Legal persecution from a business partner, please pray for us

We are requesting prayer, please! Briefly, my husband and I have a small business and we have a business partner, who we thought was a Christian. This is a business that is two-plus years old and thriving. We accidentally (I believe this was from the Lord) found out that our business partner had opened a competing business behind our backs, which breached our signed operating agreement. When we confronted her, she responded with a lawsuit against us. It doesn’t seem possible that she could do this, but she has. It has been ongoing since late January and has already cost us personally over $20,000. This business partner also berates us often with vulgar words and threats that we have not been vaxed. We are holding onto our Heavenly Father and our dear Jesus! We have a Christian attorney and she is advising us not to fight this woman, but to just accept the little she is offering us (she is demanding that we sell our half of this business) and cut our losses. Please pray, thank you.


Lord, I pray that Your will be done in this situation. Provide strength, wisdom and direction for this couple. May Your wisdom be seen in such a way that all are amazed including the business partner. Bless this couple’s faithfulness to You all the while protecting them from the powers of darkness. Thank You in Jesus’ name, amen.


Jill, and Mike-
This is a double stuff tough kind of problem. While I kinda see what your attorney is saying, I also feel an opposite reaction is warranted. In short, that’s really messed up. I’m sorry to hear of this.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please transform the problems Jill and Mike face into solutions, their questions into answers and their worries and concerns into Godly confidence and comfort. Please guide them to the answer of the answer they should take whether what their attorney states, or otherwise, please give them a solid answer on which path to take. Protect them and Galvanize them from evil and those who are not of You.

With regards to the woman they are dealing with, the partner; please show her what’s in store for her should she continue down this path she’s chosen. Please give her sleepless nights till she repents as I pray You’ll inspire her to escape the prison she’s made for herself and accept Salvation in the Lord’s embrace to show her what has been done is wrong, and to correct it before it’s too late. It’s been shown that You quite possibly have shown Jill and Mike the truth of things, we pray that You will show them all they need to do from this point on and if they need to find a new business and new product, please show them. If we’re so close to going home it doesn’t matter…well, it’d be nice to be notified of that somehow buuuuuut, I’m guessing that’ll be left in the dark for now (no one knows the day or the hour)…but perhaps the vicinity? Ballpark estimate maybe? Would You let us know for a Klondike bar? Just kidding.

Father, please help these two with their dilemma and guide their paths.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Before I pray for you Jill and Mike @Jillmikec, I must address @Jon.

Jon, Klondike bar? I am quite sure you put many smiles on the face of our Father! Of course He probably scratches His head from time to time thinking, “That boy ain’t right!” too. (That phrase is actually a verbal hug in my part of the world. Always said in love and with a smile.) I am really looking forward to meeting you f2f.

Jill and Mike,
I’m so sorry you’re going through this turmoil. The world is hard enough without this kind of complication. I have confidence that our Father will see you through this; don’t know how, but I know Who! Have faith; He’s got you.

Abba, thank You for Jill and Mike; for their faith in You and their willingness seek Your guidance, asking for us to join their cry to You. Please give them wisdom and discernment in this matter. Please pour out Your Spirit into their lives, blessing their relationships, their home and family, the health, their finances— every aspect of their life.

And we also lift up their former friend and business partner Father. Open her eyes to see the wrong she is doing, the pain she is causing, and the path to destruction she is following. Thank You for this. We praise You for what You will do in their life! We pray and thank You in the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer. Amen.


I believe I’ve heard Him express this sentiment a time or two :joy:. I’m in hopes He smiles at least time to time with my nonsense. If not, I REALLY wouldn’t want to be anyone behind me at the Bema seat. As I’ve joked before I can just see as He announces I’m next.

“And now we come t….oh no….Hi Jon.”

Even Peter will be jumping up and down, “See?! I told you guys there’s gonna be someone that tries to outdo me!”

God will probably get on a loudspeaker, “We’re gonna take five, people. Klondike bars will be passed out during this moment of reflection and peace.” As He eyes me and hopefully grins.


Are you kidding? He’s gonna see your name come up next on His list, look up, grin, then get up, run to you and wrap you in a bear hug.

And I’m gonna be there— grinning and telling all the people standing around me, “Yeah, I know Jon. Told him this was gonna happen.” And the we’ll all raise a hallelujah to our Lord and give you a thumbs up as we munch on our Klondike bars.


Well I can accept that too! More so!


But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 The 3:3

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Det 3:6

Father God protect @Jillmikec and her family. Give her strength and courage, wisdom, peace, comfort and joy. Please continue to provide for her and her family too. Also please giver her discretion and understanding. Uphold her and her family in your righteous right hand. In Jesus’ name I pray amen!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful and comforting prayer! We will be speaking with our attorney tomorrow and praying that we get this resolved this next week. Our business partner is doing some extremely terrible things to promote herself and cause harm to us. We are very discouraged and trying to stay strong in the Lord, trusting him fully for the perfect outcome that only He can give. JD’s prophecy update today was so comforting…" you meant this for evil but God used it for good". Thank you so much, please continue to pray as you feel led to do! We so very much appreciate it and love you as our fellow servant in the Lord!


Thank you Jon,

We are so tired. We need an end to this. You cannot believe what a person can get away with and there is nothing we can do. THe business is worth $130K and there is a $270K loan out on it. A lawsuit is against her (meaning litigation) results in $150K in lawyer fees and a 1.5 year wait until the case goes to court. A nightmare is what this has become. We appreciate your prayers! God bless !



Psalm 4:8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Praying for peace, strength, protection, wisdom and financial provision. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Ohhhhh yes I can lol.


An update, my lawyer feels we may be close to a settlement. While it appears that our business partner ends up with the upper hand in many ways, we are trusting and know that God promises HIs best for His children. We just ask for prayer as you can, it is so comforting to know there are others out there that we have not met, and yet will spend eternity with, that are praying for us! Thank you so much for your prayers! Jill


In agreement with you in your prayer🙏


Go get a second opinion from another attorney, consultations are usually free.

You believed your biz partner was Christian, you were wrong. What makes you think you couldn’t be wrong about your current attorney as well?


I’m sorry to hear that you guys are going through this. I can understand how frustrating and upsetting it is to have someone basically trying to steal from you. Praying that God will let correct justice be done for you guys & your business.


If she is in breech of a no competition clause its open and shut and she loses. Something seems missing in this story. I agree get another attorney before you sign anything. If she is doing bad things get an injunction pending hearing. GB

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Praying :pray:

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When we moved to this area to retire ten years ago we chose a business to build our home whose owner was a member of our new church’s congregation. A believer we could trust. But we unfortunately found out the hard way that he was doing a bait and switch (according to our lawyer). You get less and less for your money even with a signed contract. When he refused to correct the shoddy work on our foundation we took the issue before our pastor and his wife, as we felt was Biblically sound. The contractor agreed to refund the BIG overcharge and correct the work (said in front of the pastor & wife) then he refused to actually do anything. We felt then compelled to contact a lawyer. She heard the case and deemed it a bait and switch scheme (aparently not the first time for this guy) but she said that if we asked for the whole amount due us (over $50,000) that he would skip town, apply for bancruptcy, and we would be out the entire amount. Through her we did receive a small refund, and we fired him. But that left us with only enough money left to put up a shell with another builder. We had to move in with plywood flooring, no drywall or ceilings or insullation (it was a HOT summer here in TX!), no HVAC, no kitchen, one toilet and tub for running water, and no laundry. I washed dishes on my knees in a bucket in the bathtub and cooked on a one burner hotplate in the bathroom, we slept on a mattress on the floor, and used a ladder to access the front porch to the door. We had to max out four credit cards to buy enough materials to rough in the interior. We felt very bitter and wonderd where the Lord was in this. But… we confessed our sin of unforgiveness (the guy never admitted any wrong, which made it harder), and we trusted the Lord for the future, as we were entirely broke. Finally now we have those debts paid off, the house is finished and we look back and see how much we have grown in the Lord since that trial. We would not be where we are now in our faith if not for that very difficult time. Please take courage. The Lord is even in the darkest hour and you will have the victory in Christ. Stand firm in Him and don’t let the enemy cause you bitterness. Our God is faithful and He knows all of the details. He is working even now. Lord bless and keep you.


Fast and pray. Believing you have already received. God did not give us a spirit of fear sis. Trust in Him and give Him all the glory. Prayers for you and your husband.