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Hello brothers and sisters,

As many others have been, I’ve been led by the Holy Spirit to compile information for those that will left behind and have been working to share with as many as would receive the good news. I’ve compiled a database with a ton of information and have been trying to hand out business cards and sending emails to my contacts, trying to share the link with as many lost souls as possible before Christ takes the church home.

I’m trying to take every avenue possible to share this information (mostly directed at non-believers, but believers will undoubtedly find good information as well) and thought this forum would be a good place to share the database for others to share.

The database includes areas such as:

 "What do I need to be saved from?" or "I don't need to be saved"
 "How can I be saved?" (including information for how to come out of non-biblical religions / beliefs)
  "Common Disputes Against Christianity" (included articles on refuting these disputes)
  Question and Answer / FAQs
  Prophecy Explanation and Fulfilment
  Verse Studies and Full PDF bibles
  ...and many other articles / videos / topics       

I’m constantly trying to add more and welcome any suggestions. Please take a look and share the link with as many people as you feel led to do so.


For those curious about the link, it is a shortened version to my G-Drive folder, which has a very long list of random characters, using the tinyurl.com website.

May God bless all the brothers and sisters in Christ! Maranatha!

P.S. While I know my salvation is not in any way tied to my actions or effectiveness in evangelizing, I’ve been struggling lately with my ineffectiveness in bringing those around me to Christ. Any comments or opinions on this post will be appreciate.


Bro Tyler did one recently

I have struggled with that too. I have asked the Holy Spirit to make me a bold witness. All we can do is plant the seed, we cannot make someone come to Christ. Ask the Lord to show you people around you everyday that you can strike up a conversation leading to discussion about Christ. Last weekend I went to a crowded place holding up a witness sign with gospel tracks to hand out. Not many were interested but seeds were planted.


Hi, of course we have to sow abundantly and everywhere, with several methods…

I saw a project like yours.
What you have to do is to join your effort with others. Share infos, topics and all continue on your way or merge in a team. But continue your way can have several benefits: if a project is down, others are still up. You should share all this project on gitlab. Any one can copy it and fork. What you both have to do is a quick front end app. Using web site is OK, you have to keep it but having everything offline is better and quicker. You can also add urls to other good Bible apps. I posted some days ago 2 apps in this section called “Bible multi…”. If you like them, please share it.

Think to create a zip of all your project easy to install.

I can try to find the guy who had the same project idea and keep you informed


@dlcv I just watched his video yesterday, actually! I had been feeling down because I was worried the DB I put together was based out of my own desire and not the Holy Spirit’s. His video helped me by realizing I wasn’t the only one out there trying to evangelize in this way.


@TBFL That is awesome about trying to share the gospel with people in that kind of environment. It helps me to think about seeding vs. watering, and God providing the growth. I know God calls those that are His, sometimes I wish I could see the leaves of their growth though. I’ll take your advise and try to be more diligent in prayer to see those around me who God desires me to speak with.


@hotchiwawa I appreciate the comment and recommendations. I hadn’t thought of gitlab (even though I loosely work with it); I’ll look into hosting it there too! I actually downloaded a zip of the DB last night; it came out to around 10Gb zipped up :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been trying to share this DB with others so they can replicate it but have coming up short on how to. Posting to this site is the first real feedback I’ve received (besides nah-sayer and angry responses from emails I’ve sent) so I’m not sure where to reach others that are interested in sharing this kind of information.

If you know of locations or groups I can share this with, I’d love the feedback.

Sidenote: I haven’t used Facebook in years and try to stay away from other social media if I can help it :laughing:

Wow 10G zipped!

You can also share on bittorent but 10G it would take too much time to download, people will not do it if they don’t know the content.

Try to remove or compress what takes too much space. Try to convert to html, text, small png images.

If you host it, you will have to reduce the page load and everything on the web site.

Gitlab is a good site to share codes and html is code too :grinning: just make local backups if you learn how to use git, you can lose everything. Git is simple to understand in command line. They have good tutorials.

The problem is often the deployment and “ads about it”.

The guy is the owner of this web site (see in contact): 
I don't see a lot of activities since January.
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Hello Chase!!

First, I wanted to thank you so much for posting this because I have wanted to start a similar “Left Behind" resource post on this forum, and was feeling overwhelmed with where to start and knowing what content to share. I feel a great urgency to get this type of content out there for those who will be needing it shortly. I have a feeling people will come to JD’s site post-Rapture and we have a responsibility to those souls to help them find the information they will need at that point. God bless you and your Christ centered efforts! We are one body and together we accomplish every purpose and intention of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I too have been led and convicted by the Holy Spirit recently to “up my game” when it comes to witnessing. In fact, prior to Covid, I absolutely would have called myself a lukewarm Christian and when I reflect on my past I am so disappointed in myself for not recognizing this sooner and doing more for the Body of Christ. I see so clearly now that is a major purpose for the season I am in, and I was entirely missing the mark previously. I was foolishly focused on the ways of the world and advancing and entertaining myself. Ugh, saying that out loud is really even more shameful, but there for the grace of God go I.

In re to your “ps” message. There are so many things I am struggling with when it comes to witnessing and my own ineffectiveness — there are many levels and flavors of this for me. Sharing them in hopes others can relate, and either find or offer comfort or suggestions. Because I do believe it is Satan who whispers in my ear “not good enough!” So I try to remember that and keep my eyes focused on Jesus, and the race I am running.

As hinted above, my efforts pre-Covid were NON-EXISTENT. I won’t go into detail about how and why I turned around, but I struggle with the shame of my previous lack of effectiveness, and have to remind myself that I am, and always have been, exactly where God has planned for me to be. And also that all sins are forgiven by the white washing of Jesus blood. A major current component of ineffectiveness for me, is a daily (hourly??) struggle thinking I am still not doing enough. I feel now like someone who has only recognized they have a problem but has yet to correct it fully enough. Now, when I say “fully enough,” I know with certainty the amount of my witnessing has zero bearing on my salvation. And I also know full well it is not MY efforts that bring anyone to Jesus, but the Spirit through me as a vessel. However, I work a demanding full time job that leaves me mentally exhausted at the end of the day. My job, along with the demands of every day life, leave me very little time left to spread the Gospel to others. It eats at me HOURLY and I feel I am choosing my livelihood over getting others to Jesus. I just want so badly to serve Christ in as significant and all encompassing way as I possibly can while still on this earth. To me, the only way I could ever be doing enough is to quit my job and go full time Jesus!!! I want to be in the Spirit ALL THE TIME and between 8-5 I have to be entirely focused on things of this world. But then I struggle with how to fund that sort of change! It is a CONSTANT NUCLEAR WAR in my mind. Like I am being ripped apart. To completely change my life trajectory and make my entire focus serving God. I am not sure how I could do this, or how to fund this, or what kind of witnessing I could be doing instead. SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED. It is the most intense internal struggle I have ever faced and I feel like I am constantly letting Jesus down by not executing on making the change and instead going back to my job every day. This leaves me feeling like a terribly ineffective witness for His Kingdom. Matthew 6:24 and 19:21 ring in my ears constantly:

Matthew 6:24
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Matthew 19:21
Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

I also completely understand the feeling like the witnessing you do has no return. When I began to realize how backslidden of a Christian I was, I immediately wanted to help my family recognize this in themselves as well. WHOA BOY was I meet with resistance. My family now hardly tolerates or acknowledges me at best, for the most part dismisses or ignores me, and at worst they are downright cruel about my newfound joy and zeal for the Lord. This is all coming from a family of lifelong Christians (all of whom I previously would have called “the real deal!!” Note: I would have previously called myself “the real deal” too!! And I am here to say I WAS NOT, so I do understand a degree of their animosity towards me). I truly just want to share the excitement for Jesus that I have with them, and for us to encourage one another with a shared zeal and joy, but they have negative interest in this. Not only that, but one family member has actually called my zeal “aggression” and informed me I am “everything wrong with modern day Christianity.” Another family member agrees, and it has destroyed both relationships to the point that both refuse to discuss anything to do with religion with me, and really don’t want to speak with me, period, and have said as such. There is, accordingly, a great rift in our entire family dynamic and there is an obvious vibe that everyone wishes I would just shut up already and “go back to normal”. I actually feel sometimes like I have had the effect of turning them away from Jesus (one of them has hinted as such). This is soul crushing, and I second guess everything now and don’t know how to witness effectively to them. And it also makes me weary of witnessing to others and somehow pushing someone away from Jesus. I’m afraid to say anything to my family now because I really don’t know the right way to proceed. But I also have the fear of the Lord and worrying I haven’t done the right things or the right way to lead them closer to Jesus. It is so hard to remember that I can only tell them how wonderful the living water is, but can’t force them drink it. And I also NEVER want to judge them or their heart, so then I struggle too thinking maybe I have it wrong in some capacity. The mental anguish of this takes a significant toll.

When it comes to witnessing to strangers, this is where I feel most ineffective. I am a very introverted person and even to start an ordinary conversation with a stranger is something I never, ever, ever, ever do. To strike up a conversation with someone and then discuss the Gospel is almost insurmountable for me. So I feel ashamed and very ineffective on this level too. I have been witnessing by leaving out Bibles and tracts with cash tips for delivery people. Many, if not most, people take the Bible with the tip. This is very encouraging when I feel I am failing in other areas to effectively witness, as someone who is almost 100% introverted. I even left a Bible and note out for a FedEx pick up recently (no cash tip with this one!), and the driver took the Bible and left a thank you note in return. These are the moments I live for now. When God’s Word is shared effectively in some capacity even if I don’t have the courage to speak to the individual. I can get the Word to people, in its most pure and unadulterated form of the Bible, and the Holy Spirit will take it from there! My heart sings for joy with each Bible taken, and I know the angels are rejoicing with me in heaven!!!

These are some of my “ineffectiveness” struggles. I am so thankful my salvation has NOTHING to do with my effectiveness. I have to remind myself of that constantly or I start to get very down and hard on myself. I also need to daily remind myself that watering the seeds I do plant IS NOT my responsibility and the Holy Spirit takes over for that part of the job. I rest on these two points at the end of the day even though I am often heart broken by all of the above “ineffectiveness”.

Now onto the GOOD!!! Some suggestions for witnessing!

Could you get stickers or magnets printed with that URL and stick them places? What about a decal for your vehicle? There are many options for this on Etsy and I can recommend the woman I used for the decal I printed for my car. I saw something similar to this a few months back on a street light pole. Someone had stuck a sticker on it with a “know Jesus” type of url. If you would like any assistance with this please PM me, I’ll gladly help.

My most recent witnessing strategy has been sticking Bibles in the Little Free Libraries along with a Gospel tract stuck into the book of John. This I can certainly do as an introvert!! You can buy bulk Bibles online for a few dollars a piece and printing tracts is also very cost effective. There are hundreds of these Little Free Libraries in the state I live in. You could print a tract with your URL and stick it in Bibles and distribute them! Whether in the little libraries or wherever else you can think of! If anyone has suggestions for where or how to share free Bibles with people please share!!

Another idea I have thought of, but haven’t had the guts to pull the trigger yet (insert more feelings of ineffectiveness…). Have you ever heard of email services where you can queue up an email to send in the future? I believe even gmail has this functionality built in. I have been contemplating writing an email with Rapture information to LITERALLY every single email address I can find anywhere and everywhere. Friends, family, customer service email addresses, businesses, restaurants, etc. etc. for any and every single email address I can find online. Think THOUSANDS of recipients. This email would have information exactly like your link. The idea would be to set it a week or so out and then every week reset the timeframe another week into the future. The idea being, when I disappear in the Rapture, I won’t be here to reset the timeframe and the email will go ahead and send as scheduled. The trouble would come if I forgot (I have a terrible memory) or somehow missed updating and resetting the scheduled send time. LOL. My fear (more feelings of ineffectiveness welling up) is I would send a Rapture email out to everyone I know, and thousands of others, saying how I and millions of others have disappeared when it hasn’t happened yet!!! I suppose it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen, because those people would still receive the info they may need in the future. It would just be a good deal embarrassing on my part, perhaps tarnish the credibility of the message, and this really would be a message where the timing component is critical. It has much greater effect if it’s received alongside the actual disappearance of millions and wouldn’t end up in someone’s trash as something irrelevant and bizarre due to incorrect timing. But it’s an idea for those who have the courage and confidence to continually reschedule something like that on a weekly basis. Perhaps I will get the guts soon if that is the Lord’s plan!!

I greatly thank you, in the Spirit, for taking the time to compile and share all of this information because I cherish your efforts and the content you have created and will definitely be using it to curate any Rapture content I share.

Lastly, here is a site I found that has clear, simple, and thorough information for those left behind. The site even has a reference to JD Farag! I came across this site through no association to Pastor Farag and to notice the reference to JD on the navigation was awesome and made me feel I was on the right track.

May God richly bless all our witnessing efforts, as only He can and entirely for His own glory and purposes, dearest brother or sister in Christ. Your post has been a great encouragement and inspiration to me, and I hope I can do the same for you and others.

Love In Christ,


Welcome, Chase, to the online community.
What a first post!!
I will definitely take a look as I have recently begun sending out emails/letters to as yet unsaved family members and friends on this theme, but mostly emphasizing need to get saved and how to.
One resource you might want to look into is How to Survive if You are Left Behind I hope this is OK to post here as it is the work of another prophecy teacher. This book (here in PDF form) was written quite a few years ago.
The emphasis is on describing the Tribulation and How to be saved during that time or now.

Thanks very much for sharing this link to your database on this forum.

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Seeing this thread is a good reminder of a plan I have. Going to print out a couple of letters, place them in envelopes then put them in Bibles around the house to book mark Revelation.


@Chase - Just echoing others here in welcoming you to this fellowship and to thank you, and praise the Lord, for moving you in the spirit to undertake this project.

As @hotchiwawa rightly asserts 10GB (zipped!) is quite the mouthful (especially for those potentially not even on the ‘milk’ of the Word yet).

Perhaps consider a ‘splash page’/index that offers a very succinct overview of the aim and contents of the resources/DB that then links through to individually sections and also provides a remotely hosted download link (mirrors might be a good option too).

I pray the Lord gives you encouragement and progress in this according to His will.

@MakeDisciples - the testimony concerning your struggle was very moving, convicting and highly relatable Brother; perhaps more so than you will ever know. God, of course, does know and perhaps He has led you to share this here and now that it may act as a witness of sorts to others who are wrestling with the same issues – myself very much included.

5 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, 6 so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 15:5-6


@Chase for your project a zip file with folders (1 level deep), an index.htm page on top with first short one pagers (approximately an A4 length), and a very basic layout with local urls (relative urls) when possible, short images if really needed, all well organized like a book :slight_smile: remove tons of info. Just some bible apps in another folder (an android apk is ~13MB) and some bible ebooks in another folder. Make it simple brother. Avoid external urls as people will be tracked online and probably internet will be down.

Think at your project like a “book, an ebook” all zipped in an zip file and unzipped on a website. Both available.

If you already saw a old linux gazette, you should do it like this. All in default font, a title and content, a title and content + some urls. No javascript.

After if someone wants to create an android app of your website…, it will be very easy as there is no fonts and styles. Use “notepad”, not MS Word!


I have a huge binder of things I’m leaving behind also just converted videos onto my laptop ( in case they’re deleted off the main sites) that are about everything going on, Bible prophecy, the rapture, Tribulation, Antichrist, NWO, etc.
Jan Markell has a rapture kit on her Olive Tree Ministry site and Generation 2434 YouTube channel has left behind rapture letters in numerous languages that can be printed out to leave.
I think many of us are on the same page about compiling information for those that will not be taken in the rapture.
Thank you for your post. We definitely need to continue trying to reach the lost whether now or after we go to our real home.


I just wanted to say, not every opportunity to lead people to Jesus is literally sharing the gospel. In my experience, it’s much more about living your life for Jesus, no matter what you’re doing. You will have opportunities to show where it all comes from, but don’t undervalue the gentle but deep watering that is daily… constant even.

Ah this made me think of something so I’ll share. I was given a little necklace with a cross on it from my grandma, I’m not much for jewelry so rarely wear anything, but wore it one evening to a community thing that was a little more dressy. I was talking to someone there I knew as an acquaintance and he asked me if I was Christian. It came out of nowhere it seemed. lol… So I said yes, why? Said he had suspected it before but the choice of necklace (oh!) that night made him ask, and I always reminded him of his Christian grandmother (long passed away) even though we were physically nothing alike. I asked if he was Christian and he said no, but sometimes it seems not a bad idea. And then we were interrupted and I guess that was that. If that conversation is supposed to continue it will, but the opportunity hasn’t happened yet. I also wondered how many others noticed that little cross, or something else, and I can only pray that my everyday behavior was and is becoming of Christ… Definitely started feeling more aware of that after.

So I would suggest, that guilt for working your job, let it go, trust that God has put you there for His purpose. Love your family and let Him do the convincing. Let Him use you right where you are, in everything you do. Pray over everything, that the seemingly easy and insignificant things you do can become the difficult and powerful things you wish for through the Lord. :heart:

And keep your pocket full of these kind of resources for when those opportunities come up. @Chase this is incredible!


If everything is down with a emp attack, all hardware are useless. Think to let a letter :wink:

I have scriptures, written explanations, left behind letters and documentation of what happened, what to expect and what to do. But if electronics are usable I also 2 Thumb drives about what is happening among other things explaining the situation to cover all bases.

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@Twi @jasonacts177 Thank you both for your thoughtful responses. They were both exactly what I needed to hear to feel most encouraged, inspired, and comforted. Our God works in wonderful and mysterious ways indeed. I don’t post here as often as I’d like, but do read daily, and truly love and cherish all the Christian fellowship between believers on this forum. I can’t wait to meet all of you and rejoice together in the presence of the Lord. :heart: :dove:


I can relate to your witnessing struggles.
I do introverted stuff like put mini bibles with the abc’s of salvation notes all around my local parks. I’m even found abc bracelets with a notecard explaining the gospel and put those around.
I am ashamed that I wasn’t reaching people over the years and it took the reality of the likely shortness of time we have to wake me up. I keep thinking about and hoping to hear Jesus say” Well done, thou good and faithful servant” at the Bema seat.
But, I would like to be more vocal instead of introverted in regards to witnessing but hopefully I’m planting seeds and some are turning to Christ with the items I strategically yet randomly place.
I really appreciate everyone’s ideas and input on how and what they’re doing as well. It’s wonderful.


Me, too. I had a good conversation about it with a real estate agent on the phone about the rapture. I mentioned it and she said she had gone to church as a kid but hadn’t heard of that and asked a few questions. I gave her as much as I could without pushing and prayed that God would use the seeds.

I’m retired and live rural so I rarely see people. Been thinking about posting something on Facebook as I have hundreds of artist friends and dog show friends from back in the days I showed. Images are better than text I think as they tend to get more views. Been thinking of putting some Bible verses on free images and sharing like that… what do you guys think? Has anyone done that? Any other suggestions for a hermit like me? :slight_smile:

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