Looking for recommendation, please

John @Yohanan introduced me to Bible Study program I’d really like to try but I think I could better use its tools if I had a laptop/notebook of some sort. Right now I use only an iPad. If you use an inexpensive computer (around $500 USD) and you like it, please let me know.

I’m hoping this doesn’t break any forum rules since what I’m looking for is to help me better study the Word, but if it is, I’m sure the moderators will let me know and remove the post.

BTW, this program looks like the best I’ve seen. So many features, intuitive, well organized, fully loaded reference library, easy navigation. Hope the elites leave the web/power on a little longer! Note this is not e-Sword (which I have and still use the free Blue Letter Bible software). Check it out.



e-Sword is a good free program. That is what I use. :+1:


That’s also what I use on my P.C. I just found out recently that it also comes with a free audio bible that reads the text for you. It works on at least 2 of the Bible versions I downloaded.
I haven’t downloaded too many versions yet as I just had to reinstall it as I had to get a new hard drive installed.

There are many free versions of the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, maps, etc. you can download and some that have a small cost as well.


Hey @goodboy,

Have it; don’t use it. I like Blue Letter Bible better.

But I’m looking for a laptop or notebook recommendation.

Thanks anyways.
Hello Dallas @DallasT

Thanks for the response. Not asking about a program. And I HAVE e-Sword.

Thanks anyways.


NOTE TO ALL: I’m not looking for a Bible study program. I asked for a computer recommendation. Please don’t tell me about a Bible software study program. I HAVE e-Sword, Blue Letter Bible and Logos. I want to get something called SwordSearcher.

Wish I could put this in blinking lights:

I’m asking for a recommendation for a laptop or notebook — preferably a product you have and really like.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but people suggesting a program I already said I have and don’t use is very frustrating.


I suggest deleting the 1st post or rewrite it to solve the problem.

Thanks Dan, I’m going to delete topic if that’s doable. @DEC

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Yep, I have deleted a few for sure. Shalom

Please delete this thread. I can’t figure out how to do it.
Thank you.

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@GR removed it from the topic listing, although you can still view it from your notifications, etc.

I had meant to reply here yesterday actually. I have a gaming laptop because I’m pretty heavy with my programs, but I can recommend Asus as a brand at least for when you’re looking within your price range. My only other advice is to buy it from somewhere that offers a warranty or a really good return policy so if you have problems it’s not a nightmare to deal with.

Looks like a good program too!