Lifting our dear brother Dan

I was going to keep this to myself, but.

Seems so unreal to say, I hope to have a positive results on this subject as I am hoping to get back on the schedule for surgery tomorrow. Yep, I am a 1 in 5 guy with male breast cancer.

I have been fortunate as its at stage 1 but I had to cancel surgery as a couple of days ago we found out my wife also has lung and brain cancer and its advanced. So pray as now I need to have it asap so I can be able to be there for my lovely wife Linda.

Don’t know why things play out as they do but I am trusting Abba, how ever this all plays out.

If you are led to quietly pray for us it will be appreciated.

The Rapture seems a little more urgent to me now and while I look for it eagerly. I am looking more to this day than that day right now.

Be strong in the LORD as He is faithful and I pray for His will in this not mine, He already knows my will. At this point I don’t even know the path but trust Abba to keep making a way where there is few ways that seems right.

Its easy to say I won’t choose a certain plan for battle until you actually face the question in real time.

To day is always the day to tell them you love them.




There’s not a verse I can quote you don’t already know, my lovely friend :two_hearts:.

Please know that you can count on your fellow sisters & brothers in Christ to lift you and your wife, Linda, up in prayer :pray:t3: :two_hearts:.



How is sister Beth?
I have not had much time to keep up with much outside of my situation.
I pray she is doing better than well as can be expected.

Yesterday I was able to get the surgery went well even though the report could have been better. The cancer had metastasized but all was apparently removed that could be.

God at work, my doctor had asked to create a video for teaching purposes because my cancer is very rare, about as rare as winning the Lotto you might say…

Well good news for you I will not share video, I could hardly handle it myself.

The conventional plan of course is they suggest Chemo. Not my 1st choice but I am not 100% sure I will go that road still need more info. from them. My prognosis was pretty good for sure. But I have not really heard to much after the surgery at this point.

More importantly My wife Linda’s report also shows the cancer has also metastasized from lung to brain. Not much I can say except my heart is hurting greatly but still grateful to the Lord for his hands upon us at this time. It seems this is now our mission field to make our stand for Jesus and His way out of here.

I have never been in such a time and place to share the last days to uninformed believers. Linda is in a RCC Hospital and I was in its sister hospital for my surgery. Last year I was on mission in a large hospital in the Covid ward sharing what we do here at the forum with the medical staff and others there also.

Seems people in hospitals are aa little more open and also more understanding as we all are acquainted with the grief and sorrow within a hospital setting.

Please pray the Lord uses me here and I do His work in a most Loving way.

I sure pray Abba sends His Son soon as many folks in the hospitals have little time either way.

Its still so surreal as its not even been a week but finally my faith is catching up to my heart and as I get to witness I get stronger every time I get to share.



I’m praying for you Dan! I’m hurting with you.
Come quickly Lord Jesus!


:pleading_face::disappointed_relieved: oh my @DEC
Praying for you , your wife your family and the medical staff during this time.

Thank you for sharing all that. What a burden to carry.

His plans always have a purpose but very difficult this side of heaven to always understand them.



I’m not sure anyone especially me have
the “ right” words for you. ( I’m literally in tears because I can’t relate other than that God is good, loves you as he’s proven to me through my own very difficult trials ) and since I’m not in your shoes I do to say this with all my heart :

I don’t understand why God chose these specific physical ailments but in the end , many you and your wife are around , because of this could see your faith in action and also receive the gospel message and even lead some of them to eternal life.
I pray for complete healing but most of all strength, peace, and an unwavering hope in the God who is walking right beside you , Dan and Linda , to accomplish his purpose in this pain. :heart::heart::pray::pray:


Thank you Sister,

Twi are going to move this to a separate request I did not even think about this being read by others and do not want to confuse what this important post is really for and that’s for us to Keep Praying for Sister Beth.

I was so moved by Sister Beth’s story I just wanted to share something I was not going to share.



Praying for you brother - may the comfort and peace in Christ be yours through our prayers and His mercy.

In Christ


Loving Heavenly Father,

Heal our dear brother Dan and his wife with YOUR healing hands in YOUR loving arms hold them tight in the most beautiful name Jesus Yeshua! Amen


Remember the saying don’t pray for patience?

Well I have been praying for my mission borders to increase and they sure have. But seems something’s are better understood in the battle than they do when watching from the side. His will not mine is all I can see from here and now but that’s more than good enough to me.

I can now look back at all the places God brought me through regarding other folks needing help during medical crises. I guess that was basic training for future references.


Dear Dan, I am sorry I just saw this.

Oh sheesh, and here I remark to you about the sword in the other thread… so sorry, didn’t realize what was going on brother. Oh my how the Lord is going to use you right now. I am so happy you shared with us what is happening. And with your precious wife Linda.

Father in Heaven,
Lord we thank you for our brother Dana and his lovely wife Linda. Father we know their lives are in your hands, your compassionate and loving hands. You are our redeemer and hope. Father , we thank you for Dan’s willingness to be used by you. Please comfort him and be his ever present advocate and healer. Please strengthen him and equip him for all things. We also pray for Linda that she feels you are near and that she has great peace from you Abba. Please bless them and prepare them for your will in your perfect way. . In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


If you are led to quietly pray for us it will be appreciated.

So led . . . Before the throne of God, hidden in Christ Jesus, may both you and your dear wife find strength for this battle, comfort and peace, and hope and healing . . . All that you need, supplied by God’s mercy and grace . . .



I’m so sorry you are facing so much. I’m praying for all cancer cells to cease replication, and to completely disappear, in the precious name of our Savior Jesus. I pray for a renewal of strength and clear mind regarding the treatment choices for both you and your wife. I lift you both to our Abba for the peace that passes all understanding and a surrounding of loved ones, friends and your family here in the forum to love and bolster you in these next months. :pray:t2:


Glad you are keeping your sense of humour…

and awareness of your calling to serve in this rather different mission field.


Dan, I am just now seeing and reading this request. I honestly can’t add a thing to what has been spoken and prayed over you, at the moment. I just agree with all of the prayers for you and your dear wife, Linda. Let’s see what God can do! Praying for you and your wife, Brother. :revolving_hearts:


I am just seeing this now as well and I am in agreement with all prayers being posted here. I am so sorry for what you and your wife are going through but I know God has a plan and a purpose in all of it. He will be with you in a mighty way and lead and guide you. You and Linda are loved by Almighty God. He has you both in His hands and nothing will change that. Be at peace dear Brother. He is in control. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Praying God to provide every need the two of you have and take you through each day, every minute and every step of the way.


I just saw this as well. Praying for both you and your wife Linda :pray:t2: :pray:t2:


I have followed these folks a bit and really enjoy them.
Thank you


Yep, I was not going to post about this till it was all over but then was moved by the Pray for Sister Beth request and posted there and did not think how it could conflict so Twi was kind and able to move my post over.

I praying for Beth and others and appreciate your prayers greatly.