Looking for a great study bible

Hello tribe of beautiful people!! I am looking for a study bible and am hoping that someone can recommend one for me. I am looking for one with a bible prophecy twist. That is not mandatory, but would really be appropriate given the times. Also, I am open to any prophecy books as well. I hope everyone is well! Blessings, love and much peace!!


I rather like my Ryrie NASB Study Bible.


Ruckman Reference Bible




Thomas, if you have time one day, would you be able to check if the notes in this bible are the same as those that are in this kindle book (maybe by comparing to sample pages?). I find some of the notes very helpful. However, some have an antagonistic tone (toward contemporaries who criticized his understandings) which I understand to be because this ebook is verbatim his own personal notes. I am thinking that probably the notes were cleaned up before putting in to the study bible? I can’t imagine that they would not be actually, but one never knows. It would be worth getting the Bible if so because I find that tone distracting during my study.

Thank you.

I have the KJV version of the Ryrie. IDK about yours Brian, but mine is a very large hard back and quite heavy (probably due to the easy to read print size)… quite cumbersome. I mainly use it for reference. I also have an Old Schofield Study Bible that I use for reference as well. I like how it has the date on each page. In both there are one or two notes that don’t match totally with my understanding, but I have found each helpful.

Its funny because the Bible I reach for most is a cheap one that I got on sale for about $7. Good size text but light weight, and fits well in my had. The cover is strange fake leather that is actually easier to grip/hold than the real leather. It has verse references and a concordance but no notes.


Hey Violet. I don’t have Kindle but I did click on the link. I don’t think this is the same as the Ruckman REference Bible. But, yes you will find very strong notes in the Reference Bible. My wife was used to NIV study Bible and was a little shocked when she started using his. But, that is his personality. I haven’t found anyone that can interpret scripture like he does. He had that gift.

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I highly recommend Ryrie NASB Study Bible I’ve been using it since 1989 I have other versions for comparison. I study with Pastor Andy Woods from Sugar Land Bible Church and they use the same version. The study on the book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel are fantastic. All the studies are free.

God bless


I actually like the NKJV and the ESV as translations as well. I actually wouldn’t mind having a NKJV, perhaps a Study Bible, but haven’t gotten to that. I had gotten an ESV Study Bible a couple of years ago and while I like the actual translation, I didn’t care so much for the “study” part of it. Some parts are good, some are quite confusing. Just got the Ryrie NASB Study Bible a few months ago.

I did a lot of reading online a few years ago and went through a bunch of translations. But I definitely get wanting an actual book to hold in your hand. We are fortunate today to have quite a few options in translations that are really good. Not having a current church, I’m just fine with a big heavy book. It lives on my desk and that’s where the reading happens. Carrying the bigger Study Bibles around can be a bit cumbersome.

All the best with your search! Let us know what you decide on. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I learned of him listening to Robert Breaker and purchased that kindle book a few months ago. It does have some excellent insights, but would prefer it without the antagonism bits. Also there are a few things which were very interesting but were not very well explained/expounded upon in the notes. I may have to check into some of his other books to get a thorough understanding of what he was putting forth.

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Hi Dakota :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been searching as well. I’ve been using a Charles Stanley bible and an Evidence bible for at least ten years. There’s nothing wrong with them and I also have several backup bibles in KJV NKJV AND NIV. Everyone has preferences and criticism, I know. I’m about to try out a New Living Translation Bible. It will be completely new to me because until recently, I was completely unfamiliar.

I have a book that has a great deal of scriptural and historical references that tie in together that is absolutely awesome. I would categorize it as an apologetic text to use with your bible. It’s a large book with small print and is a fairly hard read but only because it’s very detailed. It’s called The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah.

Olive Tree Ministries is a great resource for any end times (eschatology) books.

Brother Tony


When I was reading more online, a couple that I found interesting… The Complete Jewish Translation, fun keeping track of the Jewish names, and the New English Translation, quite easy to read.



I really want that one. I would love to see all of Ryrie’s commentary.

Mine is a Ryrie Study Bible too, KJV. Have tried to replace it for a new-fangled type with bigger print or extra margin space. Lesson? Make sure you want what you get; transferring personal notes gets harder the longer you use it. Got mine years before I got married 36 years ago. It’s the best gift I ever got— except for the whole salvation thing. Thank You Jesus!!!
Good luck choosing! Shalom.
PS. Blue Letter Bible is a free and fantastic app that allows you to use MANY versions. Has an amazing interlinear concordance, dictionary, maps, commentaries and more. Also very user friendly. I use it daily and like reading the Hebrew Names version. It allows side-by-side comparing of versions. Perhaps you could download the BLB and make a more informed decision on a hard copy. Hope this helps!


:slight_smile: Very nice

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Hey there Tony,
Reread your post again today. Hoping you can help me to understand better/reconcile Paul’s comments on women keeping silent in church with women (like Jan Markel) teaching the Bible. I’ve listened to her several times and can see the wisdom of her words… yet I feel a little guilty doing so based on Paul’s comments. How do you rectify what seems (to me as of now) a clear contradiction?
I would really appreciate yours-or others’- views because not only do I wonder about Jan M teaching, I also start wondering about other teachers who share the same venues— teachers I listen to a lot. Their support of her teaching makes me wonder if I should be listening to them! This is soooo confusing to me. Thanks for any help you might give! Shalom.

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Although Jan gives very thorough analysis of the times we live in in conjunction with biblical prophecy, hence, “Understanding the Times,” it is my opinion that she is more of a program facilitator rather than someone who provides in depth old and new testament Bible teaching on a consistent basis.

The comments by Paul that you mentioned on the matter of women in the church escapes me as to the placement in scripture. Maybe someone else here can assist with that. It’s not something that I have memorized and it’s somewhat of a difficult, if not divisive topic due to our lack of complete understanding of the context and the cultural significance of the time. Assuredly no one, male or female, is to remain silent on The Gospel for it is our Great Commission given by our Master, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this is the applicable verse from 1 Timothy 2:

“Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”

This would indicate that women didn’t have a “place” in the church that was in leadership over the men of the church if one considers the biblical structure of the physical, local church. I’m not sure how that would apply to The Church that we think of in the spiritual sense. For example, you and I are both part of The Church of this world in the spiritual sense yet neither one of us are appointed to “be over” the other based gender or on any other factors.

I’m encouraged that you asked my opinion on this yet, I am probably not the best prospect for obtaining clarification compared to a slew of others here on the JD Farag Forum. I’m sure others will chime in.

I think if you and I can be a light, be prayerful, be compassionate, possess humility and have a heart to be used by The Lord in that capacity which He has directed us, we will be the best unique component to edifying The Church and glorifying God.

As far as Jan and all of the other watchmen and watchwomen go, I never follow but only glean through their observations on the unfolding events. I believe that God uses them simply as mouthpieces. literally. There is a time for them to speak and a time for them to stop speaking.

Here’s a link regarding women in The Bible:



Hello Romans,
Thanks for the reply. I should have looked up the verse! My bad. It’s 1 Cor 14:34-35. Paul is admonishing the Corinthians for being a me, me, me congregation and this passage speaks about how gifts should be used to edify rather than complicate or cause chaos (in my estimation). I think a woman speaking is included here because it has to do with verse 40 of same chapter, “Let all things be done decently and in order,” and Paul does make a reference to the law.
From KJV - 34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for a woman to speak in church.
Notes for 1 Tim1:12 in my Ryrie Study Bible actually says, “Women are not to assume the office of teacher in the church,” quoting 1Cor 14:34. It goes on to say that women may teach as long as they do not usurp the place of leadership and authority of men.
I don’t see that Jan Markel has usurped any man’s leadership or authority BUT I have heard several preachers teach that women should not teach or lead in church and my understanding is that the church is not the building we meet in but the Believers who meet. Perhaps Paul was speaking of the actual building and church service….
Anyways, although this teaching is as clear as mud to me, lol, it does make me feel guilty for ever holding office myself and/or listening to women teachers. BTW, I’m a woman. Guess I’ll need to ask Paul himself to clarify if I ever get the chance!
BTW, thanks for giving me that What Does the Bible Say website. Fantastic reference.
Again thank you for your reply. Shalom.


Your most welcome. Hopefully I was able to help. I’m not the best go to.

In addition to the blessing of Christ as your eternal savior, I hope that you will experience blessings upon blessings for your love for The Lord and His Church.

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I own, use & like both David Jeremiah’s NKJV & John MacArthur’s ESV study bibles. Funny thing while not a study per say for decades. my carry bible is NIV KJV Parallel. The two clarify almost any question that comes to mind as you read. Also in a couple of ways those two versions kind of represent two ‘camps’ of thought. Word for word, & thought for thought. Also KJV relies more on Latin Versions that were extant at the translation. NIV translators also had access to older Greek manuscripts. One unhappy thing is: I have worn out several & the latest edition has removed the limited concordance that was in earlier editions.

Women in bible = passages that obviously were meant for specific times and cultures