June 6, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Wow, thank you! All glory to God.

Hi Teren, :grin:

What qualifies as a biblical experience and what would make one
extra-biblical? :grin:

Usually the term extra-biblical is used in conjunction with testing teaching,
preaching, prophesying, etc to weigh it against scripture.

Since Trump is none of the above I would see nothing to repent of
for forming opinions based on what you have discovered to be truth.

When I eat a sandwich from Subway with rotten tomato and I dont go
back that is because of extra-biblical experiential information. :grin:

I know many of us that were deceived by NAR or Q really dont fret or
give a lot of thought to Trump. He is just one tiny factor in a multitude of factors.

Dear Teren, once you almost had me convinced that because I grieved for
those caught in Qanon I had been brainwashed by MSM and by calling
attention to Q was aiding a psyop and I was no better than the Bolsheviks.



I am not saying you are wrong but I am not sure. I certainly grew to like him for things he accomplished, even when it cost Canada more in trade and paying our share for nato, which I have thought was a joke for years. President Trump made things happen despite all the disgraceful things the Democrats apparently tried to get rid of him. Did he willingly play the loser so his opponents and others could commit treason and destroy America? People we see on tv are really just the facade they want you to see but playing the loser doesn’t fit the ego Trump regularly displays. No matter what, I don’t believe anyone other than Almighty God can clean up this horrible. So I am looking toward the clouds from when our salvation will come. All of God’s enemies will answer to Him so I am able to sleep at night.



No one’s 100% innocent. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Especially Trump. Being a New Yorker, I do0n’t see him falling for others pranking him like that. I suppose its possible. There was that one event where they had the masonic emblem in his backdrop that was an admitted prank on the man. I am just saying dear sister that as someone who has been a republican for decades and also sending to friends videos of how Scaramucci having genuine concerns over the Trump (because I supported Scaraumucci’s concerns originally before he got all caught up in the Lincoln Project), I would see no reasonable upside for Trump in a stunt like that. However after watching the far left demonize the man for 4 years straight…wow…yeah it is totally that literal donkey of where i’d pin the tail on. Just doesn’t seem too wise press for someone who had a super huge following, took the economy the furthest in American history in 1 term, and graciously stepped down. It smelled to me much more desperate than a man who thought he’d be king of the word. Just letting you know an outsider perspective who was tough on Trump when he promised the military a 10% raise and they didn’t get that amount. Just saying I have always had mixed feelings about the man. In hope it might remain as a potential consideration perhaps. We all have different views. If everything just fades…amen…so be it. I’ve studied a lot in political science, and just saying from a novice but somewhat informed political science view…to me, it will remain a discussion. So in that event, just hopeful to provide a voice we don’t hear so much of. Not the “avid” super Trump supporter or one who is necessarily anti or pro Qanon. I offer a somewhat rare perspective…for what it might be worth. Meant in full blessings and family friendly loving discourse. The important thing is your growth in Him. In the meantime, the sociopolitical strcuture stands quite a bit of potential in being rather intense potentially in the days to come. So just was hopeful to put that out there. Total blessings on this 2021 4th of July. Love you dear sister :heart: God bless.

Thank you Gigi, I must have misread your post.Praise God we are not deceived!


I hope not but his pride unless he learned something from the last 4 years will bring him back and pride goes before a fall. The fall that comes next will be biblical and looking at the current time line I think that comes sooner than later.

Liked you I was encouraged to see the many good things he did even if they were only temporary.


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@IDoBelieve :cherry_blossom:

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Now that I can see things outside of Q/Trump, I have a different view. I think Trump is a false light/false hope. He’s been propped up like a god, a “saviour,” as Q states and he believes it also, imho. If you look up cocksure, there’s a pic of Trump :grin:. God installs kings & kingdoms and it is what it is. The sad part is that people are so busy looking for Trump that they’re not looking up. We, the Believers, need to snap out of it, get cleaned up in Christ and spread the Gospel. Trump is not only polarizing but a demonic distraction. We’ve forgotten about God and His divine purpose and plan and superimposed it with plan to save the country, vis a vis Trump. This is dangerous territory and people will die without Christ while were going to “Save America” rallies instead of “Jesus Saves” rallies.

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


You have a very blessed heart LDHW. Like I said before it is a tremendous honor to know you. And my heart sings in reading your posts, even where I might not see eye to eye. Because I see the beautiful work of Christ and your courage and character to speak you honest heart and mind for His names sake. This is the nature of and awesome saintly quality found in Matt 25:35-40. I understand you concern. Have you ever thought in all the noise this situation has created it might be indicating something too, like Trump as a candidate for the 1st seal? That would explain why so much drama over him on all sides perhaps in any case. Blessings.

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@TCC :cherry_blossom:

You have a very blessed heart LDHW. Like I said before it is a tremendous honor to know you. And my heart sings in reading your posts, even where I might not see eye to eye.

:pleading_face: Oh my, what a beautiful thing to say :relaxed: :heartbeat: !! I can only hope to live up to that compliment, my friend.

Thank you and you made MY heart sing!

I am SO happy that we can converse like civilized, decent human beings and humbly agree to disagree with our integrity intact. Now, only if the world could do the same, honey.

Trump 1st Seal

:thinking: Hmmmmmm, I’d have to think a little on that one :ok_hand:t3:.

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


Hi my dear Gigi. I remember you mentioned a while ago that your position at least on how people might have thought upon Trump was at least in how you would express things not an issue. Like if some people were Trump supporters that is fine, doesn’t make it an issue in your book…although you had your own convictions in all that–or at least as I understood (wow we have had some awesome conversations dear one I might add). I just brought up what I did here because, and I super respect, love and honor LDHW, I would hope to at least have some discussion on how the next edition of January 6th, dun dun dun dun goes. Just opportunities to consider other things along the path. You know my leanings…well they they have not changed. And in any event they certainly can…and I am open. Really anything can happen. But i do camp mostly on my convictions as you yours and LDHW as well amen. Ok, and now for the juicy stuff :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good question, “What do I consider extra biblical.” Although “gotquestions.org” would agree with your use and understanding of the word…and I admit it is usually thought of as some writing or experience specific (or type thereof), I mean it more generically than that. I mean The Book of Mormon isn’t even something I think of as extrabiblical…although it is. To me it is just straight up cultish. But yes, formerly it is writings or experiences that are pretty much understood that way conventionally. I mean it in the context of anything thought to be from God that might not be. A much wider view. This also includes my own convictions on the whole Trump thing. Even though I have strong convictions on certain aspects of this whole thing, I reserve them as “extra biblical,” because I have no way of knowing its accuracy until perhaps further development. Otherwise its just my convictions. Extra-Biblical extrabiblical. Eisegesis would fit that meaning. Basically meaning anything we import into the word’s meaning that is not originally meant could be by definition “extra biblical.”

Yeah but that’s too easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My focus on repent was in relation to consideration not mandate. By the way Gigi…I’ve missed you :heart: Fair enough fair lady. But importing onto Trump all measure of suspicion (although in ways reasonable and in others commendable) and labeling it (at least in part in our hearts) as a foregone conclusion based on orientation to NAR or Qanon to me can still be within range of those concerns.

Bringing up Trump in dreams and affirmations of being connected to Jan 6th might be rather passive thought, but it is anything, in my understanding, but a passive historic moment, which is my reasoning to be discucssional about it. I would just have understanding of Trump being mixed up with Jan 6th as certainly something the media feeds. That was one of the ongoing saga with me and lion (like Ricky and Lucy going at it). So that is there in the open community. In addition though a group like Qanon or NAR would reasonably leave a distaste in my mouth. As gracious as Jack Hibbs can be, if I had been going to his church while the church amplified Trump too much as in what had happened…yeah…I’d think less of Trump (speaking for me here) because of possible or perceived Trump worship. It would be a reasonable response because Christ holds that esteem for us. My comment about repent was the good emphasis on what bad we have come out of, but since that had been based on those around us that infused biblical meaning onto Trump (at the same time we have a media totally hating on him) I would see either extreme as being swayed extra biblically. But I am not meaning to infer anyone repent of anything. But to consider reasonably how much hate in the media plays into the hands of an anti-Qanon bias. Its ready made for that. Would that not be a reasonable factor to at least be aware of though? I mean its right there in the open community in wait…and not in lying in wait…for it is right there full-bodied ready to be enjoyed as a cocktail. And I just make mention of this in respect to forming perhaps some ideas of Jan 6th. We can have whatever ideas we have. Lion had hers totally out of political orientation. Others like yourself who have come out of NAR may have other reasons of concern not related to NAR or Qanon at all. But the potential of being swayed by an overly ready media is right there in all of our faces. This is not occurring in a vacuum. But I will expand on the extra-biblical thingy because I know i did not do it the best here.

I love you sister. My point on extra-biblical relates to conclusion…not necessarily substance…which may not be all that ethical, and if so I apologize. It wasn’t meant arbitrarily. I meant it in good faith, but as I see your tomato here, I feel somewhat deflated over the whole thing :frowning: But what I mean by “conclusion” is what comes out of the flow of thought and discussion of a dream, a confirmation, and an expression of a political event all having merged to conclude a, b, or c. The thoughts leaning out of the dream, the confirmation, and the expression of political event were conclusional based on 1) an extra biblical dream, 2) a confirmation in light of said dream (not because of but in respect to), and 3) an expression in the realm of ideas surrounding aforementioned criteria. In that sense there is somewhat of a clothing of consensus within an arena of thought in regards to arriving at a conclusion of character upon a man. And in that conclusion it had been arrived at discussionally via the cluster of thought along the lines of why someone might tend to have bad character. Affirming suspicions or conclusions this way is different than lets say if we were looking at it from a political science format. In political science we might measure the pro and cons and influences and base character on “Trump wanted to enforce and create the vax.” That is not a conclusion I would necessarily agree with, but it would be based on a fact of what happened as opposed to a suspicion surrounding the man. And it is in that sense I would liken aforementioned criteria to arrive at a conclusion as extra biblical. I know…it is somewhat cheating to do what i did there. But here me out.

Now why would any of this matter? Who really cares? Trump was a womanizer and you can kind of tell the man could have a somewhat thuggish persona. But the conclusion matters because of what it implies. It implies a theory that the right and the left are in a plan together to trap us. And that, is extra biblical insight via eisegesetical theory underscoring eschatology. Now, of course it may be true. I mean with all the adorable passion (and I mean that in not just good but great faith) that Pastor JD has, if Trump reemerges on the scene his being a Luciferian light leader is certainly an option. And a reasonable one. And even a noble one in the case of Pastor JD for he has outlined the divergence from the word posed by Q. It is in Pastor JD’s office of concern to protect the flock to do so. Whether or not that is absolutely the case (that Trump may be Luciferian light) is up to how God has designed things (not Pastor JD understanding of it on certain given matters). And should events unfold where that does not become the case even though Trump still emerge, to that extent understanding Trump as Luciferian light leader would be extra biblical. For better and correct or for not so much better and amiss–reasons–what I just said in the previous sentence are kind of the hard facts and issues of what the church faces today concerning issue relating to, “What is extra-biblical?” I hold Pastor JD in very high esteem. And whether I see the same on all points as he might is not what attracts me to the man (although his bold stance on affirming the forming of Ezekiel 38 doth seem to commeth from God…and Pastor JD is very precious in seeing and affirming that). It’s his passion for the word and His heart toward the Lord, the lost, and the body of Christ that attracts me to the man. But what ever any of us conclude outside of the absolute confirmation of scripture dealing with arenas of prophecy, reference biblical arenas far beyond if Jesus ate tomatoes or not.

I’m looking at this socio-politically. In bias to my view? Admittedly. But not exclusively. I mean I can look at things socio-politically aside from my own convictions. So I am open to be wrong about what I see, but there still is a plethora of evidence socio-politically that gravitates alongside but also outside the whole Qanon thing–in regards to Trump having nothing to do with January 6th. It is not to me an either or, to me, its an either both. That may sound really strange. But what I mean is that Trump has a lot of issues and may be in some ways in cahoots with heretics but I would see the predominant import as political use and social use and not so much spiritual / church / etc import–at least in Trump’s potential affiliation with heretics (I elaborate on this position a bit more at my conclusion in this post). The reason I brought up my concerns was just in relation to an often favored position to line Trump up with Jan 6th. The way I understand political science Gigi is that this likely is not going away. We have some things coming up at least the far left want to exercise. And since that is on the agenda as far as they are concerned developments in our society will further entrench Trump based dialogue and surmising. So that was really what i was speaking to. I was responding to something brought up about Trump.

Now it may be a small matter (or rather, he may be) and that is fine, but what happens in our country likely won’t be…not in these days. So to me, it is food for fodder. And I was addressing that. And in that respect we live in our historical moment and as we interpret it, we are shaping our opinions and aside form my own notions of what may or may not happen, an effort to at least provide opportunity to consider Trump as perhaps not in cahoots with the left is worthy to bring to the table. That was my point. Repentantly not meaning it so much to be a concern of repentance, for that was an ID word to moisten and hasten the idea that just as we have moved away from the mess NAR or Qanon bring so it is helpful to not necessarily feed the other side either, was the notion. Repenting of NAR is attractive and it was meant in the attraction of that sense of good in it to hopefully also see perhaps an equal refreshment in not perhaps leaning too far to the opposite necessarily either…if that makes sense?

If Trump’s popularity increases over the months the Qanons will build it up and the media will do their hater thing. In the midst of all of that, I think it is perfectly reasonable to offer a middle of the road sensibility too. And my hope was just to entertain such a notion. Not that one would need to believe as I would think they should or might or anything like that. Its a message board…and sometimes (not always…granted) discussions like that can be helpful is all.

But its 2021 and on the eve of tribulation. Not necessarily the same. Well Gigi I am encouraged that you considered what I was saying. However I don’t recall my exact terms. For sure the media does brain wash. But in your case I don’t think I would have extended myself like that with such language (at least hopefully not). You concerns with NAR and Qanon are yours…just like your experiences and your prayers and your walk with God. You would have an edge if anything. But if we go on posting things from the media that has an agenda to go after Trump and Qanon…do we really want to affirm their making fun of Qanon? Is it really wise to let the left media placate to our concerns with Qanon? My point was not to use their sources to affirm what we know to be problematic with Qanon. For example, I will take it in a larger swirl. Some would use CNN’s Big Lie propaganda (because that is pretty much all CNN knows) as proof that Trump’s assertion there was voter fraud as proof this is a massive Trump deception. Look we are going to disagree on strong delusion and all that, but whatever our differences are biblically, I would say if the narrative we have CNN owns, it would be wise not to hold that view. Or at least jack it all up like i do…lol…and make it into your own balloon animal. lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No one in NAR is saying what I do. But plenty at CNN share the Qanon concern. I am not saying trust Qanon. At best its a cacophony of disinfo. Who can trust that…at best? I empathize with people caught in all manner of delusion there. But it is just principled and spiritually healthy to have spiritually higher thoughts than what CNN might triangulate for us or at least…with us. To me, they are equally Satanic and perhaps in that a heads up of sorts too.

So now you say because this seems to imitate the Bolsheviks, we now have spiritual insight as to what this situation is? There, see, I would still say that is reasoning extra biblically. You don’t know that. It could be. But oh my goodness, if this was to round up the conservatives…they suck…and we should laugh it off at a non-alcoholic bar. At least the Bolsheviks had grit and self awareness. What we are watching is a clown show with shoes too big not to fall all over. Its a pretty lame Bolshevik move if you ask me. But in this is my point. Coming to that conclusion like Teren says CNN is brain washing OR its gotta be the Bolsheviks (an either or)…um…yeah…I think more highly of you than that Gigi :kissing_heart: By the way, I in no way mean to minimize the onslaught the vax has brought us. That is severe and serious. The way I see that is somewhat of a marker of where we are at. A kind of necessary evil in a fallen world. Like a way to throw the globalists a monkey wrench they of course will pervert and kill with just like they did with keeping HCQ out of reach in the early days. But that is the state of the world. A forced vax or the end of the free world–which is the lesser of two evils? Some think its the same thing…I do not. Unfortunately we will likely see this as a global conspiracy. I understand and empathize with that. But I don’t see it the same way…for better or for worse, God so help me dear sister.

I know we differ on how the tribulation starts. That’s fine. I am just saying I am willing to say my view may not be correct. And the only credibility to my view though for you is “hey we should not be caught up in what the world is saying on CNN” …is what Teren thinks. So I’m going with the Bolsheviks. You know Gigi, its ok to say I sound “sound” sometimes…too…you know…dear sister…just for argument sake…or maybe just for kicks. So let me get this straight, you’re saying that CNN is accurate because its a Bolshevik thing?

. . . . .

Gigi I know it must seem at times like I may not be the easiest to pin down. I will help. But I am not here to espouse the world and mind of Teren. I love this forum as a home and a place to know ya’ll, to honor Pastor JD and to edify the saints. And at times I peek my head out. But i don’t exactly want my own forum. Although it may not seem that way…not that you are saying…but I know I like to go on and on and on …ok. So here. But I ask you to please be careful with this. For this is an extra biblical guess.

With all things considered my take is that Q is a conservative troll politically, and a rather sophisticated one at that. Perhaps another sign of our times and necessary evil. I think our world is as evil as we both see and have surmised. And we are in the choke hold of globalism. To offset that, to me, does not mean only an Hegelian Dialectic can emerge from this madness or because of it or even the cause of it. I think there are other ways of looking at this. As a political psyop it would clash conventional Christianity for its orbit is sociopolitical. And unfortunately many in the church would have been drawn in by it. In the early days I entertained it…but the only thing I could see is game theory…its just how I am wired. I may be totally incorrect. But in my view of game theory I don’t put any importance or any notion of a great awakening because I see this hugely as sociopolitical. Any religious beliefs emerging would be magnifying the hearts of where people are at. The church has had 2,000 years of doctrine and theologians and perhaps the real virus is also a psyop the church finds herself in the crosshairs of. The church should not be developing theology based on Q. To me, its a totally different universe. Unfortunately the church was pulled in and upstanding Pastors like JD rightly stood up to defend the church against the ills that come with perhaps a psyop. I understand he sees it as more. I see it as sociopolitical and the church is challenged in a Laodicean era to be built up in the word…not Trump or Q. But what that ultimately means, to me, is outside the scope of the church and outside the scope of politics. If its a dud we all move on. Or we find out Biden is Q…lol. But between now and 2022 November elections we will have a much better idea. Perhaps too late, I grant you that. But you and I have two philosophically different approaches (or at least we had) to how the tribulation starts. Yours by mass deception. Which for me is a given. But I would say it is far more under the sovereign hand of God during the age of grace and more a time of revealing than deception. I realize i am outnumbered here in my view. But I state it for you plainly again. But what I am saying is that if we think an Hegelian Dialectic takeover if where it is all going and that is not extra biblical philosophizing, well there we would disagree–i think it is every bit extra biblical as you might see my view be…and you’d be correct…but I believe so am I. Hey we are really close. If you are correct and I suck, I owe you a 100 year dinner in the kingdom to come. Cheers :wink:

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Could you expand on that ? Sounds like partial rapture theory to me.


6 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Ok what did this man do to honour Christ in his life ?

Luke 23:39-43

39 One of the criminals who were hanged there was [a]hurling abuse at Him, saying, “Are You not the [b]Christ? Save Yourself and us!” 40 But the other responded, and rebuking him, said, “Do you not even fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? 41 And we indeed are suffering justly, for we are receiving [c]what we deserve for our crimes; but this man has done nothing wrong.” 42 And he was saying, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” 43 And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

I am no different to that thief on the cross.

Maybe the only difference is that he asked Jesus to remember him when He went back. I am asking Jesus to remember me when He comes back.


So just to clarify how can these people be saved to begin with if they have to take a stand for Christ during the tribulation. This doesn’t add up.

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It sure doesn’t make sense when compared with the above.

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You are either going or you are not. You either believe or you don’t.


Are we not confusing the fruits of a righteous life and the rewards that are gained through living a faithful life in christ versus works ?

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Which gospel ?

Who is the those ? Why is it impossible ?

Who are the enemies of God ?

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Did those who tasted really eat to begin with ?

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The enemies of God are those who would not accept Jesus and follow Him. They are by definition directly opposed to the truth.

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I know they are different, they are both promises, but they are directed at both the same people, believers in Christ.

You either have all of it or none of it.

You are forgiven once or you are never forgiven.