Literally Sick from Persecution

My husband and I need prayer…we need a miracle. Our next door neighbors, Mormons have been harassing us for years. They use the city code enforcement as a tool for their harassment. They report us if our lawn is a wee bit too long, if we have a few weeds, if a chip of paint came off our trim, they have their family members stare at us and our property to try to intimidate us, they look over our fence.

It all started when the husband admitted to me that he had a porn addiction he was hiding from his wife. Then the “violations” from the city started pouring in. My guess is that he was upset that I didn’t react the way he wanted me to from his porn confession.

The city jumps on every little thing we do wrong, but when our neighbors are in violation, the code enforcement officer says that it’s not a violation and that we have to deal with our neighbors ourselves.

My mother in law owns a business in our city. Very shortly after we received our latest “violation”, the code enforcement officer stormed into my mother in law’s business in an aggressive manner, telling her that her store sign was in code violation. However, other businesses have similar signs and have had for years, but code enforcement has done nothing. It’s now clear they are targeting our family.

They obviously know we’re Christians and they seem to have launched an all out attack on our family.

My husband and I are literally sick from the stress. I can’t eat, I’m having constant panic attacks and my husband is vomiting from the stress.

Please Lord, we need a miracle! We can’t take this anymore.


Praying for you and your husband/family in this Jen. May God almighty intervene in His higher ways to grant you renewed strength, comfort and respite.

In Christ


I am going to the Lord in prayer on your behalf right now.
Find a promise in God’s word and speak it out loud.
May I suggest that you and your husband walk the perimeter of your property and pray to the heavenly Father. If he won’t go with you, do it yourself.
Tell Satan and his demons to flee IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Speak it out loud.
heading to pray right now.


I am in agreement with @KingsChild512 , @jasonacts177 to pray for deliverance from this satanic attack. In the name of Jesus, Satan you are defeated and under our feet. Nothing you can do will change the heart of the blood bought believers here and your days are numbered, HALLELUJAH!! Precious Lord, give this family an abundance of your favor today. Show them how to love these neighbors so that they will repent and give their hearts to you. Lord, also put a shield of protection around them and give them strength and wisdom to fight this battle and win. Shower your peace upon them today and every day, in your precious name I pray, Amen.


That entire situation is more than unbelievable…spawned from Satan himself. At the risk of getting a lot of negative responses, have you ever considered telling the husband to back off or you’d reveal what he told you in confidence or do you think that would make matters worse?

My heart hurts for this trial you’re family is being put through. I pray that God will intervene in a miraculous way in order to restore your peace.


KingsChild, I just did it. I prayed and anointed the perimeter of our home with frankincense oil. I commanded that the demons flee in Jesus name, that they are not to cross the property line and that they are not welcome.

Everyone, please get ready. I’m just one little example of the persecution that’s to come. It’s not just for the jab. The world hates us, as Jesus told us.


My husband has tried to talk to the neighbor husband and the neighbor mumbled “Do what you need to do”, and walked away from my husband. They clearly have an intense hatred for us. It’s hard to believe this story, but it have emails from code enforcement and photos of the neighbor husband doing bizarre things at night.

One time, we backed our cars in the driveway. The neighbor walked out minutes later and backed his car in his driveway. Then my husband said, “Let’s see what happens if we move our cars head in first” We did and sure enough the neighbor walks out and re-parks his car head in as well. I have photos of this. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t believe it. What kind of demonic possession causes this?


Sweet sister…
What kind of demonic possession causes this? You KNOW the answer to that question. If it’s Satan’s goal to kill, steal and destroy all things good and true, as is being witnessed to at every level on this earth you’ve become targeted for your faith. The evil minded have become deaf, dumb and blind puppets to do his bidding.
Stay strong knowing that God will have the final word and those who are persecuting you will be gnashing their teeth while you enter HIS kingdom.


Try to do this daily. I am putting you and your family in my prayer journal.
The victory is already won.
Satan has to flee at the name of our Lord Jesus.
I know there are more here praying for you all. Xo
Keep us posted and we will keep praying!!!


Praying for you and your husband.
I’m so sorry that you’re going through this :disappointed:



Your neighbor is a psycho. Consider just selling especially in todays market.


I’ll pray for you. I had a very similar situation, was being harassed constantly. I never felt safe and it took a toll on my health. I ended up having to move, but don’t let that discourage you because in my case I ended up in a place beyond my wildest dreams. I’m blessed beyond what I thought I could be in this life. What my old neighbor meant for evil, our Lord used for good for me. May you also be so blessed in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior


We can’t move. My Jezebel spirit of a mother co-owns the house & she won’t let it get sold. Today, I made an adult protective services report against our neighbors and the code enforcement officer. I was crying the whole time wondering if I did the right thing.


Well if it were me I wouldn’t put up with that stuff I’d be telling mama you can stay or you can come with us but we’re out. Peace out. That sounds like a really psychotic situation and honestly it’s not worth it. Too much drama.


I agree. You both have to get out immediately.


This sounds like a terrible attack from satan on you, your husband, your mother-in-law and your properties. Will most definitely keep you in my prayers. May the Lord our God protect you and your family from these attacks and may His peace come over you and your husband. Persecution comes in various forms these days. Be strong and courageous. Blessings


Jen in an effort to offer some comfort in shared experiences I’ll just say briefly that we also had some issues with a neighbour recently which escalated to the point where we did have to involve the police.

I’m confident you are far from alone in dealing with issues concerning neighbours that truly strain Matthew 22:39 to incredulity.

In concert with prayer and trusting the Lord to provide the ultimate resolution, there is no shame or betrayal in referring to the authorities; did not Paul appeal to Caesar in Acts 25:11?

There are good people - God’s people - amidst the tares in every field of this world and I pray that God leads you to a good seed in this situation.

In Christ


Praying for you, Jen ,your husband & your mother-in-law now.

You might like to see [this web page](You Are My Refuge in Times of Trouble – Canaan in the Desert also:


I also lived for 5 years next to neighbours who harassed us. They often used loud music on purpose. After many, many years I still feel sick in my stomach when someone has loud music on. We moved from Holland to Australia and then received a (genuine) letter from them that they missed us. God did something in their heart before we moved. But it was a very, very difficult time. However, I have since learned that crisis comes after crisis because God is teaching us. I still don’t like it but I can now look back and say that God truly was faithful.


Praying for you!! It is the worst when our home, which should be a place of rest, is our major source of stress. I’m praying that the Lord will delivery you form this, in His own unique way!! I’m praying for your peace, above all.