Last Man Standing

I always wondered about that verse. Didn’t sound like transportation. I read Psalm 2 differently, as well. I never paid it much mind. I prayed fervently for God to reveal His truth and expose all lies and wrote it in many comments. One of the first things I was led to was that Psalm. I saw the Davos group plotting how to separate us from God and I learned about Luciferase from Dr. Carrie Madej. All the pieces are in place for the mark.

A dear elderly lady I have adopted as an aunt was talked into the first vax dose despite my expressing my concerns and providing some facts to her.I knew she wasn’t able to retain much information. There is nothing wrong with her cognitively. She is simply a caring, trusting Christian lady, in the true sense of the word. She is a friend of my mom who raised her husband’s children but had none of her own. Her family lives in America and she longs to see a sweet newborn baby there. She enjoys photos but the longing is so great, she got the second one. In her head, she knows how dangerous the vax is but her heart told her it was her only chance to see the darling baby girl with beautiful red hair, she knew we would not be happy when she told us but I told her that Jesus knows she loves him so no matter when she dies, the vax won’t change her relationship with the Lord. We have another vaxed friend who had a severe stroke and new AFIB and tachycardia. She has been in hospital for three weeks unable to swallow or leave her bed. I love these dear ladies. It is so cruel to dangle promises of freedom to travel, when it likely won’t happen. You shouldn’t have to submit to the awful and unreliable PCR test to see family but I pray that no harm will befall you if you do. I won’t accept the jab period but if I could visit my family who live about 1,000 miles from me, I would likely accept the test. Like my dear friend, I realize that unless God intervenes, there is only a slim chance I will see them again in this lifetime.


I’d love to know more about your making of the colloidal silver! It’s a blessing for infection for sure, but very expensive! I have used it in the past, and it’s worked well for ear and sinus infections. Are you taking this every day as a preventative? Thanks so much for entertaining my questions! :relaxed:( I see the responses now, and will look into the device you shared. Thanks so much!)

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Thanks so much for the info. I think it’s a definite buy in my near future.
And being blue would not even bother me, even if it was true. :laughing:


Oh, this story is breaking my heart. :sob:

I feel so badly for the people involved and understand completely why they made that choice.

Being where I was this weekend, I can see how tempting it is to just give in to the tests, the jab, to enjoy the freedom it bestows upon the jabbed as well as the approval of the people who are in the freedom-zone while the uncax’d are just freaks.

Having said that, it’s my opinion that those of us who are staying strong and continuing to refuse to submit to this nonsense are playing an important role in holding back the evil and reminding others of what normal, healthy relationships are and what taking charge of your own health looks like.

The pressure is only going to get worse.

I am SHOCKED at how quickly the reality of most of the world has become so perverted. And this IS THE NEW NORMAL; we really are outsiders, looking in.

The NWO really is after us. The minions are in the stage of exerting pressure now but that is going to morph soon. We need to realize this and be prepared.

The rapture or the beheadings will be happening soon. Maranatha, come quickly Jesus.



This looks interesting; at the very least, it explains the process.

The cost to DIY is not less than the cost of the machine you use but it does yield fresher product for far less than those commercially available, and it offers the option of using batteries vs electrical outlet.

Of course this would challenge me on every level but I was wondering what you thought about this method?

I know there are ways to make it using silver coins I’m just concerned about obtaining genuinely high quality silver.


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Dear Friend, I know you are exactly right. Today, I have a mission to complete. Please pray God’s blessing on this effort. Where I live, I am surrounded by Pride flags. Anyone who expresses Christian values is vilified, even priests or pastors. I have not lived here long so don’t know anyone very well. I retired following an accident that caused some vision loss that cannot be corrected by glasses and memory loss. God told me in a dream about my accident and people would tell me how lucky I was just as they did that day. The people showed me my accident on an old film reel. I even saw what I would be wearing a long shirt I did not yet own. The dream told me clearly That I would be okay and I am. I moved where I am now because I could no longer work and I felt the Holy Spirit bringing me here. Now, I know a family man, his wife and children. Parents are amazing.they are very kind and the children are so sweet. I feel God calling me to warn them of what is to come. I have some copies of VAERS reports I will give him hopefully before they can get children vaccinated. I know they occasionally attend an apostate church with a family member. We are locked down now in a rural setting with lots of distance between houses. I am preparing an envelope to place in his mailbox. I would rather speak to them directly but I can’t think how to arrange that. I don’t necessarily want my identity to be a secret. I recently learned about ABC’s of Salvation. I am going to print a copy and include it in the envelope, along with a brief note and copy of RobertFKennedy’s website can’t remember the name but it is dedicated to children not getting the jab. I am interested in your input and value your prayers. I want God to be exalted in their lives. I am having a heavy brain fog day today and I am very sleepy. Not unusual but more than usual. Come soon, Lord Jesus! MARANATHA



Praying for you Debrah! God, bless Debrah and her work for your Kingdom. Father please open the eyes of this family. Help them to see you in their lives and your work from your servant Debrah. May you equip Debrah for every good deed in this environment she is in Lord. Holy Spirit please go before her and open the eyes of their heart for your truth. We pray all this in Jesus’ name, Amen


Debrah, hey sister. Hope your brain fog has lifted and you’re feeling better. I’m sure you’ve learned to take it one day at a time and be grateful for the little blessings :cherry_blossom: :swan: :partly_sunny: :pizza: :blush:

When I’m faced with a situation like this, I try to wait on the Lord’s timing and proceed when I feel peace that it’s the right time. I find that opportunities pop up when I least expect them!

I had a prompting to go to a hardware store the other day and by way of talking to young adults about technology, I was able to bring up the MOB which I called a QR bar code and witness to them that it’s coming and to not accept it. One kid freaked out about it and I said, “Don’t worry. Just find Jesus and you’ll be ok.” Very casual, very confident but in a good way,” I was so grateful to be able to reach these kids!!

The opportunity presented itself and I asked the Lord each step of the way what He wanted me to say. I just planted seeds but that’s all I was asked to do. Maybe someone else will water them, maybe one or more will look stuff up and be led by a third person, … clearly, the Lord wanted me there for a reason and I felt led to be there. Wasn’t expecting anything but yay :grin:!!


Excellent! I will focus on praying for his timing and direction. Wonderful testimony for the presence and love of God and our roles in His Service. I love when Godly children speak up for His glory. Your heart must have leapt with joy. My brain fog isn’t too bad today. I am grateful to God that he preserved my life and I am confident he has allowed me everything I need till my last breath on earth. I do love this forum. It’s a real blessing. You brought a big smile to my face.

Your sister in Christ

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Thank you and God Bless you.

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How are you doing, IDoBelieve? :sun_with_face:

I am doing okay thank you. Visited a friend today outside Covid restriction style. Haven’t seen anyone in forever. All Christians. 3 of 4 of us are avid no jabbers. was nice to hear some common sense. I am getting a strong feeling that there aren’t many of us on either count where we are and even less who know what is happening to Canada. How are you RMS?

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Hey that’s good to hear you’re meeting with Christians outdoors. Every time we can get together with others of like-mind, it’s uplifting. :smiley:

In general, things are going well, considering these crazy, dark times we live in - which are getting crazier and darker by the minute.

It’s been easier for me since they reversed the mandates … that I have ignored all along anyway … but it felt less restrictive when life began to look & feel more normal. Still I didn’t get out that much for the longest time, finally got moving and lost some of that fear.

Kids still pressuring me to vax. Still an issue with my newest grandbaby. Still refusing to budge on this issue but I won’t suit-up like an astronaut again, either. Poor babies; that was so scary for them.

Still working but for how long who knows?

A bit more worried about the crazy weather & mandates are back again.

Looking up, sister, looking up! :cloud:

So you removed the post but I read it anyway. I would say generally what you mentioned as a lead in or a stepping stone especially as a means to identify those who will not get the jab is most definitely a lead in to who will not take the MOB.

I look at it this way. Scripture is filled with instances where God both for the people of Israel as in the Exodus worked up to the final move or in the case of discipline gave warning after warning. Even Sodom had a little time before He lowered the boom. So the time we have now and the things we are seeing I believe are warnings for those that eyes to see and ears to hear. I believe Jesus is very close at hand and the only reason we have not been called is to give some of the holdouts a little more time to repent and seek salvation. I am pretty sure there are fence sitters waking up daily and it is for their sakes Jesus tarries.

Now as for the actual vax and its abilities that is hard to determine. I have to rely on what a number of doctors and whistle blowers are saying about it. Even though they don’t have all the details they can ascertain enough information to have a good idea about what it is really intended to be used for and almost to a person that would be massive depopulation.

The other side of that is also what you said about it being a control measure as a picture of how Nazis gained control over the nation and segregated out the Jews, gypsies, and Poles. Forcing the vax as a means to work, shop, travel is all about knowing who will play along and who will resist. And that is something they desperately want to know so as to isolate them from mounting some kind of rebellion which would be difficult at best but impossible if such a rebellion does not start immediately which it will not.

So your assumptions are pretty much on target and accurate. Individual details may be sketchy but, the over all premise is pretty accurate. It falls in line with what most people are seeing happening all over the world. Just remember the last remaining vestiges of legal liberty is the US Constitution. That is why it is being taken apart bit by bit utilizing a faked medical emergency as the means to bring it about.


Hey brother, thanks :pray:

Yeah I removed it because I wasn’t ok with how I wrote it up; it was not concise and it was also a bit scary :worried: which we Christians don’t need more of at the moment.

Reader Beware, the below might be true but disturbing to certain readers:

It was incomplete with regards to the Nazi model because I would have added that if anything was a beta test, it would be China. That’s ground-zero for the rollout and they have ambitions to take over the world completely, with absolute control of everyone.

They are controlling goods and materials and to a large extent, telecommunications/ media, control the POTUS, WHO, academia, R&D, pharmaceuticals etc. China is neck-deep in it but the things we are seeing end-times social and technological changes rollout from China, FIRST!

We buy our iPhones from there, built under slave labor conditions, that are being used to spy on us, track & trace us, and will tie us to the vaccine passports prior to the physical tattoo of the MOB.

All the rest, from covid to lockdowns to vaxxing to social score to acceptable genocide and horrific human rights abuses against anyone who isn’t genetically THEM, or who dissents or who is of any religion other than their state-sponsored apostasy is originating in China, FIRST.

(I’m also of the belief that Israel is neck-deep into this too in their own way, but that’s another story. (Hey, Jesus called them the Church of Satan, so don’t dismiss this as being anti-Semitic.) )

My query was, is this going to happen to Christians who refuse the MOB? Nazis did same thing in WWII as the CCP is doing now. Holocaust but at a horror cost. Sad play on words. :frowning:

My other point that I didn’t add was regarding the social credit scoring of their own citizens into various tiers, which will afford those at the TOP the ability to live in society, have and raise children, pass down their genes. Obviously, that privilege decreases as you go down the rungs of the social credit score ladder.

Everything Jesus did or spoke about, China is doing the opposite, and that is expanding outwardly throughout the world using covid / vax as the vehicle to move it into western society. They weaponized us against OURSELVES!

Of course China is not the author of this, they are a country that is particularly good at stealing original thought and making cheap knock-offs so they were perfect for the puppet master to use to further Satan’s plans. Their playbook is The Art of War.

It would be realllllllly great if those being absorbed into the CCP would get some awareness of this and stop actually helping them along. (Sarcasm mine)

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Hi RMS, I am intrigued by China’s efforts to overcome the world with their substandard products (for the most part) and sneaky deceptions like TikTok and my IPhone with Emojis that take my photo and drops my calls at certain points in my conversations. One day, I will take a hammer to it. I am sure I will not be amused when Justin summons the Dragon to help him subdue and control the resistance but I certainly won’t be surprised. The scripture tells us clearly who is our enemy. I pray that God keeps me busy till he returns. What a glorious, beautiful, joyful day that will be!

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Hahaha sister u always make me smile with your clever way with words!

I’m still chuckling … thanks :blush:

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Excellent observations. Yes China is becoming a big player in the end times scenario. What they do at home and their reach into other parts of the world is scary if you have a secular world view.

Yes it is getting tough for everybody. I just found out that am being forced into an early retirement because federal employees will have to vaccinate or jump through a ton of hoops. Looks like I won’t get my year and half more like I wanted. I am being put in a position to dig down deep to trust Jesus from here on out. I can’t get back to Japan where I would love to retire and I am not sure yet if I can make it back down to the Gulf Coast to help my sister out as she recovers from the massive hurricane that destroyed my home town last year. Tough times are coming hard and fast starting now. Get ready because I think we will all have to face them in some form or other. I am thinking this is a testing time to see if we really have the faith we think we do. Stuck on the idea of wheat and tares as well the silversmith purification in the fire removing the dross. Gonna get hot as we get purified.


Wow :hushed: that’s a lotta stuff.

And yes I agree we are all crossing our individual bridges at different points but we will need to cross them, no doubt about it.

Check this website out. Peggy, from the The Healthy American, offers many great ideas and materials - mostly free of charge - to help people know their rights including medical and religious exemptions & stand up to government overreach.

The bottom line is that you have decisions to make, yes? But you have choices and more power than you probably realize right now.

Good luck, brother. I know you will be leaning on the Lord all the way.


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