Leaving the Forum 😘

The reasons are insignificant. I’m not getting the jab and haven’t been captured by the commies :wink:.

I didn’t want to merely vanish and have you think for even a second that you never mattered or that I haven’t prayed for you. Blessings to you all. Fight for your God-granted liberties. We must fight against fear. And above all, don’t give up on God.


I am sorry to hear you are leaving. I guess we will see you in the clouds!? God bless. X


I am sorry to hear you are leaving. May God continue to bless you and keep you and your family, Tony. :heart:


The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” Jn.3:8
Sorry to see you go, but you must go where led. Maybe you will return someday, I have come and gone a few times. Warmly Doc Blessings :+1:


Blessings to you, Romans1013!

Numerous people have had to take time away. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’ve had to do that a couple of times myself. And I find that I can’t read every post or watch every video, I would do that all day every day and never ever get done.

If you should happen to find yourself wanting to come back in the future, I hope you will. I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts from time to time though I’m a “habitual skimmer”. :wink:

Take care!


Trust me, a self imposed exile can get lonely, so don’t be afraid to come back.


I’m sorry to hear you are leaving. I do understand you have to do what’s best for you. Thank you for being a support to me and praying and encouraging so many here.

Till we all meet again…in the sky.

Blessings and God be with you,



You may leave but you are remaining in my heart, Tony. I will miss seeing you here but I pray you may return. Whether you leave and return or leave for good, I will look forward to seeing you at home when we are called there. If you ever decide to come back, know many of us will be thankful you are among us.


I would not put it that way. The reasons are the reasons you are making the decision. If not for reasons you would not have made the decision. That being said, your choice, so do what you have to do. I am sure the Mods will keep the door unlocked and play Tom Bodet for you and leave the light on if you should pass this way again. God speed and may he protect and bless you.


God Bless you Tony !!! I pray all is well and we will miss you.



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Sweet friends I thank you for the kind words.

Oh please don’t leave, @anon17134780 Tony. Step away but please reconsider!


I really don’t know how to step away. I’ve tried it before and failed. Ironically at the moment there’s actually a technical difficulty with my account that isn’t allowing me to delete. Our fabulous mods are aware. It’s a glitch….or. a God thing …or both :man_shrugging:t2:.

It’s my understanding that if an account is deleted then there goes that member’s contributed content. Maybe that’s just not supposed to happen at this moment. Like everyone else here, I always want my participation to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters.

So at this point I’m waiting on God’s signal. Thanks again to everyone for being so kind to me and in general for making this forum such a wonderful place to be.



ive enjoyed your photos and i appreciate your kind prayers. God’s love is shining through you. :yellow_heart:

Hope you continue to allow God to bless others through you.


you have truly been a blessing to me Tony and made me smile many times… I thank you for that…


I pray you stay and just take a break. Refresh , reset (ewww not the best word) and come on back❤️