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Violet, that would be awesome if you could use your Facebook platform to share the good news!! Also, some other ideas…if you end up going to the store, maybe you could place some gospel tracks in places you visit? maybe give a call to anyone you think needs to hear the good news…I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me so that I can be a good witness and ask that I can take advantage of every opportunity that is in front of me. God Bless You!

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Cool. That’s a great thought about how Bibles are going to be something in need after the Rapture! I had not thought of that. I already have quite a lot of Bibles in my house, both in print and also on all my kindles and devices so anyone who comes into my house will find those.

I liked his idea of purchasing a case of paperback Bibles and giving them to people we know, but also I was thinking that since I do dog portraits and drawings, what if I did some cute dog art along with salvation verses inside the front and back covers before giving them out? Maybe the illustrations would prompt them to read the verses and also maybe the hand personalization would prompt them to hang on to the Bible so even if they don’t read it right now at least they will own a Bible after the Rapture. Does this sound like a good idea? Or should I just skip the art and just give out the Bibles?


Also check the ressources on https://www.livingwaters.com

The Movie section and the Store.

In the past it was possible to get some tract templates for free, I don’t know where they are.

For 6$ you can get hundred of tracts in good quality print. If you do it yourselves it will cost more in paper and ink.


On other web sites (Bible web sites), I ordered gospel of John or Matthew for 0.3 euro each.

So for 30 euro I have 100 gospels.

Sometimes I share them (only with interested people and family), I let others in the garage, house, car… and bring some of them when I go to the hairdresser. I will let some in the mailbox of protestant/evangelical churches around my house :slight_smile:


I pray the Lord guides you in the best ways you can use this talent.

Another member of the forum has created a Happy Birthday and Re-Birthday Video to give to people on Facebook on the appropriate day. See @papadale post on ABC’s of Salvation for the link.
So if you have lots of FB friends, Violet, then your unique images plus verses would be great, I believe.

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Thanks for providing the link here.

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@MakeDisciples Glory be to God!

Thank you so much for writing and including the details you did. By the time I finished reading this post I was in tears, and was only kept from a full flow because I received a call from work.

If I responded to all the ways your life situations mirror mine, I would literally have to re-write nearly everything you did. I will say that I followed a similar path of being ‘lukewarm’, I’ve dealt with family chastisement (with comments almost verbatim to what you wrote), I’ve struggled with the state of my families hearts (realizing as you do that God will cause growth as he desires, but remembering that Jesus said families would be divided because of the gospel (Luke 12:53), my guilt for how much time I spend at work and not spending more time with and for God (I’ve also considered quitting my job and considered selling everything I have to give to those in need) , and many other similarities.

Something that struck me from your comment and further helped me realize it is without question from God was the part were you mentioned about setting up auto timer emails in Gmail to send after the rapture takes place. That is actually what started this whole DB, wanting to send emails after we are gone but I didn’t have anything to really send. I’ve currently got 4 emails I reset every Friday (alarm set at noon) that will automatically send the following Saturday at noon. I had to setup additional accounts in Gmail so I can make sure it isn’t stopped by the system (I read somewhere that an account is limited to 500 emails in a day to keep from spammers exploiting the system) I have a handful of gmail accounts for this purpose. If you’d like to setup your own, here is the link to the files I’ve attached to those emails, as well as the verbiage I’ve written in those emails (in a word document called Rapture Email (text)). On top of that, I am constantly attacked with fear from the enemy that I forgot to reset the email counters (waking me up at night in a panic, wondering if I’ll loose my job if I forget to reset the counters since I have my work distro and have included my name in the signature line, etc.) but I always remember that God has a reason for everything, no matter if I can see it right then or not. While I don’t enjoy the thought of persecution, I know God will only let his children suffer if it will be for my good and His glory!

Another thing you mentioned was passing out info to people when you tip them. God has laid it on my heart to do the same! I’ve got business cards drafted (picture here) (only $10 for a box of 100 from staples.com) and I’ve been handing them to people, putting them in tip jars, sticking them in the gas pumps, and anywhere else that I feel God would like me to. I even got to talk to someone at Chili’s pickup window yesterday while the chip reader was broken and gave her a card, explaining a quick version of my testimony. I was wearing my ‘Jesus Paid It All’ baseball cap and was able to talk about Christ. To make it even better, as I was walking out the door one of the other works asked in jest if I was trying to recruit her and I said ‘just talking to her about Jesus’. I prayed and hope that that card, my hat, and the conversation spark something in their workplace. I dont get to see the leaves but I pray that I was effective in planting multiple seeds and giving a little water before I left.

As I mentioned in my original post, I’m always looking for more info and ways to add and share with others. I will definitely check out the site you sent and try to pull more info in. If you’d like assistance setting up auto emails or creating an additional DB with the info so you can share your own URL with people, I would be more than excited to assist.

NOTE: this goes for anyone reading this post as well.

God is so amazing! It gives me such a feeling of peace knowing He works in mysterious, but similar ways with His children. Thank you again for responding and sharing. Until He calls us home I will fight the enemy, wearing the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18 ) and keep trying to plant and water.

I can’t wait to meet you, with all our brothers and sisters in Christ, in heaven! May God bless you!


Oh, gosh. All that sounds like information I would love to be able to comprehend so I could do the writing that has been on my heart to do for a year or so. I’ve worked on computers since “they” were the dumb ones & I had to tell THEM what to do! Lol. I’m 68 now & MY memory is not so good. Just wanted to say you have blessed me today. May God bless you.


Thanks, maybe join your effort with @Chase

@hotchiwawa Initially when I was compiling this info I had started this with trying to add it all to a website but I found myself worried about the ‘prettiness’ of the page instead of the content of what was in it. I started with a few word documents I wrote directed at people that are resistant to anything doing with religion or Christ, but it ended up growing into a ton of documents, news links, downloaded videos and audio, etc. There is so much media of different types the DB would have to be chopped down substantially to get it into text documents.

I could create a secondary DB with similar info though (its easy to create another gmail account that comes with 15Gb of G-Drive space), and leave this one up, with only notepad documents that could be turned into an android app, like you mentioned. :smiley:

I appreciate the advice!

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@calbride @hotchiwawa I would be happy to upload your testimony or any commentary you create to the DB. If you send it to questions.answered.db@gmail.com I can easily load any info up to it :smiley:

Do it as God told you :slight_smile:

Try to finish it asap, we don’t know how much time is remaining but they speak a lot of “peace and security”, watch the move of Kushner always there with “his” accord !! (sudden destruction will follow)

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My thoughts exactly.

So far I am only writing or typing individual letters and emails.with the hope that people will read them before the Rapture and not be ‘left behind’, but the point about external URLs sounds important, in case they don’t check out all the information until afterwards.

I think that after the rapture, Big Tech will do its best to clamp down on information, which may include wiping out files that contain certain “key words” on Google Drive, as well as Youtube and other social media sites. You might want to consider making flash drives to give to your family and friends and to leave in places where people might find them. A flash drive will help preserve the work you’ve done and protect it from censorship.


Hi all,
This is my little collection of resources, timelines, videos and diagrams I’ve created for anyone to use post-rapture. There’s videos by J.D and Chuck Missler among others.


It includes my rapture guide (TRSG), which is designed to tell people what happened and to save their eternal life:




@fluidicice This is awesome! There is a ton of good stuff on your site and DB! Do you mind if I plagiarize some of the stuff you have on the site?

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Or DVD :wink:

This brings me to the idea of an ISO image for Linux, all on ~200 Mb and a dvd 4.6 Gb.

I don’t know if it already exists.

A left behind distribution :smiley:

Maybe check all distributions available.

@Chase @fluidicice

EDIT: it’s a good idea but difficult to complete in a short time.

Help yourself! It’s all to help bring people to the Lord.

And thankyou! It took some time but t’s all worth it if it helps brings people into eternal life. :heart: