Let every tongue proclaim


This rocks.

Christ reigns, rocks and rules.


Amen Jason Brother! and wherever you are on this planet, anyone…we worship together :blush: :boom::boom::boom:


Amen! Loved this. Thanks a bunch for this strong proclamation. :heart:


It’s great finding music like this on here, I basically quit listening to “Christian” Radio stations because I feel like so many self proclaimed Christian artists have been doing nothing but music with no spiritual depth or songs that I call “Jesus is my boyfriend” songs. Which are nothing more then what sound like secular love songs to some mystery person. They don’t mention Jesus or His name in anyway, so your left to fill in the blank and make your own assumptions on who the song is about.

Then ya have songs that are trying to push some sort of social warrior message or songs that are nothing more then a twisting of scripture. For example I remember one song I heard that I had to just turn off. I forget the name exactly but the lyrics were basically saying you are washed clean from sin by water. That’s not scripture, we are washed clean by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ.

I want to hear the truth of Gods word, not just from Pastors but from music as well. Modern Christianity in general has become so watered down you might as well put it up there with the Catholic Church.

Thank God for Pastors like JD, I feel like there are very few left like him that preach the truth and don’t give a rip what others say against him. That’s what we need in these last days, truth.


One station I’ve found in Nashville is K-Love. It’s also on iHeart so I can use it on my watch and listen when outside on the trails.

Majority of the music is good music with good lyrics to it. I think you just have to really search for the music if the stations around you aren’t giving you music that comforts your soul.

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K Love is what I quit listening, maybe they play different stuff in different regions. Of the country, but I got tired of the water downed Christianity they were pushing in my area.