**Look for any and every opportunity to share the Gospel!**

Some of you know that one of my sharing methods is to give people copies of my testimony. For workers (delivery men and such) I also give them a bottle of green tea. So yesterday the neighbor across the street was having some work done on his property that required a bulldozer. When taking the bulldozer off of the trailer the worker tore up my grass near the road.

So I was a little upset by that and wanted to make sure they at least cleaned up the mess. So I spoke to one of the workers about it who was not driving the bulldozer and he kind of shook his head and said that I need to speak with the boss who was driving the bulldozer. So I waited outside for the boss to come back to his truck expecting a possible argument.

When the boss came back to the truck he apologized and stated the reason that happened is because a car was coming down the road so fast that he did not take his time as he usually would. That made sense to me and I accepted his apology. We then started a friendly conversation about how fast the knuckleheads drive down the road I live on.

So the two of them went back to their trucks with plans to leave and return later. I went back into my house and the Holy Spirit reminded me about sharing my written testimony. This is the part that showed me it was of God. There were two workers as I stated. I give out my testimony with a bottled of green tea, but the men were in their truck about to take off. So guess how many copies of my testimony I had printed out and how many bottles of green tea I had close at hand?

You guested it, two of each. That was not a coincidence! I gave my testimony and the bottled green tea to the men just in time and had to actually stop one of them whose truck was already moving. So what Satan meant for evil (get mad and argue with the men) God meant for good! Praise God!!!

So again I say, Look for any and every opportunity to share the Gospel!