Last Man Standing

Amen to that, Sister :hugs:

Thanks again for that beautifully written post.

I am agreement with you premise. No this vax is not the MOB. But it is most suredly the foundation be place for the MOB. In Pakistan they are already stating in one province those refusing the vaccine will have the cell phone service turned off. When you consider how much commerce, communications, etc. that goes on via a person’s cell phone these days it is easy to see how the future MOB program will be rolled out and enforce.

WIth the extreme level of reliance in online purchases for all things including groceries(I saw on a door step last week a bag with two half gallon cartens of milk which were quite warm to the touch, probably already bad, the ability to buy is anchored heavily in people’s cell phones already. Throw in COVID travel restrictions and access to basic necessities like local stores and banks, you have a very strong foundation in place for the next level we see coming and that is total restriction to movement if you don’t have a vaccine passport. It is not there yet but it sure looks like it is coming.

And yes to refuse now only strengthens our resolve later for more invasive and oppressive governmental actions to come in the not to distant future.

Edit add: Ok my wife is a Japanese citizen. Even though we have lived the past 38 years in the US she has only maintained a green card status. That being said she travels back to Japan each year in the summer to take care of affairs their, home, family, etc.

For her to travel she is required to take a very specialized PCR test and if she passes she is required a full two week quarantine anyway. Now here is where it gets interesting. My rebellious nature had to ask how will they know if she stays in the home for two weeks. Her reply was that they use your cell phone. They force you to download a GPS tracking app to know if you leave the house and go anywhere. So of course my rebellious and hacker nature had to ask what if you just leave it at home or don’t have one. This is where it got real interesting. If you don’t have a cell phone you are required to rent one. They don’t give you one for a short term loan, no YOU have to spend your money and rent theirs for the two weeks time. I also asked what if you leave it at home to go out. No dice, you will not be allowed into any place if you do not have a cell phone to be checked, probably scan a QR code. This appears to be more of the foundation being set for the coming MOB.


I love that anolgy!


Wow you’ve made some really good observations and deductions.

It sounds completely like this is the process they will use and are rolling out now.

If you’re comfortable sharing how it goes with your wife & her travels to Japan, or perhaps not depending on what she is willing to submit to, I would appreciate hearing.

Good luck to you both. Things are getting real now.


Well as far as her dealings with the authorities through the process, I can share that. Anyone traveling to Japan will go through the very same process. One thing she is considering because she does not like being forced to having apps on her personal phone that she did not choose, she may well rent the phone for two weeks with her off and put away till the rental has been returned. I mess around with hacking, so I let her know all the dangers that out there as I find them. She was shocked that just having your phone on, wifi or bluetooth enabled is all that an accomplished hacker can use to get into your phone. As such she is much more careful about when she turns on wifi. Even then just having any ability to an internet connection leaves you open but harder to do. Generally state level hackers are the only ones that mess with you that way. Now that is a good thing because if your wifi is turned off, your bluetooth is disabled and you get hacked you have a good idea who is doing it, someone within the government most likely.

But I am getting long winded again. Yes I will update as I get info.


Everyone who doesn’t accept has chance to share with others and grow in faith. God Bless.


:pray: thanks

No not long-winded at all. I appreciate hearing your ideas on these subjects.

A couple of my own :bulb::

  1. UK is moving towards “no jab, no service,” even though everyone is paying into the universal health care system there. They framed it, initially at least, as no jab, no care for you if you get covid, buts really no jab, no service at all.

I’m seeing a lot of movement towards making access to health care a real problem. Controlling anyone who is within the system to comply, and they were the first ones jabbed to begin with so they will be the first to die if this turns dearly.

They are outsourcing functions within hospitals and you know what the purpose of that is, compartmentalizing is a strategy of big companies- usually violating antitrust laws to the max, too - it allows for complete stonewalling of consumers to redress grievances and allows for underground parallel “deep state” operations. The major corporations are all like this or are becoming more like this as all institutions become dragged into the STATE, as you have called it.


Bingo. You see it very clearly. It all seems to be leading to what we know of the MOB and the affect on those that refuse it. They will have to live some form of underground life outside the system. But the current actions we see happening are all moving in the very direction of all that is said in Revelation about the MOB.


It’s a despotic & dystopic technocracy in the form of a medical dictatorship. For starters! And it only happened because we let it. If you think about it, most of us are employed by it in some capacity! It’s hard to separate the “they” from the “us.”

Well it makes sense that the Beast system will manipulate all facets of society and the physical world we live in, to close all loopholes and block all exits. They have satellites in the near-earth atmosphere, 5G towers and underground facilities in the ocean , huge underground bunkers worldwide, now they’re trying to colonize our closest celestial neighborhood, and main space force capabilities.

There really is no place anyone can go to escape detection. Add to that, the AI algorithms have ensured that they know us better than we know ourselves.

They know our strengths, fears, coping mechanisms, how we will reaction to any given stimulus, and especially, where our Achilles Heel is. They want to destroy our connection to our Heavenly Father via the Holy Spirit, thereby negating what Jesus, the Son of God, did for us on the cross. Which is why we will be raptured, and soon.


Pretty accurate assessment. They got us 9 ways from Sunday or will soon have us that way. If people only understood how bad it is that things like AI have a long term inherent danger they would not let it happen but it was done like the frog in the pot. We will be boiled before we know we have died.


I heard the QR thing from someone in Australia.

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In the case of my wife, the QR code is on a piece of paper and acts as a quick link to the app sites for down load. Now that does not mean that somewhere down the road QR codes won’t be used as a form of vax ID. It is very possible. The trick is getting one on your phone even if you have not gotten the vax.

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I saw a disturbing representation of how Covid vax can be used to inject a. Chip that could hold medical data. It would be visible using an iPhone app. Believe it or not, a product called Luciferase is used to illuminate the chip. Patent 2020060606 for the process. Dr. Carrie Madej has put out a video outlining this process. I think they are hiding the 060606 part now. Bill Gates et al likely believe that if they get it into our bodies, God wont forgive us. They don’t know our Lord that he wouldn’t condemn us for something we know nothing about. It also must go with worship of the antichrist. The elite are certainly trying to separate us from God, see bill gates and FunVax. They will not succeed. God wont let it happen. I see Psalm 91 KJV as the Davos group plotting to cut us off from God. I wrote that when I was tired. Psalm 91 calms me. Psalm 2 KJV is the one. Thank you for reading,


Yes it is possible to implant a chip the size of a small rice grain under the skin with an injection needle. There are already people walking around with chip implants at this time. They work as RFID like a card shaped door pass or a fob door pass. They are passive in nature which means they do nothing till the come in contact with a specific frequency which a door lock/sensor send out. Once the chip receives the signal it wakes up, takes power from the signal and then sends out a code that the door lock is looking for. Once the code is received the door unlocks. It is the level of capability that is coming to such micro electronics that is really scary. For instance the chip at some point will be able to store more than a few bits of data. It will be able to store a lot of bytes. Some bytes will be ID of person, some will be ID of financial institution for buying and selling. It will hold code to distinguish between data and send that which is necessary. It is also said that it may well be able to tap into the bodies electrochemical reactions for power and do even more. Considering that it appears nano particles may be included in the current vax, probably as a test run, that such nano particles could be activated to do other things down the road. Considering the are inside the body moving through the blood stream which will move through the brain, those nano particles could possibly affect thoughts, sensory elements of sight, touch, hearing, etc. At that level if they have managed to coordinate all the technology the things they can accomplish which can create a form of control unlike anything ever seen before.

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Thank you BayouBushi for your easily understood explanation. It’s all very scary. Like the idea that a vaccine could be used to tamper with “God gene” (FunVax) or that they even think they can. It is so indicative of the time we are in and how close we are to Tribulation. I wonder if what you wrote explains the magnetic effect on people’s skin near vaccination site. They are trying to move magnetized particles through the body. I saw a presentation made by Carl Sanders an engineer who worked for IBM in the 1960s. He said there were people with those chips implanted. He learned that Body temperature is best in forehead or wrist. I am determined not to accept the needle. I prayed to God that He reveal His truth and expose all lies. I am learning a lot.


I’ll offer everyone a little perspective on what we’re dealing with:

  1. At this point, it is safe to say that everyone has been exposed, with very, very few exceptions.
  2. Early into this whole event, two large prisons tested all of their inmates. They were shocked to find two results: all inmates had been exposed, and - 95% DID NOT DISPLAY ANY SYMPTOMS. It is reasonable to expect this to be the case in any population.
  3. Illnesses and deaths parallel, quite literally, influenza deaths, which surprisingly nobody had last year. Those over 70 with an average of about 3 predisposing conditions fared poorest: Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, followed by immune suppression related to cancer and PREVIOUSLY UNDIAGNOSED ILLNESSES. Those people are worthy of prayer and remembrance, because:
  4. .1-.5% of hospitalized patients are dying NOT because others are not getting vaccinated. Rather, they are dying because a man-made virus “escaped” the facility where it was being made by a virologist who had made her career about “gain of function” research with this virus. There are more details, but suffice it to say since it was new to the human herd immune system, predictably, the weakest amongst us suffered, again, not because others have wisely not taken part in the most sinister, evil medical experiment ever committed since Nazi Germany and the Tuskegee Experiments.

None of this really helps those faced with serious consequences if they decline to partake of what I call “Satan’s Communion”, but maybe it shores up weakening resolve. Rest assured, at least 50% of the population is with you. It is alarming to me the number who have not only bought into the deception, but are now turning on others who haven’t.

But God, as a well known Pastor is famous for saying…

All the Students of Prophecy believe we are in a high watch season for the Rapture. Our own Red Sea moment. I do not believe our Lord will let his bride suffer damning consequences before returning for her; better stated, the Father will send the Son for His Bride before then. Speaking for myself, I constantly have to refocus on Jesus’ imminent return after looking at the signs of the times threatens to shake me. So, all of this to say none who are saying “no” are alone, and…all of this was destined before the creation of the world. Let me refer you to the book “Discovering Jesus In The Old Testament” by Nancy Guthrie. I ordered it and got immediate Kindle access; intended to be a year study, I’ll be lucky to stretch it a week. That’s the kind of shot in the arm we need, and I highly recommend it. I place all my worries at the foot of the cross and try to leave them there.

In closing, your concerns and stress are valid, but as believers, we can depend on our Lord and share one another’s burdens. May God’s Face shine upon us all, may His hand stay us from evil, and even so, come, Lord Jesus come.

Old Guy in The Mountains


Google Responds to Claims It Secretly Installed COVID-19 Tracking App on Users’ Phones

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Greetings watchman, I am struggling with the knowledge that thousands and thousands of people have died from Satan’s cup and still people will have a second cup and give their babies a sip too. I have spent a lot of time searching the VAERS reports and I am hearing the age for a jab lowered and the lie repeated, “the benefits outweigh the risks”. I want to make a million copies of all the reports and run up and down the streets of the closest big city, littering the streets and handing out copies to everyone. There is no one in the streets around me. CBC, aka our state controlled media and our PM haven’t told the truth in so long, they would probably turn into a pillar of salt if they tried. Still I know the Truth and my heart is aching.

I know the people around me who are vaxed and get sick will be told to blame those of us who will not accept the jab no matter what. That bothers me a whole lot less than the image of big hands clad in surgical gloves wrapped around little arms and the cursed jab. Brings to mind the little girls getting “vaccinated” by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for HPV, the sweet smiling face of an infant tribal Indian girl. A high pitched cry and the images of injured, crippled girls, some sick in beds and the knowledge that many died and Bill and Melinda Gates moved on to treat disadvantaged children in Africa. Now, they are after children everywhere. I hear Bill Gates’ voice. “ I mean we are just taking the you know We just jam them in the girls’ arms. God I know you will hold the helpless innocent ones in your loving arms. We will all be with you soon. We love you!


Your heartfelt comment has truly touched my heart, dear sister.

How such an evil as poisoning babies and girls could be allowed, to destroy such innocence … it is almost beyond comprehension. And even though the facts are know, this predator is still in business, peddling his poison.

Merciful God will be taking all the babies home to be with Him soon; perhaps even as soon as this weekend.

Any babies born after this mass vax will be automatically jabbed at birth, and moms who take the vax will trans-generationally pass on the effects of the DNA modification to their babies. I’m hearing terrible things about miscarriages in moms vax’d during pregnancy. God help anyone left behind.

I’m meeting my new granddaughter this weekend. And yes, I still refused to take the jab. If the rumors are true about the miscarriages, then somehow my kids managed to be protected & I’m praising God for that!! Grandbaby seems to be ok. Some effects won’t be seen for years.