LOL Is this a threat, fb?

I had my sister over to help collaborate with a project. In the midst of working, we chatted about life, God, ministry etc… But we also discussed quite abit about the vaccine.

My sister for the most part is pro-vaxx. I believe she had her booster as well, but not certain. She is a Christian and God is truly doing amazing things in her life.

Anyway, we may not agree 100% on this. But she knows my heart. She understands my concerns. And even though, she may not see the writing on the wall the way I do, she understands why I feel the way I do.

And I’ve made it pretty clear and upfront (in a loving way) about my stance on this …

So I find this quite amusing to see this “targeted” ad on my FB feed just shortly after my conversation with my sister.

"Don’t get caught off guard… You never know what life will throw at you - GET VAX’ED!"

Oooookay SpyBook! You can settle down with the subtle threats now… Lol :roll_eyes:


“They got you coming and going. Like the old saying goes, you can run but you can’t hide.” And I really hate that. I’ve always been a private person. I’ve gone out of my way to make sure there is nothing “smart” in my house - like thermostats, doorbells, alexa, tv’s, etc. The other day it was either a YouTube video or an Amazon ad for something I had just been THINKING about! I’m almost positive I didn’t say anything to anyone about it or Google it or anything else that might have given me away. It was too personal!! Yet, there it was. I was horrified! Accept this intrusion or make some drastic changes to my way of life? Like quit carrying around my phone? Quit using the apps on it that help me with life?
How are YOU, Bushi? Still got your ears on?


Hmmm, I had something similar happen to me but with a dream a couple years back. This was shortly after I took the tetanus shot at a hospital back in 2020.

One night, I had a dream about being left behind during the rapture & I was hearing these banging sounds coming from behind a wall. Eventually, the source of the banging turned out to be these hornet like creatures that finally broke thru. I woke terribly shaken up from the dream but tried to move on with my day. My dad watches alot of youtube on his smart tv so hel’ll watch random stuff. Well, later that same day, he opens youtube just to have the algorithm recommend him nature docs about HORNETS ON HIS FRONT PAGE. That made my draw drop as I was already suspecting that something was wrong with the shot I just took. I was also having other odd symptoms too.

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Wow! That is just crazy incredible! Thank you for sharing! I believe you 100%, of course. Did I say I had taken a “flu shot” (the last one I will ever take!) around about Oct. 2019 & got Covid shortly after that. No one knew it was Covid then but I had all the symptoms, stayed home alone with God & my dog, & survived after a couple days or so, against a couple of comorbidities & being over 65! I trusted God! Anyway, like you, I have since suspected I was a guinea pig with that shot & God only knows what all I got injected with (in SW Idaho). A few months ago I was sleeping & I was awakened suddenly with pain in my chest. It felt like an electrified hand grabbing my heart & squeezing hard! I survived that, too, by giving myself to God & accepting that if He wanted me then, I was ready. I made the quick decision not to dial 911. I subsequently went to the Dr. & told my story, got tests done, & “nothing is wrong with my heart” (that wasn’t wrong before). I believe something supernatural happened. Maybe I had unknowingly left a door open for a demon somehow. I had recently had a TV installed in my bedroom. I have since had it removed.I have been watching a lot of videos on demonic activity from a Biblical perspective so that I will not be ignorant. Brandon Holthaus does a lot of teaching on the subject, if you’re interested. I can give you some other ones, specific ones, that I think are particularly good, if you’re interested. Let me know. It sounds like you are on the right path & are keenly aware of what’s going on around you. Above all, remember we are not to fear any of this. We have the Holy Spirit inside us & He is jealous to protect us, His bride! Until Jesus comes to take us home! WE ARE HIS!! Hallelujah! :smiley::heart::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Better you than me, for sure. I’ve no doubt you will have fun learning a mind-blowing amount of information that would only frustrate me. Please share with us what you’re learning along the way that might benefit and/or protect the body of Christ, would you? God bless & protect you.


Recently I read or heard that a woman filed a lawsuit against her healthcare provider. They were allowing third party advertisers access to her health information through their portal for targeted advertising. She was seeing ads (on Facebook I believe) that tipped her off .

A few days ago I went onto my healthcare portal (I don’t usually) and they had a new HIPPAA agreement which now requested permission to provide my health information to third parties for advertisement purposes. In other words, they had been doing this without my authorization. They even implied it was internal coordination.

So this is just another way your private information is sold. Lord come quickly!!!


Doesn’t surprise me, although it verifies some things I had heard, I think as far back as early 2020, maybe earlier, that the WHO/Bill Gates had a giant project uploading everyone’s (whole earth) medical data, including dna, into their giant database. You can just imagine the evil it might be used for, considering what we know about Gates’ history in eugenics & Harari’s (you can be sure he’s involved) feelings about the expendable nature of humans. My Dr.s office isn’t happy about it but I refused to participate in their app. Glad I did, because I had a heart test done at a local (small town) hospital recently- outpatient, & I subsequently found their name on a list of NWO members! Won’t be going back there!! I guess they got my heart rhythms, though. Wonder what else. No pin/skin pricks were done. Thank God for that. We have to find ways to take care of each other, don’t you think? This anonymous stuff needs to go.


There will be people “caught off guard” it won’t be those who are looking up.

Just looking at that boggles my mind😁

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Thank you for all these helpful (I hope) instructions. I’m just copying them into my Notes App at the moment to work on when I get a better time & a clear head. So what “browser” do you recommend? Google? Hmmm. Seems counter-productive to this whole scheme of safety, to me. Prying eyes. I use DuckDuckGo with Surfshark VPN, but not sure I should stay with Duck. I need to take time to check into this, I guess. I think Surfshark has an antivirus &/or firewall, also, I can purchase. Thanks, brother.

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Wow, Bushi! I finally caught up with you! That was a great lesson there. LOTS of information to process.
You’re a great teacher, did anyone ever tell you that?
One other detail you might be interested in. My email is ProtonMail, which is Swiss, so presumably more secure, fairly new, so they’re continually adding features. I’ve been using them for a couple of years & they get a ‘10’ from me in the places that count. I’m going to check out their new cloud offering.
So, I really don’t know what to say, except THANK YOU! for all the time you put into sharing all that technical information with me/us. I hope there will be other brothers & sisters here that will catch this & benefit from it. We are honored to have you with us.
Take care.

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Yes to proton for email!
After my Gmail was compromised this year, I had to move everything to proton and it was a major task changing an email with all the contacts I had, but the process through proton made it very easy.

Google is bad news and very corrupt. I steer clear of them now.