as clearly as I see what I see, I always give credible weight to those holding alternative views here (and I have so far an unmoved deepening conviction on what I see…unmoved—but in the end, only God knows). I used to perceive Trump as the antichrist for sure in 2017. So I know what it is to hold this man in suspect. And I give honor to those who hold differing views, amen. But the media loves to pick on Trump and Qanon, and they will feed our bias. Whatever the reality pans out to be, it most certainly won’t be theirs. But God. Blessings.


Well said very insightful. If I may add, the extra biblical, could influence us to believe what the world says about us, whether good or bad, which then may influence us in how we regard each other as believers.

That is the danger I see.




Amen brother. And equally “division,” albeit a far deeper one. Striving together in all our imperfections, loving on one another, encouraging one another and hopefully defending even less than our preferred notions in others in love for the body is, I believe, in part what Paul means in pressing on to win the prize, not the insight nor the argument. Rather humbling no matter where our views may lay. Blessings.


@TCC :cherry_blossom:

Dear LDHW, thanks for your post. One of the things I was encouraged recently in your Charles Stanley video that you posted was a sincere reminder in how God has historically shown me how great a love is this He has had toward me.

Oh yes, that was an AWESOME (arent they all) message from Dr. Charles Stanley. It touched my heart that is was a sweet blessing for you too, my friend.

Q…helping the church where it was weak.

The one scripture that comes to mind reading this is and I can testify :wink: :raised_hands:t3:.

Jan 6th.

I think Trump had to have some foresight. Be it his own intellect or how the opposition works or by trusted advisers. This could’ve been machinations behind the scenes that was pulling the strings by promoting it as a great rally idea…but also working in concert with the opposition. He either knew, should’ve guessed seeing how down & dirty political theater is, or… I just can’t see him being 100% innocent, imho :wink:.

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts: