Lord, thank You for Pastor JD

As I was listening to the latest Hebrews sermon, I realized that it is one of my greatest privileges to be under Pastor JD’s teaching- not only because he teaches truth but that the Holy Spirit shines through as the mined gems are prepared for us to receive. The Spirit in me resonates with the Spirit’s teaching. I am humbled and blessed to be given such a gift especially at such a time as this. I praise You Lord!!


Amen, I have gone through a huge metamorphasis in my life, having been a Christian for more years than I can count but it is ironic, I was stuck in a waiting for the rapture because my life sucks otherwise mentality and I come across a pastor who preaches the rapture and yet, while under JD’s teaching I am reading the Bible more and caring more about the here and now than I ever did before. It is like what JD says. When you are Heavenly minded (in a sanctified way not in basically the Christian equivalent of suicide like I was) you are of so much more earthly good!


Very thankful for this precious servant :heart: Hope he is okay. Kind of worried about the stress he must feel delivering the unpopular messages he gives us weekly…you can see the heavy heart, but the faith at the same time to go ahead. But, looking forward to hearing him after his two week break with Jesus! He is going to have many crowns :pray: