Last Man Standing

Feeling :cry: today.

It feels like we are approaching the very last hour, within weeks or days, perhaps.

Boggles the mind how effective this evil campaign has been, tearing the world apart. “BUT GOD…”

Am I the only one who hasn’t had covid or a PCR test, or a vax or agreed to wear face diapers? My category is getting smaller and smaller and I feel all alone in it even though I know how God has been providing for me as I provide for others.

Still, it’s very :cry:


That was such an uplifting reply! :pray:

Thank you for taking the time to share that inspiring verse; it’s just what I needed to hear and affirms much.

Btw: I realize that i used a male noun, but that’s just what was in my heart to say. I’m actually a sister in Christ. :slight_smile:

Still, the headline speaks to how I feel as one by one, all those who were once close to me are drawn away or take a different path that separates us.

Perhaps it’s better stated, the path I choose separates ME from THEM but I can’t stay on the broad path any more than they are willing to take the narrow path.

The term “remnant believer” is really apt to our times but the Word shows many examples of this - God has always left a remnant amidst what seems like total destruction.


it appears “we” are greatly spread out instead of greatly concentrated in any area. I think God likes it that way, so we can light up for the truth all around the world. my husband and I fit into the category you describe. but we are of very few around here. I actually can’t think of anyone else I know personally in my area who hasn’t at least bowed to mask-wearing. be confident and unafraid, though it can be so sad to see, knowing you are lit up for God everywhere you go. not alone, just illuminating and standing out as such. <3


Last man standing. I love it. You feel alone but there’s still quite a few. God bless.


I don’t ware masks unless its going to cause a scene by refusing. I have not had covid that I know of, though I suspect I did back just before all this stupidity started. I have never been test or had a vaccine and I refuse to do either I also know a lot of people in the same boat. So that being said, you are not alone.


As in the time of Elijah, God has reserved a remnant of Believers for Himself.

You are not alone.

1 Kings 29:14 …I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.” …

18 Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.”


No you are not the only one. Many have not been sick, been tested for being sick or agreed to be masked. While for the purposes of peace in the office I do wear a clear plastic face shield that allows me to breath freely and really protects no one not even me, that is about the only time I play the game. Otherwise I live life as normal. I know of several others across the states that do the same. Yes the numbers may be dwindling because some are flipping and taking the jab even those who resisted the face diapers early on, but there will always be a few who stand their ground.


Beautiful poem!

How lucky you are to have had such a faith-filled Grandmother, who even to this day, gives you love and support through what she has left with you.

When I meet your granny in heaven, I would like to personally thank her for sharing that with me, through you. :blush:


Yes, we are.

But fortunately, He has provided this forum to make the way a little easier for us.

Thanks :blush:


Thanks :blush:

Glad you live in a place where there are like-minded people. Makes it easier.


That sounds like my strategy except that I left more of a corporate setting about 10 years ago so I didn’t have to bow down to what was already becoming complete liberal lunacy. God blessed that decision.

As a self-employed person, my business came to me, all year. I didn’t wear a mask, nor did my clients.

They are now vaxxed, as is most of my family, friends, neighbors, and the vaxxed putting a lot of pressure on me to join the party. I knew my decision to not vax would isolate me and limit my options but it’s just getting harder and harder to just say no.

I even think exposure to the vax in them made me sick but thank God, I was prepared for that and took what was needed to not become ill beyond just a few days of progressively worsening body aches and other symptoms.

I’m hearing a lot of stories like mine but not all with good outcomes, as the evil cabal has turned the vax into a self-replicating virus - but you can’t explain that to the docs in your family, cuz, you know… :roll_eyes:… you just can’t.


Can I ask what you took to not get ill? This shedding thing is becoming an issue. I’m hearing more and more stories. It sure seems that there is something going on.

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Brand name: Singulair

This is a goldmine of info about the many studies done that has informed this plannedemic.

Oh, look… this really safe and effective drug received a black block warning as soon as the world locked down. :thinking: Joined HCQ, Ivermectin & every other effective med that would treat this without the use of a vax:

These are the head people who know what’s going on. I have not watched the videos, yet:

However your best bet is to make White Pine needle tea for the secondary transmission issues. But it wouldn’t hurt to see PCP & get the montelukast too.

It’s super simple to make the tea. Just find a white pine, break some needles off and cut them up a little, boil water, turn the water off and plot the cleaned needles into the water. Pop the lid on and let it steep for 20 minutes.


Sip, ahhh … it’s really quite yummy. :yum:

There are many videos on YT at the moment you can research the science behind it, but I would move quickly on this as when the word gets out, this info will become suppressed. I’ve already seen videos being effected.

There are a lot of other meds and plants that will help, ACE inhibitors, aspirin, look over the pub med studies for an idea plus there’s a list of meds that are correlated with better outcomes if patients are on them when they contract covid.

I personally take chloroquine, ivermectin and herbs, prophylactically. I’m trying to wean myself off anything prescription because we won’t be able to use medical system soon.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

I’m new to foraging and using wild plants medicinally but I’m trying to get up-to-speed quickly.

I think there is a messaging option here so feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

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Even in Cali there are some of us left… although we have no choice about wearing the mask if we want to go into stores which I only rarely do in cases where I have no choice (like I had to go to Costco pharmacy to get my dog some meds the vet called in last month).

I really wish I knew what type of pine tree is in my back yard. It was a tiny thing when I bought the house, not as tall as me, but now it’s huge.

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Hi Violet, here is a link to a file that will answer questions about pine identification and the chemical in it that is effective against the jab plus the political and historical context.

U do need to be careful to not boil this in water as you will make turpentine. Just try a sip at first to test for allergies and take it slow.

There are other trees besides white pine that can be used, they list them here plus some to avoid.

I’ve lived here since 1986 and have pine needles and cones raining down on my yard, yet, I never really paid attention to the tree or noticed its medicinal value - until now.

In Cali, there might not be an abundance of white pines as it’s a northeast tree but you can order the needles or buy a tree if needed. Or find a sister willing to ship you some. :wink:

Have you heard of Peggy Hall? She’s a no mask / no vax activist, focusing on grass roots and constitutional rights. She has weekly Sunday morning beach church services, and provides a lot of materials for people to download and print out for use in going mask & vax free, fighting discrimination, dealing with all kinds of situations.


You’re not as alone as you think and, reading your post…neither am I :smiley:

Keep on keepin on!!:+1:t4::heart::pray:t4:


You, too, Tony :blush::pray::wave:


Yes, it is saddening :crying_cat_face: to see one Christian friend after another choose to have the ‘jab’, especially when we have tried to warn them of the dangers. And I find it even more troubling when our unbelieving friends get the ‘jab.’

Have you seen Pastor J.D.'s message about Kadesh Barnea and the only 2 faithful spies? It might encourage you at this point in time. Now I forget if it was a Prophecy Update or a sermon. Think it was the update week of June 6th.

I know you know you’re not really alone. Jesus our Lord was the pre-eminent Last Man Standing - “Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.” (Matthew 26.56b)

Praying :pray: for you today,

Your sister in Christ. :heart:

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June 6th Bible Prophecy Update

Approx 13 minutes into the video.

@RMS - definitely not the only one, and certainly not alone.

A rock of a promise for these days:

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Yours in Christ


You should have told that to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, innumerable tornadoes, floods, etc.

Not to be prepared for the unexpected is not something to boast about.

Just my opinion, don’t want to cause more “chuckling” in Heaven.