LOL Is this a threat, fb?

I had my sister over to help collaborate with a project. In the midst of working, we chatted about life, God, ministry etc… But we also discussed quite abit about the vaccine.

My sister for the most part is pro-vaxx. I believe she had her booster as well, but not certain. She is a Christian and God is truly doing amazing things in her life.

Anyway, we may not agree 100% on this. But she knows my heart. She understands my concerns. And even though, she may not see the writing on the wall the way I do, she understands why I feel the way I do.

And I’ve made it pretty clear and upfront (in a loving way) about my stance on this …

So I find this quite amusing to see this “targeted” ad on my FB feed just shortly after my conversation with my sister.

"Don’t get caught off guard… You never know what life will throw at you - GET VAX’ED!"

Oooookay SpyBook! You can settle down with the subtle threats now… Lol :roll_eyes:


Ok first question is do you have Alexa? Next question if not Alexa what a computer or laptop on? Final question was your phone close by?

I suspect but have not been able to prove it, that monitoring software is showing up in operating systems that allows for the turning on of microphones. Nearly every laptop unless it is old enough not have built in cameras and microphones has both. Cell phones do by definition that you use it to talk to people.

If it is not coming through as an update download then it may be showing up in other places like various apps. I have noticed that new apps always want access to as much of your info such as contacts, GPS location, carmera, etc. It looks to be normal but it seems to be something that has come up in just the last few years.

Even so mircrophones are a simple electrical circuit and not hard to make even very small ones. There are a variety of various types of which some can be made to be very small.

If you have an ear bud some of them have mic in them but even with those that don’t you phone mic is always available to be used to listen in on your conversation. Since mics can be made small they can easily be hidden in other existing electrical circuits and unless we check each circuit have no way of know if a mic is present or not.

In the end the fact that your conversations are being picked up should no longer be a surprise to you. Big Brother is here and working hard to hear everything you say.

The other side of this is your key strokes. No matter if you have a keyboard or on a touch screen your key strokes can be easily recorded as well. They got you coming and going. Like the old saying goes, you can run but you can’t hide.