Last Man Standing

Even in Cali there are some of us left… although we have no choice about wearing the mask if we want to go into stores which I only rarely do in cases where I have no choice (like I had to go to Costco pharmacy to get my dog some meds the vet called in last month).

I really wish I knew what type of pine tree is in my back yard. It was a tiny thing when I bought the house, not as tall as me, but now it’s huge.

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Hi Violet, here is a link to a file that will answer questions about pine identification and the chemical in it that is effective against the jab plus the political and historical context.

U do need to be careful to not boil this in water as you will make turpentine. Just try a sip at first to test for allergies and take it slow.

There are other trees besides white pine that can be used, they list them here plus some to avoid.

I’ve lived here since 1986 and have pine needles and cones raining down on my yard, yet, I never really paid attention to the tree or noticed its medicinal value - until now.

In Cali, there might not be an abundance of white pines as it’s a northeast tree but you can order the needles or buy a tree if needed. Or find a sister willing to ship you some. :wink:

Have you heard of Peggy Hall? She’s a no mask / no vax activist, focusing on grass roots and constitutional rights. She has weekly Sunday morning beach church services, and provides a lot of materials for people to download and print out for use in going mask & vax free, fighting discrimination, dealing with all kinds of situations.


You’re not as alone as you think and, reading your post…neither am I :smiley:

Keep on keepin on!!:+1:t4::heart::pray:t4:


You, too, Tony :blush::pray::wave:


Yes, it is saddening :crying_cat_face: to see one Christian friend after another choose to have the ‘jab’, especially when we have tried to warn them of the dangers. And I find it even more troubling when our unbelieving friends get the ‘jab.’

Have you seen Pastor J.D.'s message about Kadesh Barnea and the only 2 faithful spies? It might encourage you at this point in time. Now I forget if it was a Prophecy Update or a sermon. Think it was the update week of June 6th.

I know you know you’re not really alone. Jesus our Lord was the pre-eminent Last Man Standing - “Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.” (Matthew 26.56b)

Praying :pray: for you today,

Your sister in Christ. :heart:

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June 6th Bible Prophecy Update

Approx 13 minutes into the video.

@RMS - definitely not the only one, and certainly not alone.

A rock of a promise for these days:

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Yours in Christ


You should have told that to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, innumerable tornadoes, floods, etc.

Not to be prepared for the unexpected is not something to boast about.

Just my opinion, don’t want to cause more “chuckling” in Heaven.


I have a wife and four young kids. I’m allllllways trying to prepare for anything. I think it’s quite proper.


I had not watched the videos, as I stated, which was something of a disclaimer to anyone who read the post.

I’m gonna completely agree with you about what you just said. Thank you for being honest and saying what you felt prompted to say as a brother or sister in Christ. He wants us to correct each other when needed and it’s an obligation we have to each other, in Jesus’ name.

I have concerns with how entangled the pagan and satanic arts sometimes become with the Godly, common sense that He gave us - and expects us to use wisely - as faithful stewards of this earth.

Therefore, I try to remember always that Jesus is the author and finisher of all things, to stay in submission to that, and to not be drawn into the dark arts when all I’m trying to do is use what He gives us in abundance for healing and health. This is what I have felt I need to do not just for myself but for those around me, who will find out soon enough - or be a victim of - what evil people have done to the deceived. God isn’t finished with us yet, there’s still time to demonstrate his love to the unsaved and provide hopefully useful advice to the saved.

Many blessings to you, :heart: :pray:


Not sure why you are taking offense. My comment was figurative.

Please do not see a rebuke where none was given.

Please remember that your words effect your readers, we all have a responsibility to avoid using words or comments that could cause hurt or anxiety in those on this forum that are very susceptible to others comments and opinions.

I forgive you and don’t believe you intentionally tried to cast a shadow on any here who choose to prepare for unknown eventualities.

I here ya, I can’t say I have heard from the Lord not to worry. But inspite of all the crazy going on in the world I feel pretty at ease. Nothing wrong with “prepping” but at the same time we can’t be trusting in our supplies and whatever else we have “prepped” to keep us safe and out of trouble. Better to trust in God, He has all this covered.


I’m right there with you!

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I haven’t had covid or a pcr test or a vax , and no masks for me :heart:


This is a complicated issue that tends to separate people but it really shouldn’t.

For example, it’s godly to be prepared and take care of one’s family. You’re doing exactly what is expected of you as a husband and father.

I am a woman in my early 60’s, long past the young children of my own stage, but I have infant grandchildren now and young adult kids who have to work jobs that are demanding and it’s appropriate for me to help out, just as my grandparents did for my parents and us grandkids back in the day.

What we have now that they didn’t have back then was a crazy mixed-up world & every institution now is corrupt:

2 Timothy 3

So is it “prepping” or “adapting to change” for one to learn survival skills and prepare for hard times? I’m guessing that the answer is: both.

Most of the Bible is about instruction to individuals and groups of people: Go here, go there, do this, don’t do that. It was important to listen and obey, despite what anyone else thought or said or wanted. It was important to get it right, not almost right or kinda right or mostly right.

If people have something they feel led to do from the spirit then high time to do it! :wink:

Caveat: I may feel led to eat the entire chocolate cake with a half-gallon of ice cream but that goes against the word or God.

So if I cross-reference the prompting to the Word of God, pray and perhaps seek counsel, perform my due diligence, if after all that I have peace, it would be reasonable to proceed.


I have to decide to get a covid test to be around my new grandbaby; their pressure to get granny vaxxed has failed and they know I won’t budge on that.

Where I could compromise is to spit in a tube but I would be giving my DNA to the Beast.

Ohhhh big fat :weary: !!!

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That is horrible to make such an ultimatum.

What’s next, you have to install tracking software on your phone or give the names of anyone near you who isn’t vaccinated?

We know that ultimately people will have to swear allegiance to the AC to have any “freedom”.

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I had to get a test for my employer. Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line. I didn’t want to either but it’s the world we live in.


I know, right?

I’ve thus far refused to have my head scanned,a made sure any health apps on my phone are not allowed, refused to submit my name or phone number.


As the number of those who refuse to be used like cattle gets smaller and smaller you will see incentives for their friends, family, “brothers & sisters” to turn them in “for their own good”.

Maybe they will get a free donut.