Lockdown brought Peace of Mind

Dear Pastor JD, I live in South Africa. I started listening to your sermons and prophecy updates at the beginning of this year when we started lockdown on 26 March.
Initially I felt as if I was living in limbo and I was so anxious as my only son lives in California. I have visions of never seeing him again.
I have listened and came to understand the Book of Revelations which is giving me such an immense peace of mind because I actually know now where I am in this time we live in and where I am going. It has given me the confidence to continue every day and not be disturbed by the events which are playing out day by day but only to be truly aware of how we are moving closer to that glorious day when we will meet Jesus in the sky. I realize that we are so close to the rapture and I cannot wait for that to happen but it seems there is so much work still to be done as I do not want anyone to miss this.
My prayers are each day for my son and my husband and so many others because I am not sure that they fully realize the hour. It makes me sad to know there are so many people who are unaware of what is happening. I try to share what I have learned so far and of course the ABC of salvation with people and often it finds fertile soil. I try to explain that although a huge number of people will be saved in the middle of the 7 year tribulation but why should they suffer and pay with their lives then when they can accept Jesus Christ right now and not go through all the suffering and pain and enjoy the imminent Rapture.
I am grateful for this opportunity to share some of what we experience in this country.
Kind Regards


@LindaKietz Dear Linda, I like a lot what you’ve written. We’ll hold Jesus’ hand and together with Him we’ll take one step after the other. God bless you :hugs:

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Welcome Linda @LindaKietz, you are among like-minded.

I enjoyed reading your post. Like many, and you, I feel the same and share this exact experience. What a gift that we may live in such peace, right? Blessed are those who read and embrace Revelation. How generous is our Lord for giving us so much guidance and knowledge so we won’t have to live in uncertainty.

Stay in prayer for your loved ones. Good to have you with us here.


Hello Linda from one South African to another. That is if you are South African :grinning:

Yes I am most certainly South African. I pray God keeps his hand over our lovely country.

Why do you say that ?