Left Behind Journal - What Happens to Christians When They Die?

Hello my fellow followers of Jesus!

I hope this message finds everyone well, safe and full of joy for being given a front row seat to see God’s plan unfold before our very eyes!

With everything going on in the world today, however, the Holy Spirit has really impressed upon me that I should leave a journal for those left behind after the Rapture, explaining why I disappeared with millions of others, what to expect in the coming years and that they need to come to a saving knowledge of the Lord before and NOT take the mark.

In writing the journal, one question came up that I am having a hard time finding the answer to. I emailed Pastor JD, but he is quite busy, so I am coming to you seeking answers. What happens to true followers when they die? Are they disembodied and their souls go to Heaven? If so, what does 1 Thessalonians 4:16 mean “the dead in Christ rise first.”? If I Thessalonians is referring to those followers who have already passed away, and they were disembodied at death and their souls went o Heaven, then why would they need to “rise first”? Wouldn’t they already be in Heaven?

Please know I have absolutely NO doubt about God’s infallible Word, it is just hard for me to understand sometimes.

Thank you in advance for your help!

God Bless and keep you all! "D


Something to get you started from the Calvary Chapel Kaneohe archives :slight_smile:

(^ your answer starts slightly after the 15min mark, although a great sermon start to finish)


I encourage you to do that. I wrote here in my flat letters too and pinned them visible for everyone on my walls. I dont know if you need advise, but here is mine: Keep it simple - dont overthink it!

Christians tend to explain everything to non believers, and that can get them confused. I wrote just one letter on one Din A 4 paper to explain what happened (My flat is empty, I disappeared and I am in heaven with the Lord!) and then explained that the whole Covid thing was a scam to build the New World Order and after that I explain what might be the mark and that the Antichrist will demands it from everyone. Then I wrote a small explanation how they get saved (included some bible verses) and thats it.

Think about how you would be in a mental state, if you see people vanishing right in front of your eyes? The message, we should give our left behind friends and family members should be direct and simple as possible.

Direct - because their eternal life depends on their decision
Simple - because to get saved doesnt require a diploma

God bless you!


Hi @Flea-Mouse

I’m doing that too!!! :heart_eyes: :heart:

Hi Kristina,

Thank you so much for your response and the videos. Would you be willing to share of your letters with me so I can have a sample to use? My email is kab0917@gmail.com.



When the bible says “The dead in Christ rise first”, it is referring to their glorified bodies. After that, we who are alive will receive our glorified bodies and rise after them.

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Thank you goodboy! Writing on these forums is a bit out of my comfort zone, but this was something that needed to be answered, and this being Pastor JD’s forum made me less hesitant!

God Bless all of you! Looking forward to meeting you all when we are Raptured!


Of course, I will send it to you. Just want to remind you, that I will be translate this with auto translation (the letter is in german).

Hi Kellie,

If you’ve got a technical mind I highly recommend Chuck Missler’s sermon on what happens after death. He goes into a lot of the science but it really helps in understanding it.

If you’ve never heard of Chuck he’s a solid Bible adhering believer with decades of study and research under his belt. (But sadly passed away in 2018)



Thank you fluidicice!

I love and miss Chuck Missler,. His love for the Lord and teachings are awesome, but very hard to follow for those of us who do not have technical minds. I will give it a though because the Holy Spirit in me can help me with understanding.

Thanks again.

God Bless!